Sikhs: Fighting for Justice
SikhNet is grateful to reprint excerpts from "A Factual Report - Sikhs: Fighting for Justice." This pamphlet was published by the Sikh Dharma Secretariat in 1984 as a way to educate the United States public about what was happening in India with the Sikhs.
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Seeds of Healing
In this post September 11th environment, Sikhs around the world are trapped in issues of mistaken identity. Whether it is hate crimes in the streets of New York or France passing legislation to bar religious minorities, including Sikh youth, from wearing their turbans to school
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Vaisakhi Story: Lions, not Goats...
Shanti Kaur Khalsa shares some historical accounts about the Vaisakhi story. There are several versions and in some of them Guru tricks the crowd by using goats, and in some versions the 5 beloveds actually give their heads. She gives a great perspective on all of these versions.
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The Loneliest Girl?
So what if you don’t measure up to society’s standards? The only standards you should care about are your own. If you want to find a boyfriend, get out and try! But if the journey takes longer than expected, don’t beat yourself up. Your special person is out there waiting for you and with Waheguru’s support, it’ll happen when it’s supposed to.
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Purewal flays SAD, SGPC for arbitrary changes in Nanakshahi Calender
Talking to the media, Purewal said the SGPC and the Akali leadership had done a heinous crime by intermingling Nanakshahi Calendar with Bikrami Calendar. “This is no amendment but total drift towards Bikrami Calendar,” he said, adding that the decision was arbitrary and the original version of the calendar, as adopted in 2003, should be restored.
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Rescue Me ~ From “Save the Girl Child” Sloganeering to Reality
But so long as the choice is between abuse and honor; ridicule and prestige; vulnerability and security; people will choose honor, prestige, and security - Punjabis will choose sons over daughters through one form of violence or another. Women and men must fight against deeply ingrained prejudices.
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Sikhs Should Always Expect Airport Pat-Downs, Civil Rights Group Warns
The Sikh Coalition is warning Sikh Americans that they should always expect to undergo secondary screening at U.S. airports because the new Advanced Imaging Technology machines cannot see through the layers of a turban...
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Calendar row: Jathedar slams Vedanti for airing views, spreading doubt
Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh today said that his predecessor Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti should show restraint on the subject of Nanakshahi Calendar. Gurbachan Singh took exception to Vedanti’s remarks.
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Gursharan Kaur ~ First Among Equals
Those who know the couple say she is an ebullient, expressive and humourous wife to an understated, shy, man-of-few-words husband. And many a time, Manmohan Singh himself is the subject of her humour.
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India's Security Council Seat: Don't Hold Your Breath
A day after President Barack Obama publicly endorsed India's claim to a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley poured cold water on any expectation of New Delhi's elevation anytime soon.
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