The Multi-faceted English Sikh Female International Musician on a Mission

The Multi-faceted English Female Sikh International Musician on a Mission

Music is in her soul....

Editor's Note: Many thanks to Bicky Singh, the visionary voice of encouragement to Sikh youth talent and founder of SikhLens. Without his help and generosity these videos would not have been possible. 

Amrit Kaur Lohia is an international musician, and activist. She started studying music when she was nine years old and told her parents that she wanted to become a pop star. Her parents started her off learning kirtan first. She did harmonium for several weeks but didn't connect with it, then she found out about the Sarangi and became obsessed with it. She's been traveling and sharing music and history since she was 15.

Her performances include a variety of music styles including Soul, Blues, Reggae, Sufi, Hindustani and Gurbani Kirtan. And she also likes to get audience participation with some impromptu call and answer. 

She founded which is a social history project that explores history through theater and the humanization of historical figures whom we might tend to hold on a pedestal.

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