Sikh Taxi Driver Responds to Racism Like a Hero
When the ABC visited the Singh family home last Sunday, Mr Singh had just finished cooking up 30kg of food for his monthly Sunday rounds. He had been driving his cab the night before and had not slept before cooking up vats of chickpeas, rice and peas in his backyard.
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AnonCare is an exciting merger of the latest in technology and age old values that promotes a culture of ‘no decision about me without me’ by encouraging the practice of collecting and sharing good information to improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of patient care.
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Sikh Jatha to Sponsor Hindu Family
"We are taking a jatha to Pakistan in April on the occasion of Baisakhi, I will appeal (to Hindus in Pakistan) to give us ashes of their dead ones. We will perform their last rites at Haridwara and also send them the video clippings," he added.
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The Spirit of Parshaada [VIDEO]
[VIDEO] But in the gurdwara, the dedicated hands of dozens of sevadars coming in and out of the kitchen everyday are not just making roti. They’re making parshaada—a blessing for each of the hundreds of people who will eat it.
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London's Homeless Line Up For Free Meals From Mobile Sikh Kitchen
Sikh temples traditionally offer meals to those in need. In suburban London, the homeless — regardless of their religion — are turning to a van run by Sikh volunteers for food.
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In Jalandhar: Postcards From The Road
In fact here we were doing kirtan in the Guru's sangat. I was so glad when they stayed on to listen to our kirtan and left after some very warm hugs.
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BBC Recognizes Sikhs Feeding Freezing Homeless
The Guru Nanak’s Mission charity gets recognized by the BBC for feeding free meals to the homeless in Nottingham, UK. The charity has been preparing food at the local Gurdwara Sahib in Nottingham.
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Why homeless Britons are turning to the Sikh community for food
The 'Swat' team say they decided to take the concept of Langar outside its traditional setting in temples and out onto the streets when they saw a growing homelessness problem in London.
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Sikhs Serve For One Billion Rising
The World Sikh Organization of Canada joined with Canadian Sikh communities to take part in the One Billion Rising movement by providing care packages, treats and baked goods to over 1,000 women and children in shelters...
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Medical Camp Serves 100's in Punjab
With the continuous backing of our supporters and donors, doctors from the GurKirpa Health Network, along with other expert doctors were able to provide free, high-quality medical services to over 300 adults and 70 children from 22 surrounding villages.
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