White Sun Leading The Charge Wins The Grammy for Best New Age Album

The Word. as we know, is the key to healing the mind and unlocking the Universe....

On Sunday February 12, 2017 a band led by Gurujas Kaur, Harijiwan Singh Khalsa and Adam Berry made music history. The first group to win a Grammy Award for an album made up entirely of Mantra music, primarily Sikh Banis. The album, composed by Adam Berry and sung flawlessly by Gurujas is performed completely in the Gurmukhi language.

Last year they were also nominated for their debut, self titled album White Sun, but the award went to Paul Avgerinos for his album Grace. But this year was a different story. White Sun won the 2017 Grammy award in the New Age music category for "White Sun II", their second album. : 

They stood out on the red carpet as well. Dressed in beautiful white Bana, with Adam in Black Tie, the band was singled out by the UK’s Guardian newspaper in a photo essay entitled, “The Strongest 2017 Grammy’s red carpet looks— in pictures.”

The Word, as we know, is the key to healing the mind and unlocking the Universe. It’s White Sun’s goal to bring this priceless gift to the masses of people yet to be introduced to Gurbani and the healing power of mantra. On Sunday they took a giant leap forward in the realization of that goal. Gurujas, lead singer of the band had this to say in her acceptance speech:

“We just want our music to make something better for somebody, somewhere and it’s our dream to see this world become a more beautiful place. For anyone who shares in that dream with us, thank you, we love you, and let’s do better.”

More information: whitesun.com 

Album available on iTunes and Amazon 

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