'Seva on the Streets' ~ to Warm Hearts of Others
On a sunny but chilly 5th November 2014, ASR Charitable Trust and Manchester Universities Sikh Society jointly held Manchester's 'Seva on the Streets' event. This year it was part of National Langar Week ( UK ) 3rd to 7th November 2014.
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Seva Food Bank Pulls in Bank on Gurpurab
[Photos] Angie Rehal, one of the organizers at Seva Food Bank, said, “The food and funds collected allow us to not only feed more people but also tackle the issues of food security, hunger and poverty in our local community.”
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Universal Sikhi ~ Across Cultures, Religions & Continents
Gurumustuk Singh says, "This is my personal experience as an American-born Sikh with parents from Christian and Jewish backgrounds; the changing world of Sikhi, and how various people are connecting with this lifestyle..."
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Langar Feeds Homeless in Birmingham
Hundreds of thousands of free meals will be served up by Sikhs this week, as part of a tradition known as Langar. Live coverage of voluntary organisation, Midlands Langar Seva Society feeding the homeless in Birmingham City Centre.
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SEWA ~ Part II of II
Physical 'Sewa' assists in tuning with mental Sewa and leads eventually to realization of Creator. 5th Guru Arjan Dev ji, who himself often used to 'Mutti- Chappi' -massaging the feet of people, who came for his 'Darshan'.
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'SEWA' ~ Part I of II
Bhai Gurdas ji states in above line, if one is not performing 'Sewa' (service), your hands + feet are- Dhrig, Dhrig translated is like having a curse. Also anything else one does is fruitless performing to him.
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Sikh Community Proud of Service to Flood Victims
Sikh organizations of India and abroad, who came forward in helping the victims of natural disasters of Jammu & Kashmir, have made the Sikh community feel proud all around the world.
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Sikh Relief UK Continues Relief Operation in Flood Hit Areas of Kashmir
Bottles of mineral water, clothes, medicines and foodstuffs are being provided to the flood affected people. Pregnant women that were lacking any assistance are being treated affectionately by the volunteers of the Sikh body.
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Golden Temple Airlifts Food for 100,000 in Kashmir
May this tradition of community service continue to define and give a meaning to our existence. Guru ka langar, by this initiative, has reaffirmed that in times of crisis it is humanity that rises to the occasion, relegating all religious and other differences to the back burner.
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1984 Living History Project ~ Volunteers Speak
It was not an easy and simple experience for the interviewing team. Witnessing the narratives and recording their experience they often had to transcend their overwhelming emotions when they shed tears with the persons that they interviewed.
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