Sikh Truck Drivers ~ the Local Heroes
They believe in One God. In Sikhism, baptized Sikhs are called sant-sipahi, saint-soldiers and we can call baptized Sikhs who drive trucks, sant-drivers.
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The (alternative) Wedding Guide
It was Guru who brought us together, and Guru would see it through. Yes, make a plan and get things done, but stop trying to control the outcome.
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Art and Life
We continue to preach against statues, icons and pictures and yet most Sikh homes continue to display the image of one or more Gurus.
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Getting Tubular ~ or How to Overcome the Five Obstacles
How can we hope to reach this state, feeling truly free upon the earthly plane? Holding responsibilities, jobs, families, schedules, etc., and yet feel joyfully unfettered? How can we be truly “tubular” (an empty tube for divine spirit to flow through) so that what we produce out of us does not exhaust us?
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History and Her-Story
The magic, the meaning and the measure of a life - indeed of history - are found not in the celebration of an individual or an event, but in the interpretation. History is a narrative. What does it tell us about the time that Guru Nanak trod this earth, particularly about the place of women?
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Building Resilience
So as a Sikh, what can I do to develop resilience?
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The Man For All Seasons
When Guru Arjan and Guru Tegh Bahadur were martyred, did they feel the pain? Did Guru Gobind Singh suffer the loneliness of war and desertion, and the anguish of every parent when he lost his sons in battle?
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The Period of MADNESS!!!
There comes a time once a month where my mind becomes very negative. My body starts feeling cold, tiredness erodes my spirit and my appetite increases. Every month I wonder why this happens to me. Why am I being so negative?...
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Majha (Punjab) - A tale of Changing Faiths
"They have no human life considerations. The pastors treat us very humanly and sympathetically. They treat us equal and as important as anyone else. They help us in need. You will soon seen most of the downtrodden converting en masse if these leaders and dera people go on treating us like this."
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So, where are you from?
To date, I’ve been asked if I’m Indian, Punjabi, Malaysian, British, Gujerati, Spanish, Bengali, and just yesterday, South African. I love this question, because I believe in roots, and mine are pretty strong.
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