Vaisakhi 2013 ~ Lautoka, FIJI
Following last year’s inaugural Chola sewa, the maryada of sanctified homage to the humblest yet tallest Nishan Saheb in the South Pacific created an electrifying experience amongst the sewadars and we take this opportunity to re-affirm our spirited conviction for the chardi-kala of our panth.
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Saskatoon Sikh community celebrates by helping the homeless
Saskatoon's homeless shelters received a special donation from members of the Sikh community.
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LA Marathon Seva by Ujjaldidar Singh Memorial Foundation
For the past few years, many teens and sevadars have been going to the LA Marathon to volunteer and hand out water to the participating runners.
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Sikh temples feel strain of helping the homeless
Many gurdwaras are having to cope with problems of anti-social behaviour on their premises.
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Unveiling the power of a Gurdwara: Sri Hazur Sahib, Nanded
We are also hopeful that this year on Sikh Environment Day, the Sikhs around the world will receive and celebrate the message of Guru that: 'Being Sikh is Being Kind to Environment.'
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Sikh Youth Australia - Youth and Family Summer Camp 2013 ~ A perspective by Dya Singh
Though the main 'curriculum' is aimed at youth - mums, dads, grandparents and adults in general are also catered for in special gurmatt and gurbani interactive classes by competent bilingual 'facilitators'. It is a strong belief of this camp organisers that Sikhi can only flourish if a strong 'family values' culture is nurtured.
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Bhai Takhat Singh ~ "Zinda Shaheed"
Bhai Takhat Singh of Ferozepur was a rare missionary and a pioneer of women education in nineteenth century. He started school for boys in 1890 and the first school for girls later known as Sikh Kanya Mahavidalya, Ferozepur in 1892. Those were the days when education for girls was a taboo.
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Ethical Finance – A Sikh Perspective – Part 2
The reputation that Sikhs have gained within India and throughout the Diaspora of being successful businessmen, industrialists and entrepreneurs can be explained by the commitment to the twin ethical principles of kirat karna and wand kay chhakna:
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When I praised his determination, he said, "I do not deserve any praise; it is Guru Ram Das who brings me here everyday"
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Pacoima Sikhs offer holiday meal, gifts to needy
"What do you think is under the turban?" a woman asked the children.
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