Mixed Marriages in our Gurduaras
What to do when a young couple wants to marry and only one of them is a Sikh but the other is not? Should they be allowed to marry in a gurduara and enjoy the blessings...
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The Curse of Dowry Among Sikhs (OP-ED)
Although society protests against dowry, many many Sikhs individually still continue to encourage it.This practice is not confined to Sikhs alone but throughout the Indian sub continent.But in Sikhi, it has been clearly prohibited, and places women on an equal footing with men. Although religiously banned, it is culturally ingrained and many find it hard to let go of this gruesome practice of dahez.
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This short documentary film by Raina Ambika is entitled Harleen. In her own voice, 22-year-old Harleen Kaur exposes her personal experiences of growing up in Wisconson and her relationship with her religion, nationality, and identity.
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Why Father's Day Was Difficult for Me
I am a Kaur, a wife, and a mother. I want other women to find their voices and know that just speaking to a close friend, a doctor, or even a helpline can open so many doors of help. The aim isn’t to always seek justice or prosecute, but to just help yourself, acknowledge the abuse and wrongs and start a path to healing.
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Should the Koh-i-Noor be returned to India?
Should the Koh-i-Noor and other Sikh historical artifacts brought to UK following the annexation of Punjab in 1849, be returned to India, or should these be safeguarded and preserved in the UK for the benefit of the world Sikh community ?
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Sikh View about Euthanasia and Suicide.
Not assisted dying, but Guru-guided living, is the Sikh way.
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Human Savagery & Human Nobility
If history speaks of the evil that lurks in men’s hearts, truly there is, at times, nothing nobler than human character given the right choice and frame of mind. Quiet decency is a very human trait.
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The True Writer 'God'
'Jesus, Allah, Krishna and all LORD, In different forms but the same “GOD”'
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Mystery of Beauty ~ Photography by Amardeep Singh
Beauty is that which does not reveal itself in totality. It holds an element of mystery,...
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Defining and Redefining Sikh Art
What is Sikh art? Is it artwork by Sikhs? And who are the Sikhs? Do they have to be born into SIkhi and have grown up in the Punjabi culture to be Sikhs, or can they be Sikhs by word, daily practice, and adherence to the teachings of Sikhi?
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