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Our team reported that the love from the locals and smiles on the children's faces - takes their tiredness away! May God bless our volunteers.
THE Woolgoolga Sikh community has raised $3000 to provide relief for those in Vanuatu affected by Cyclone Pam. The deadly cyclone tore through the island nation in March
These are all after-shocks of the big tremor that hit Kathmandu on April 25th. These are continuing aftershocks since the earth is still settling down and the energy from the fault is still being released, one after the other..
With immediate effect Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sewa Society International have started 24 hrs Langar sewa (Free Food & water) and working on providing first aid. Our staff members are reaching out to the people who can’t come to our Relif Camps.
Luckily for them and the residents, medical supplies have been procured locally by generous donors as Mr. Ravi Singh, a zealous Sikh from Kathmandu, instrumental in starting the DSGMC food camp there.
"The lack of parking space, net facilities, food and water do cause a bit of a hamper but the efforts are on to get the place back to normal" Group Captain Lamba told ANI here.
Golden Temple Sending 100,000 Meals to Nepal. The food will be sent through an aeroplane of the Indian army. For now, as many as 20 thousands food packets have already been sent via the first flight.
...they rescued personal belongings and even a family’s pet goldfish from the torrid floodwater that has forced dozens to evacuate their homes. “On a scale of one to 10, I would say the effect it’s had down there is a 10,”
Sikh Sangat and Supreme Sikh Society of New Zealand has donated $3500 to assist the victims of the recent Philippines disaster.
The painfully slow pace of relief efforts after the typhoon in the Philippines has let people down, the United Nations aid chief has said, admitting that teams have yet to reach areas with people in desperate need.
The UN has launched an appeal for $301m (£190m) to help relief efforts in typhoon-hit areas of the Philippines.
The top United Nations relief official flew to the Philippines on Monday to help lead the global response to the powerful typhoon that killed thousands and upended the lives of nearly 10 million people in the country’s midsection.
Anyone who continues to deny the reality that is climate change, I dare them pay a visit to the Philippines right now
An American aircraft carrier headed to the Philippines on Tuesday on an emergency mission to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan as the situation on the islands became increasingly desperate, with food and water supplies running low and bodies lying uncollected in the streets of at least one devastated city.
Three days of torrential downpours and strong winds brought by Hurricane Sandy destroyed much of Haiti's fragile agriculture and have put a million and a half Haitians at risk for hunger, the United Nations' humanitarian-aid coordination office said over the weekend.
The New York region began the daunting process on Tuesday of rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, a storm that remade the landscape and rewrote the record books as it left behind a tableau of damage, destruction and grief.
As Sandy bore down on the U.S. East Coast on Sunday, the two hardest hit Caribbean nations — Cuba and Haiti — concentrated on trying to put together what Sandy tore apart.
The unmarked envelope floated into the living room of the home in northeastern Japan, riding the wave of tsunami flood waters. Inside, the astounded resident found $40,000 in yen notes.
Gurbachan Singh, the high priest of the Golden Temple, said: "Sikh community here today prays for the people who lost their homes and businesses and for the peace of the souls who lost their lives in the disaster. We have to help victims and their families in whatever possible manner".
Australia's third-largest city began cleaning up stinking mud and debris in flood-hit areas on Friday, but whole suburbs remained submerged, smaller towns braced for more inundations and forecasters pointed to a threat of cyclones.
The first anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti comes with a deluge of progress reports from many of the NGOs and aid agencies involved in reconstruction and ongoing relief work. We select a sample.
Arjun Singh left his village of Purana Sukkur because of the floods and came to Karachi towards the end of July. He has not received any support from the government but he does not blame anyone. “The life of a Sikh here is a very difficult one,” he says as if to explain his subdued resignation.
As I write to you, millions of gallons of oil are spreading across the Gulf waters, reaching close to the shores of the states of Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. Millions of birds and marine life are at risk of suffocating in the oil and their food sources have been contaminated.
A first hand account from ground zero in Port-au-Prince Haiti. Dr Pargat Singh Bhurji tells his inspiring story.
The group of youth, assembled by Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, Surrey-Delta, includes the Gurdwara Society's Assistant Secretary and key volunteers from the Sikh community.
In the aftermath of one of the world's worst earthquakes, priests and missionaries are competing for the souls of a traumatised population. Kim Sengupta reports from Port-au-Prince
United Sikhs Aid increases distribution of hot meals in Haiti
United Sikhs' second volunteer team arrived at Port-au-Prince last Friday and started serving langar
The European Commission also believes that 250,000 are in need of urgent aid. While the death toll is estimated at 200,000, some say an exact tally will never be known.
The collapse of traditional channels of communication in Haiti has again highlighted the role of social media and the internet in disasters.


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