Singh: The Texas That I Love Has No Place for Bigotry
Through my work, I have seen minority communities struggle with being the unwarranted targets of misguided bigotry and prejudice as our nation has grappled with fear in the never-ending "War on Terror."
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Is Sikhism Turning Into The Superbowl?
...from the debacle in Iraq and Syria to the "American idol" without moving a major muscle or possessing any measurable skill. A minimal engagement is demanded of the body or mind. Wouldn't it be reasonable then to label such a life largely "a spectator sport?"
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Obama on Religious Freedom Because of Sikhs?
US President Barack Obama weighed in on one of India’s most sensitive topics as he wound up a visit on Tuesday, making a plea for freedom of religion to be upheld in a country with a history of strife between Hindus and minorities.
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[Opinion] ~ Sikhs Also Bleed Red, White & Blue
Earlier this year, 105 members of the House of Representatives and 15 senators sent letters to the Department of Defense urging the U.S. armed forces to modernize appearance regulations so patriotic Sikh Americans can...
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Yogi Bhajan Answers Confusion on Women
[VIDEO] Q: "If Guru Gobind Singh wanted women in the Panj Piare, why didn't it happen then?" A: If a women would have stood up at that time, Guru ji would have accepted.Women are equal. Khalsa is beyond gender. Khalsa has no gender.
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Interview: Veraji and the Vaisakhi Creation
In 2007 I sent one box to my family in Delhi and they loved the chocolates but didn't realize the countdown element of the experience. The whole journey started from there. I thought somebody should do a countdown for the big Indian celebrations similar to Christmas.
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Sikhs: Fighting for Justice
SikhNet is grateful to reprint excerpts from "A Factual Report - Sikhs: Fighting for Justice." This pamphlet was published by the Sikh Dharma Secretariat in 1984 as a way to educate the United States public about what was happening in India with the Sikhs.
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Seeds of Healing
In this post September 11th environment, Sikhs around the world are trapped in issues of mistaken identity. Whether it is hate crimes in the streets of New York or France passing legislation to bar religious minorities, including Sikh youth, from wearing their turbans to school
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Vaisakhi Story: Lions, not Goats...
Shanti Kaur Khalsa shares some historical accounts about the Vaisakhi story. There are several versions and in some of them Guru tricks the crowd by using goats, and in some versions the 5 beloveds actually give their heads. She gives a great perspective on all of these versions.
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The Loneliest Girl?
So what if you don’t measure up to society’s standards? The only standards you should care about are your own. If you want to find a boyfriend, get out and try! But if the journey takes longer than expected, don’t beat yourself up. Your special person is out there waiting for you and with Waheguru’s support, it’ll happen when it’s supposed to.
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