The Man For All Seasons
When Guru Arjan and Guru Tegh Bahadur were martyred, did they feel the pain? Did Guru Gobind Singh suffer the loneliness of war and desertion, and the anguish of every parent when he lost his sons in battle?
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The Period of MADNESS!!!
There comes a time once a month where my mind becomes very negative. My body starts feeling cold, tiredness erodes my spirit and my appetite increases. Every month I wonder why this happens to me. Why am I being so negative?...
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Majha (Punjab) - A tale of Changing Faiths
"They have no human life considerations. The pastors treat us very humanly and sympathetically. They treat us equal and as important as anyone else. They help us in need. You will soon seen most of the downtrodden converting en masse if these leaders and dera people go on treating us like this."
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So, where are you from?
To date, I’ve been asked if I’m Indian, Punjabi, Malaysian, British, Gujerati, Spanish, Bengali, and just yesterday, South African. I love this question, because I believe in roots, and mine are pretty strong.
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Ik Khat Baba Nanak de naam (A Letter to Baba Nanak)
Since so long your disciples have been inviting you to come Baba jee, but it seems that you are busy in some important work. Panth needs your guidance once again.
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Prem Kahani: Postcard From Ludhiana
I would not have sent a 'note' from Ludhiana where I have ended up after Kenya, but for a very interesting story which I must share. It could make the basis of an excellent Punjabi movie - a love story. The romantics amongst you are going to love this!
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Chasing Happiness
What exactly is happiness? This is not just a rhetorical question. We think we know when we have it and also when it has been stolen or denied. The past can be instructive. Sometimes what seems wonderful at the time turns out not to be so after all, and what seemed to be awful at the time turns out wonderfully after all.
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An Unconventional Anand Karaj
What if you want to do something crazy? Something that not many people have even considered before? What if you want to break with tradition, completely? That’s exactly what Shawn Singh Tucker and Baljit “Bally” Kaur Lehal did during their Anand Karaj this summer in Atlanta, GA. “We walked side-by-side during our lavan,” said Shawn.
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A contemporary 11 year old Sikh laments 1984
How can we forget Bluestar was evil Bluestar was cruel Now they’re trying to make us the fools.
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I'm not humble because I buy stuff...
At the dinner with my friends, we finished the conversation with a friend quoting a zen haiku: when a disciple says to his master, “I want happiness”, the master replies, “Take away the ego ‘I’, the desire ‘want’, and you are left with happiness.”
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