Should Making Fun of Sikhs be Banned?
With the advent of the internet and smart phones, Sikh jokes have become a veritable industry, with joke factories around India writing and selling them on phones.
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Open Letter To The 3 Women Were Laughing At My Hairy Legs
Embarrassed and on the verge of crying, I exited at the next stop. And yes, I heard you laugh even louder as the doors closed behind me...
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Mixed Marriages & Anand Karaj?
... its not just a conventional wedding with some Sikh ceremony around it. It is in a category of its own. It is a wedding with 2 brides, 1 groom and 1 master...
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How I Learned to Have Pride in Both my Sikh & Gay Identity
Does the mainstream LGBT community even know what Pride is about anymore? Pride began as a way to commemorate the historic and heroic victory of the queer community in New York against the NYPD...
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PEACE - At What Price?
Has the model of a Sikh changed since the Gurus or have I regressed to a prehistoric place in my head? I remind you that in the post-Guru period the Sikhs (through its 12 misls) knew how to disagree without undermining the nation.
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Singh: The Texas That I Love Has No Place for Bigotry
Through my work, I have seen minority communities struggle with being the unwarranted targets of misguided bigotry and prejudice as our nation has grappled with fear in the never-ending "War on Terror."
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Is Sikhism Turning Into The Superbowl?
...from the debacle in Iraq and Syria to the "American idol" without moving a major muscle or possessing any measurable skill. A minimal engagement is demanded of the body or mind. Wouldn't it be reasonable then to label such a life largely "a spectator sport?"
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Obama on Religious Freedom Because of Sikhs?
US President Barack Obama weighed in on one of India’s most sensitive topics as he wound up a visit on Tuesday, making a plea for freedom of religion to be upheld in a country with a history of strife between Hindus and minorities.
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[Opinion] ~ Sikhs Also Bleed Red, White & Blue
Earlier this year, 105 members of the House of Representatives and 15 senators sent letters to the Department of Defense urging the U.S. armed forces to modernize appearance regulations so patriotic Sikh Americans can...
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Yogi Bhajan Answers Confusion on Women
[VIDEO] Q: "If Guru Gobind Singh wanted women in the Panj Piare, why didn't it happen then?" A: If a women would have stood up at that time, Guru ji would have accepted.Women are equal. Khalsa is beyond gender. Khalsa has no gender.
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