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EcoSikh in its first ever plantation drive in a village named Kalwa, in Haryana, a Northern Indian state, helped to rais...


EcoSikh Drive for trees in every home in Kalwa, Haryana

May 1, 2012: (Washington) Kalwa, Haryana: EcoSikh in its first ever planting drive in a village named Kalwa, in Haryana, a Northern Indian state, helped to raise 125 tree saplings including Lemon, Cheeku and Guava, to celebrate Earth Day on April 25, 2012. EcoSikh Haryana coordinator Gurpreet Singh engaged the Polio Vaccination members to collect data from every door about the type and number of trees the family would want to adopt, out of the given choices. Along with that School Management Committee of the village, Anganwari, Asha, Village Panchayat and Block Elementry Education Officer were involved. To their surprise over 50 families came up with a lot of enthusiasm to adopt trees. The guardian families put their own effort to dig out pits for the trees, whereas the best spots for raising trees were recommended by EcoSikh.

The event was accomplished in 2 days of duration which was well covered in local media and PTC Channel in 'Sikh Sargramian' program on Sunday. Gurpreet Singh congratulated the villagers for this new achievement and said," It's a time to celebrate, as 125 new trees are born in our village and it's the time to realize our responsibilty to take best care of our trees as we care our new born babies."

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The Block Elementary Education Officer, Ram Dia Gagat advised the villagers in his words," It is your duty in this parenthood to keep the trees disease free. The trees will one day give you fruits and much more when they will grow up."

EcoSikh, a Washington based organization, recently celebrated the Sikh Environment Day on March 14th and was able to muster support of over 1200 Sikh organizations and schools across the globe to join in this drive. It has recently appointed Gurpreet Singh as the Haryana Coordinator to spread its outreach efforts.

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