Sikh Doctors Deliver 10,000 Free Health Checks
More than 50 meetings have been held by the British Sikh Doctors Organisation at community centres, offering screening and health advice.
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Bhai Kanhaiya Inspirated Nepal Earthquake Sewa
I must have been about 4 years old when she told me the story which would later shape me in to being the person I have become. That story was about Bhai Kanhaiya ji. It made an everlasting impact on my mind to choose the Path of Sewa.
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Volunteer Talks Nepal Earthquake Effort Difficulties
Manjit Singh, 38, of the Gurdwara Singh Sabha, in High Road, Seven Kings, visited the country for two weeks with charity Sikh Relief, travelling to areas hit hardest after the initial quake killed more than 8,000 people.
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110 Years Old Sikh Freedom Fighter Recovering at "Home for Homeless"
Because of good care at the Ashram Narinder Singh is getting better and better day by day. The founder of the Ashram Dr Naurang Singh Mangat is looking after him personally.
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Sikh Relief Continues Nepal Aid
Our team reported that the love from the locals and smiles on the children's faces - takes their tiredness away! May God bless our volunteers.
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Sikh Orgs Work Together for Nepal Relief
For the first time, nine charities from both the UK and USA, have joined under one banner in their response to the devastating Nepal Earthquake which has claimed the lives of over 6,000 and left tens of thousands homeless.
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Sikh Awareness Through Community Service
Sangat of Albany, NY has formed American Sikhs for humanity which is a non-profit organization spreading awareness on Sikhism through various community service.
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The Benefits of Giving to Charity
With finances tight for many in the United States, giving to charity may not be at the top of your list of places your money needs to go. Yet, while giving to charity is always an optional thing, doing so on a regular basis can have very real benefits for you and your family.
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God Is Green: Sikhi & the Care of Nature
Becoming one with Waheguru (the Divine Life Force sometimes referred to as "God") requires humans to live in harmony with all of creation.
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Encouraging Ontario Students to “Change the World”
Ontario high school students are being challenged to “change the world” while earning the volunteer hours they need to graduate.
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