Break the Silence - Stop Bullying ~ The Kaur Foundation
The time to speak up is NOW. Your voices will be heard.
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Khalsa Save A Life Campaign ~ CPR Training
In order to raise awareness and teach CPR, the 'Khalsa Save A Life Campaign' was started by a group of doctors and non-medical professions from the West Midlands, UK. The 'Khalsa Save a Life Campaign' is part of the Institute of Medical excellence (I.M.E).
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Financially Strapped Students in Punjab get a helping hand...
Dr. Rajwant Singh, SHDF's Outreach Director, said, ".... This is the largest single grant money given by the diaspora community to needy but bright students who have the keen desire to rise and lift their families out of poverty."
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Canadian teenager receives International Diana Award
Georgetown, Ontario Teenager Harnoor Gill has been honoured with an International Diana Award for a charity set up in memory of Princess Diana.
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Guru Nanak Medical Centre Secunderabad to offer affordable treatment and free supply of medicines to poor patients
Guru Nanak Medical Centre,Secunderabad a unit of Guru Nanak Charitable Trust which has been offering yeomen services to the economically poor and downtrodden sections of the society for last six years has taken another bold initiative of providing affordable treatment to all the patients.
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Sharing of Love and Support to the Victims of Natural Disasters in Pakistan
In this time of sorrows and needs, please be with me to extend our help and support towards the victims of Earthquakes in Pakistan as we are one family created by the Almighty Creator.
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Amritsar Sikhs work and pray for a clean city
“Seva is only half done if we leave garbage behind processions, kirtan samagams or jagratas (religious prayer programmes), langars (free festival food) and chhabeels. We must take responsibility to clean up after religious, personal or public events,” said EcoAmritsar Chairman, Gunbir Singh.
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Khalsa Camp BC (Canada) 2013
This was the fourth year of Khalsa Camp BC. It was very impressive to see how the camp has grown and developed over the years. The camp was well organised and the atmosphere was inspirational!
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Urban Turban recipe for harmony with Sikhs' 'biggest food bank in the world'
DERBY Sikhs are hoping to raise awareness of the ''biggest food bank in the world'' which can benefit people of any religion and race in the city.
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Board Vice Chairman GP Singh believes Area Foundation’s community impact will continue to grow
Board Vice Chairman Gurvinder Pal Singh, better known as “GP Singh,” believes the San Antonio Area Foundation will have a greater and greater impact on the community as the foundation grows.
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