Gurbani Collection on Nature 'Eak Bageecha' released for Sikh Environment Day
EcoSikh is proud to announce that the Gurdwara Guide and the Gurbani Compilation 'Eak Bageecha,' (Punjabi and English) have been uploaded to our website. ..helpful for Ragis and others orators who would want to elaborate Gurbani's message during the celebration of the Sikh Environment Day on March 14th which is the Gurgaddi Diwas of Guru Har Rai ji.
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Sikh Works To Make A Difference
Social activism has been a cornerstone of Sikh teachings. From the time of Guru Nanak Dev Jee, the concept of Vand Chakna has been central to the life of a Sikh. Intrinsic to the goal of connecting with Vaaheguru, is the idea of actively serving the Guru. By putting words into action, by using our gifts and talents to further Guru’s work, we learn the humble nature of humanity, and see the magnificence of Vaaheguru’s creation.
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Zero Budget workshop on Natural Farming from 3rd March, 2011
Dr. Rajwant Singh, convener of Washington based EcoSikh, congratulated Dr. Inderjit Kaur and Pingalwara institution and said, "this kind of initiative is needed in Punjab to stop the continuing damage with various chemical and pesticide based agricultural practices. We are also heartened to see that this is being dedicated to Guru Har Rai ji, who inspired Sikhs to care for nature and mother earth."
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Sikhs open doors of new home to Malloy
"It's great to be here with you and celebrate your success. When I understood this was a time of celebration for you, I was deeply honored for the invitation and to be here in your presence," Malloy said. Malloy said he understood the trouble many Sikhs have had in the post-9-11 world, adding the state needs to look out for the needs of all its citizens.
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‘Bloodshed’ at marriage, but for a cause
At his daughter’s wedding last year when Jaswant Singh decided to organize a blood donation camp to welcome the bridegroom’s “baraat”, people in Kot Shamer village in Bathinda district in Punjab were pleasantly surprised. On the wedding invitation card he mentioned that instead of offering “shagun” in money, his guests would donate blood.
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Kenyan Vice President's Office Inaugurates Sri Guru Nanak Food Bank in Response to Drought
"When you feed an individual, you assist a family. When you assist a family you assist a community. When you assist a community you assist a nation. When you assist a nation you change the world."
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Big worm bin helps Fremont Sikh temple compost
The Fremont Sikh Gurdwara serves free vegetarian meals morning, noon and night Most of that food, donated by members, was going into the stomachs of worshipers, but every week about 400 pounds of raw food scraps were going into the trash. Now, most of that food is going to the worms.
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Mother Hope: Prakash Kaur and her Unique Home for Girls
As we walk around the home, it is easy to see that her claim is quite well-founded. Even as her ‘family’ expands and her responsibilities grow, Prakash Kaur’s fount of maternal compassion shows no signs of drying up.
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GGSSC-Canada discovers Real Winners of Gurmat Crash Course, Toronto
GCCs were designed to engage the North American Youth. We believe that these are smart individuals who, when given the facts with correct references will reason themselves that they need to stand out.. not fit in. It is all the sharing game. What GCCs do is just share our rich history in the format of a a 3 day 2 hours reality show setting.
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Feed the world (or as much of it as you can) at Bangla Sahib Gurdwara
What I found was overwhelming. During my visit, Bangla Sahib Gurdwara’s langar served an amazing 180 people every 15 minutes.
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