SikhNet to create animated series for girls in 2012?

The team at SikhNet seems to always stay ahead of the curve, creating media and setting trends....

As we have all seen, SikhNet released the first of its kind, a Sikh adventure game, "Karma: The Ogre's Curse". This was a bold step for a non-profit website.

"This game is one reason why no website can come close to SikhNet. No one else could have done it", Says one SikhNet viewer - Prabhu Singh Khalsa

An initial concept sketch for an animated Sikh female character.

SikhNet specializes on taking a non-profit, donation based budget, and finding the most impactful ways to use it. SikhNet has been a pioneer on the web with educational videos, audio stories, and other original content. The team at SikhNet seems to always stay ahead of the curve, creating media and setting trends. In 2012, SikhNet hopes to make an animated series.

The idea is to have the hero be a Sikh girl. Set in modern day times, the hero and her friends would go on adventures where they are using their powers of meditation, seva, Bani, Bana and other Sikh tools. Although the stories would be fun and engaging they would also teach Sikh identity values and universal values. Each episode will be freely available online.

"The concept of the series is to create very entertaining shows for kids, that makes them proud to be Sikhs. Also we want the hero to be a girl, because we generally feel that Sikh girls don't have a lot of role models to look up to. Most Sikh leaders are men, and the Sikh identity centers on the men's turbans and beards." - Guruka Singh (SikhNet)

Animation is expensive, so this project will be accomplished by Guru's grace and pending funding from donors.

"First we have to get our bases covered. We need to do huge fund-raising efforts just cover our operating costs. Although the Karma Game was 1/3rd the cost it would have been in the industry, we still haven't recovered the cost. If we are going to do another huge project like this animation series, we will need to get the funding covered." - Gurumustuk Singh (SikhNet)

As SikhNet is in it's year-end fund-raiser mode, you can see the progress towards our goal. The trunk represents Sikh's operating expenses, and the leaves/branches represent funding required for new projects such as this animated series.

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