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Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder Singh has published three poetry books - Bouquet of Life, Symphony of the soul and Talking trails

I experienced many dimensions of life in form of pleasures, pains, indulgences and sufferings to varying degrees. I realized I was being a slave to my mind. My sly minds with sweet persuasion power, lead me to make choices that were not for the highest good. Most of my life I thought I was living, yet today I realize I was dying each moment without Naam. This led me to start asking questions, like, why life happens the way it does? Why it only happens to me? Why does pain accompany love? Where does stress come from? How can I make right choices all the time and so on? This lead to a pursuit, which lead to the discovery of my true essence through Guru in form of Shabad.

My decade long relentless quest for a self-sustainable method of eternal happiness kept me exploring and experimenting with different healing modalities, meditation techniques, spiritual practices, rituals, various teachings, until Guru's grace brought into my life Shabad to quench my parched life. 

Born in India, I migrated to Canada in 1993 with big dreams to succeed using my Engineering degree. I also acquired a master's degree in business (MBA) in the USA. Currently, I reside in MI, USA. I succeeded, but my life remained unsuccessful until I realized my true self through Shabad-Guru. 

Starting in 2007, at peak of my success, I suffered numerous personal challenges and struggled to maintain balance in life. Writing became a way for me to reflect, transform, heal and stay positive through life changing events. I took a spiritual path to heal and find answers to life, which become the foundation of my life and writings. I have published three poetry books - Bouquet of Life, Symphony of the soul and Talking trails that illuminates my realizations that spring forth like a fountain of love, offering and sharing with others the power of Shabad to heal. I also published collection of Punjabi poetry under the title "Sanyog". 

Each time I sit down to write, it seems all that all I ever wanted to say, I have finally expressed explicitly. And the moment, I have finished the piece of writing, I find I have once more failed to express the splendor of divine wisdom that enriches each breath and each molecule of this existence. There is such a sweetness in the grand failure that I keep writing to remind myself of my incompleteness in front of vastness of divine wisdom in form of Shabad. I feel blessed each time and share each blessing with others. It fills me with sheer joy and bliss, like a child who discovers something new and grows more curious.