Myanmar Flood Relief Effort 2015: More than 5,000 Individuals Receive Aid
On August 6th, 2015, our Myanmar Flood Relief effort began in response to Cyclone Komen, which caused the worst flooding crisis Myanmar has ever seen.
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Selfless Migrant Sikh Taxi Driver Serves Food to Needy
[VIDEO] A Sikh migrant taxi who cooks up 30 kilograms of authentic Indian cuisine to feed the homeless after his night shift is being hailed 'Australian of The Day'.
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Free Meal for Thousands in New Delhi Example of Sikh Service
Service is one of the most integral traditions of gurdwaras. From cleaning to preparing tons of food every day there is plenty of work to be done. And there are plenty of sevadaars, or volunteers, to do it.
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Another Sacha Sauda: A True Bargain
Please consider enrolling in your state’s or country’s donor registry or a medical institution of your choice. Then share your decision with your family and friends. When your time comes, your organs may be used to save many lives.
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Communities Nationwide Participate in Day of Seva
In the spirit of Chardi Kala (eternal optimism) Sikhs and non-Sikhs participated in 20 service projects across 16 cities, which showcased that we will never allow misguided hatred or bigotry to prevail
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Sitting Side-By-Side & Being Seen:
Everyone was celebrating a 500-year old Sikh tradition together, sitting side-by-side on the floor and getting to know their neighbors, regardless of religion, gender or background and enjoying a traditional Sikh meal.
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Sikhs Mark Anniversary Of Temple Shooting With Community Service
To commemorate the tragedy, Sikhs in 14 cities around the country are hosting community service projects this weekend. They hope to send a message of love and community solidarity even in the face of hate.
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Sikhs in USA Promote Langar on Capitol Hill
Co-hosted by SALDEF’s SikhLEAD 2015 class and Congressman Mike Honda’s office, over 350 congressional staff members, Sikh community members, and non-Sikhs from a variety of professional paths shared Langar, became connected to Sikh values and the Sikh community, ...
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Gurdwara Providing Hot Meals to YMCA
THE town's only Sikh temple is providing homeless people in the town centre with a taste of India as part of a venture with a charity which provides emergency accommodation.
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Creation of the Sikh Family Center ~ Position Paper
This paper is designed to provide insight to the culture-change work being undertaken by Sikh Family Center (SFC), an initiative to provide social services through an evidence-based and empowerment-oriented approach.
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