Sikh View about Euthanasia and Suicide.
Not assisted dying, but Guru-guided living, is the Sikh way.
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Human Savagery & Human Nobility
If history speaks of the evil that lurks in men’s hearts, truly there is, at times, nothing nobler than human character given the right choice and frame of mind. Quiet decency is a very human trait.
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The True Writer 'God'
'Jesus, Allah, Krishna and all LORD, In different forms but the same “GOD”'
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Mystery of Beauty ~ Photography by Amardeep Singh
Beauty is that which does not reveal itself in totality. It holds an element of mystery,...
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Defining and Redefining Sikh Art
What is Sikh art? Is it artwork by Sikhs? And who are the Sikhs? Do they have to be born into SIkhi and have grown up in the Punjabi culture to be Sikhs, or can they be Sikhs by word, daily practice, and adherence to the teachings of Sikhi?
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Journey of Two Rising Artists
[VIDEO] These 2 young women got inspired to "put themselves out there" in 2013 by making 3 films in 1 week. They didn't expect what happened next...
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Sikh Truck Drivers ~ the Local Heroes
They believe in One God. In Sikhism, baptized Sikhs are called sant-sipahi, saint-soldiers and we can call baptized Sikhs who drive trucks, sant-drivers.
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The (alternative) Wedding Guide
It was Guru who brought us together, and Guru would see it through. Yes, make a plan and get things done, but stop trying to control the outcome.
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Art and Life
We continue to preach against statues, icons and pictures and yet most Sikh homes continue to display the image of one or more Gurus.
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Getting Tubular ~ or How to Overcome the Five Obstacles
How can we hope to reach this state, feeling truly free upon the earthly plane? Holding responsibilities, jobs, families, schedules, etc., and yet feel joyfully unfettered? How can we be truly “tubular” (an empty tube for divine spirit to flow through) so that what we produce out of us does not exhaust us?
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