Spread the word - Mass marriage charity event in India
As you may know in the Indian marriage ceremony dowry plays a very poisonous role behind the curtains. Though it's not out in the open but it does exist and the poor families are victimised by it.
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Enthusiastic Dashmesh Summer Camp held in Indianapolis
The teachers provided inspiring personal testimony of embracing and practicing their Sikh faith, the sanctity and respect we have for the diverse faiths and traditions that today form the rich global spiritual landscape. They addressed the spiritual ideals, outside pressures, and faith-mandated lifestyle.
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GUMBAD Feature For Lautoka Gurudwara Saheb
It is an honor to declare that Sardar Salendar Singh Lallian of Sacramento, California, USA (formerly of Lautoka, Fiji) has been graced to have offered the full cost of the construction of Gumbad (dome) on top the Lautoka Gurudwara Saheb Sach Khand...
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Sunderland’s Sikh community helps beat cancer in India
THOUSANDS of pounds have been raised by Sunderland’s Sikh community to help beat cancer in rural India.
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United Sikhs Aid Team Relief Efforts in Joshimath
With little rest, the team started the strenuous upward journey to Joshimath of bringing food, water and first aid to over a thousand devotees.
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Sikh Community reaches out to serve in aftermath of Calgary floods
The Sikh community of Calgary and the World Sikh Organization of Canada have been reaching out to serve in the aftermath of severe flooding in the city.
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I am Gurpreet Kaur
One day it was silent, I was writing the thought of the day at the board at my school. Suddenly it happened. Silent got changed into music of happiness.
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Dharam SEVA Records - Portraying the Foundations of Sikhism through the "Mool Mantar"
She was chosen to portray her version of the foundation sacred words spoken by the 1st Guru in sikhism Worldly known as Guru Nanak.
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GTA Sikh Marathon attracts young and old
“We are asking people to come out for the marathon. We want to motivate not only young persons from our Sikh community but children from other communities as well. You can walk or run,” said Jeev Singh.
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Mass wedding of 27 sikh couples performed in Andhra Pradesh
On Sunday, as many as 27 couples got married at "Samuhik Vivaha Samagam" (Mass Marriages) under one umbrella at Gurudwara Saheb Barambala in the presence of noted religious heads.
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