Diabetic couple get a wheel-y good start to new year
“Although the society was set up by the Sikh community, it serves all Malaysians and aims to open a clinic that offers free treatment for the poor and needy of all races. “We are trying to collaborate with other agencies to work on this cause,” he said,
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Have You Made a New Year Commitment?
As this new year begins it represents new beginnings for many of us. We can all use this auspicious time to make changes in our lives and to renew our existing commitments or make new ones.
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The Sikh Review: 60 Years of Yeoman Service
Shortly, the periodical will embark on its 60th year. As I hold the December 2011 issue (# 696) in my hands, I am filled with a sense of gratitude: gratitude for its incredible resilience. Gratitude also for the fact that Sikhs have created such institutions to serve new generations. Gratitude also that it is the Sikh awakening and blazing of a cultural renaissance of the early 1900s that brought our community back to its transcendental realm.
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Sikkim Gurudwara Nanaklama ~ Earthquake Relief Measures
As earthquake also hit the area this September , the efforts are also to restore the surroundings and lives. Earlier local Govt. objected the construction of the Gurdwara , now seeing the help offered by Gurdwara Sahib during earthquake, the Govt has asked to resume the construction.
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Sikh bone marrow donor event attracts 600 in Leicester ~ [UPDATED]
More than 600 potential bone marrow donors have provided saliva samples at an event in Leicester to help a police officer who has cancer.
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Hope and Compassion
Touch gently the Life Of your fellow man For the human heart Shapes as easily As clay upon The potter's wheel
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Rik Basra - SAVE-A-LIFE Campaign
Rik has Lukemia of the blood and has only weeks to live. All that’s required is a little bit of blood from a matching donor, that’s all! So please come to the community centre of Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara (East Park Road) this Sunday between 11-5pm and give a small saliva sample.
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Chile and the 9th Lord of Miracles Tour in Honor of Guru Ram Das
Chile is such a great country. It stretches several thousand miles from north to south on the Pacific side of the South American continent and only 90 miles east to west. Its eastern flank is the great Andes Mountain range that separates it from Argentina. It is a land forged by fire, earthquakes and volcanoes. And its shape? Like a chile pepper, of course.
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Miracle on Moeser Lane
The people of El Cerrito refused to let his legacy die. This beloved holiday tradition can go on for hundreds of years. Or it can go away tomorrow, and after a generation nobody will remember. It's up to you, El Cerritans.
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In Selfless Service of Music: Weber Iago's Music Seva
"As an artist, my desire, as much as it is to present good music, things that are technically and artistically evolved, is also .. to convey a message to society. Even if the song has no lyrics, the energy behind the notes and the titles may contain a message of love and compassion and acceptance and gratitude and enlightenment."
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