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Sikh Community raising money to support the families of Sikhs and police officers wounded or killed in the Wisconsin Sho...


To support the victims and their families of the shootings and stand in solidarity with the Sikh community, please donate now. All contributions are tax-deductible. The funds will be used to defray the costs of medical bills, funeral expenses, psychological counseling and sustain the lives of the victims’ families. To donate, please click Contribute Now!

Short Summary

On 8/5/2012, a gunman wounded and killed Sikhs praying in their Milwaukee Gurudwara/Temple.  The shooter also wounded a police officer, who selflessly risked his life for the Sikh community.  We are raising money to support the families of the killed and wounded.

What We Need...

We are arranging for all funds donated to be tax-deductible, so please donate generously!

We are raising funds publicly and non-anonymously to ensure that there are no concerns about accountability and transparency.  We anticipate that the Milwaukee Sikh community will require substantial financial support, as an adjunct to the warmth and respect that Sikhs and friends of Sikhs will provide all over the world.

It will take some time before the precise needs of the Milwaukee Sangat are enumerated.  We plan to work closely with the local Sikh community and doctors to determine the best way to distribute funds. One of the organizers has direct ties to the Milwaukee Sikh Sangat and has partnered with active members to determine the best way to distribute funds.

We will ensure that no money will be spent until those needs have been clearly conveyed to people who have pledged support, and that you will be able to rescind your contribution if you have found a better mechanism to provide financial support.

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Other Ways You Can Help

Please get in touch with media outlets to improve their coverage of this tragic event.  There is a lot of misinformation about Sikhi that propogates a negative perception and violence towards our community.  It is in tragic moments like this where we can share our tradition, generosity and courage.


"Chardi Kala!" which translates to the spirit of optimism amongst Sikhs worldwide


Prabhjot Singh

Diviapreet Kaur

Savneet Singh 

Manmeet Kaur 

Shaila Kaur

Jesse Pujji

Darsh Singh

Prabhdeep Singh


For more information and questions, please email:

Savneet Singh: [email protected]

Darsh Singh: [email protected]

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