Wisconsin Sikhs return to temple after shooting

Sikhs are returning to a U.S....

Aug. 10, 2012 - Members of Wisconsin's Sikh community returned to their temple near Milwaukee, for the first time since the shooting that left six worshippers dead and three critically wounded. (AP)

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Sikhs return to temple after shooting

Members of the Sikh temple of Wisconsin wash items as they return for the first time in Oak Creek, Wis., Thursday, Aug 9, 2012. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

(CBS/AP) MILWAUKEE - Sikhs are returning to a U.S. temple for the first time since the shootings that killed six worshippers and left three people critically wounded.

Inderjeet Singh Dhillon, a community leader at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, says the FBI returned the temple keys to members Thursday morning, allowing Sikh leaders and construction workers inside to repair bullet holes and other damage, clean up blood stands and repaint walls. Their goal is to reopen to everyone by Friday morning.

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Temple leaders say they're planning a ceremony Friday to honor the six killed in Sunday's attack. The ceremony involves a series of priests reading their holy book aloud from cover to cover, which takes 48 hours....

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