Universal Sikhi ~ Across Cultures, Religions & Continents
Gurumustuk Singh says, "This is my personal experience as an American-born Sikh with parents from Christian and Jewish backgrounds; the changing world of Sikhi, and how various people are connecting with this lifestyle..."
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The Day I Bowed and Gave My Head
As a Kaur married to a full kesh and beard, turban-wearing Punjabi Singh, how could I support him in days when his beard or turban may create an issue in some other person’s life; someone who was ignorant regarding its true purpose, if I had no idea what that felt like in person?
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Āratī-Āratā ~ Author's Viewpoint Part 1 (of 2)
Most Sikhs have heard of the Āratī of Guru Nanak and the Bhagats, but few have heard the full version that includes many inspiring verses by Guru Gobind Singh.
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Will Tragedy Wake Us Up?
This essay gives a raw look at one of the most important institutions in the Sikh lifestyle: Marriage.
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The Pride of the Father
The Guru, knowing he will never see his sons again, and knowing one has suffered an empowered misery, allows himself to look one last time upon his child and consents to let him leave...
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Winter Chill
For all I know many of these Sikhs may operate from a base of moral ambiguity and pliability and yet serve the community and its larger cause. That surely bothers me.
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Worlds Apart - Apartheid, Mandela & Gandhi
Apartheid, that carefully constructed system of organized racism, was shattered when Nelson Mandela raised clenched fist as he was sent off to jail … where he was remain for the next 27 years.
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Gurdwara Sri Bridh Baba An Extraordinary Tale of Faith
I would not have dreamt of going to this obscure village even before 21 June 1994, but for my colleague, Capt. Hardev Singh’s insistence. He appeared excited.
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NELSON MANDELA: A Gem Among the Giants of Humanity
President Mandela: May your soul rest in much-deserved and rightly-earned eternal peace among the stars.
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Freedom From Agony
In the last few weeks, the story of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh and his hunger strike have become a focus for many people within the Sikh community. A hunger strike is a time-honored tactic of non-violent protest, meant to bring attention to political or human rights issues.
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