Dubai Gurdwara Feeds 37,000
“More than 50,000 people of different faiths visited the gurudwara between December 31 and January 2. Of them, 37,000 partook of the langar or community meal organised at a special tent.”
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Malaysian Villagers & the Khanda in the Sky
The Malaysia Flood Relief team have now assisted more than 270 families since it began its mission last week. Risking their own lives through threatening rainclouds and heavy crosswinds, the team travelled deep into the Gua Musang Jungle, providing aid to the Indigenous Temiar natives.
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Calsa Care Home Scoops Employer Award
They provide the opportunity for people to gain qualifications in the health and social care sector and have resulted in the creation of over 20 permanent jobs within the company. They are worthy winners of this award and we look forward to continuing working together.”
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Sri Guru Granth Sahib Rescued From Flood
The disastrous flooding in Malaysia has caused havoc amongst the lives of many across the country, in particular the state of Kelantan where the Kula Krai Gurdwara was submerged under more than 50ft of water...
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Birmingham Sikh Leader Overwhelmed by OBE
Chairman of the Nishkam group Dr Mohinder Singh has been a driving force in the development of the Nishkam Centre and Schools in Handsworth has been handed an OBE in the New Year’s Honours.
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Indiana Sikhs Donate 20 Tons of Food for Hunger
On Sunday, December 28, 2014, on the sacred occasion of the 348th birth celebration of the Tenth Sikh Guru, The Sikh Satsang volunteers packed over 15-tons of canned food, cereals, soft drinks to be delivered to Gleaners Food Bank before year-end.
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Daswandh to Save the Next Generation
Punjab has become a den of addiction; 67% of rural households have at least one addiction At Akal Academy we could see over 500 students sitting in well set queues with folded hands; fairies on earth I felt.
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Degh Fateh: The Unsung Heroes
If you truly serve, selflessly, I respect you. You are hundreds of times better than me and perhaps many others who preach from stages. And if you don’t, you should try it sometime. It’s an amasingh feeling.
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Reddit User Needs Hot Meal – Finds Sikh Generosity
When a recovering heroin addict made an appeal on the popular social media site, Reddit, for a hot meal to tide him over until his next disability check – due to liver disease – arrived, he was not sure what kind of response to expect.
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CTV and Global News Coverage for Community Sewa done by Blood Donation
In the spirit of serving the society for those in need, the Sikh community is donating blood at Canadian Blood Services on different days at the end of November and early December. November 29th (Saturday) is booked as one of the group donation dates.
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