Sikh Group “Vancouver Sangat” Feeds The Homeless In Downtown Vancouver
Sikh community charity group “Vancouver Sangat” started food service program for the needy in downtown Vancouver last weekend.
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Multicultural Health Organisation Using Sikh Ethics to Serve Humanity
Walking into a health screening event and coming across smartly dressed, smiling and enthusiastic young professionals and students from all backgrounds is both incredibly humbling and heart warming.
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Serve the world, serve yourself - Langar Chile
It is a cold evening in Santiago de Chile. Like every Thursday for the last 9 years, a group of yoga students gather under one common goal. To serve and bring food to some of the many homeless people that live on the streets in Santiago, Chile.
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Sikhs' warm welcome
"You see people leave with tears in their eyes," he said. "When you see the kids smile because they're so happy to pick out clothes, there's nothing in the world better than that."
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Arizona Sikhs Write History Once Again in Creating Sikh Awareness
...the Sikhs of Arizona truly rose up and started to work for Sikh awareness when one of their very own, S. Balbir Singh Sodhi of Mesa Arizona was fatally hurt four days after 9-11. It was first ever fatal and serious hate crime against the Sikhs.
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SEVA by Sikh Surgeons ~ Operation Walk MD
Operation Walk Maryland commits to ongoing education and patient care in these impoverished communities. Operation Walk Maryland uses the best trained and skilled health care providers to delivery the highest level of care that we have in the United States. There is no cost to the patient or community that we serve. All time and supplies are provided through donations.
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Day of Service in Camden, New Jersey, USA
The Sachkhand Express Corporation was able to help organize and participate in the Annual Camden Day of Service at Farnham Park in Camden, NJ. Camden has been a severely impoverished community that has been plagued with violence over ....
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Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan ~ Simpreet Singh
The urban poor in Mumbai play critical roles in providing services and subsidizing the cost of living. However, they have been the first ones to be sacrificed at the altar of development in this era of globalization.
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United Sikhs Initiates Community Outreach: Opens Guru Nanak Food Pantry
These central Sikh values and traditions have culminated into establishing the Guru Nanak Food Pantry which is run by local volunteers with the purpose of serving anyone in need.
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Sikh group gives 'selfless service' to feed Yuba-Sutter needy
Their T-shirt features Nike's signature swoosh transformed into a ladle.
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