A Brewing Storm
Why must men arouse such situations where I or any other woman has to write such things? What do they gain? what's the point? Is the discomfort, fear, rage, annoyance, frustration of all females really that pleasing to them?
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Sikh-ing Your Authentic Self
I am a 33-year-old woman, Sikh, British Indian, living in London – one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. Yet sometimes, I feel as if I am moving further away from my authentic self.
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Muslim Women Speak Out, Answer Questions on Islam
Not a single seat was empty at The Forum at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design on Sunday afternoon where 10 Muslim women on a panel were preparing to answer questions about their faith.
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A Debt Of Thanks That Cannot Be Repaid
Though we enjoy our freedom we tend to overlook the enormous cost that was paid to secure that freedom. We owe a great debt of gratitude to our soldiers past and present who have paid the price with their lives.
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Should Making Fun of Sikhs be Banned?
With the advent of the internet and smart phones, Sikh jokes have become a veritable industry, with joke factories around India writing and selling them on phones.
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Open Letter To The 3 Women Were Laughing At My Hairy Legs
Embarrassed and on the verge of crying, I exited at the next stop. And yes, I heard you laugh even louder as the doors closed behind me...
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Mixed Marriages & Anand Karaj?
... its not just a conventional wedding with some Sikh ceremony around it. It is in a category of its own. It is a wedding with 2 brides, 1 groom and 1 master...
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How I Learned to Have Pride in Both my Sikh & Gay Identity
Does the mainstream LGBT community even know what Pride is about anymore? Pride began as a way to commemorate the historic and heroic victory of the queer community in New York against the NYPD...
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PEACE - At What Price?
Has the model of a Sikh changed since the Gurus or have I regressed to a prehistoric place in my head? I remind you that in the post-Guru period the Sikhs (through its 12 misls) knew how to disagree without undermining the nation.
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Singh: The Texas That I Love Has No Place for Bigotry
Through my work, I have seen minority communities struggle with being the unwarranted targets of misguided bigotry and prejudice as our nation has grappled with fear in the never-ending "War on Terror."
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