Sikh Youth Film Festival: How Your Business Can Help

This venue has created a way for Sikh youth to express their questions, answers, inspirations, desperation and everythin...

SikhNet Youth Film Festival 2009
It's spring again, and that means that here at SikhNet we are beginning our Fifth Annual Sikh Youth Film Festival.

For the last four years SikhNet has pioneered a grass roots film festival, that is exclusively online. This venue has created a way for Sikh youth to express their questions, answers, inspirations, desperations and everything in between. This online film festival has become increasingly popular, and some of the young directors have gone on to other film festivals. We consider it to be a venue that anyone of any skill level can participate in, but can introduce youth to the power of film media. Some directors have gone from our film festival to thinking about a career in film making.

You can show your support for our Sikh Youth, and at the same time get lots of exposure for your business, organization or cause.  When you become a Film Festival Sponsor your company or organization will be recognized with your sponsorship banners not only on SikhNet, but on our whole SikhNet family of websites including,, and 

By becoming a top level sponsor, you can even have your company or organization's logo inserted at the beginning of EVERY video shown during this year's Film Festival. Your sponsorship recognition will remain on the videos through the years as people continue to watch them both online as well as on television in the US, UK and India. Overall the 2009 videos have been watched over 75,000 times and counting. In comparison to a traditional film festival event with 100-200 people in attendance this is a huge event. In 2010 we are anticipating more films, higher quality, and we will post select films on popular websites like youtube to increase the total viewership significantly more than in 2009. 

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What do sponsorships go towards? They go towards the $2,650 of cash prizes awarded to the winners of the Film Festival. They also go towards the months of preparation and overhead for SikhNet to run the Film Festival. We depend on sponsorships or other support to keep doing initiatives like the Film Festival.

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