Celebrating 15 years of Monthly Meals Seva to the Homeless of Phoenix
Sikh community of Phoenix celebrates 15 years of Monthly Meals Seva to the Homeless of Phoenix
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1st Gurdwara in Mossel Bay South Africa (January 2016 update)
My mother passed away leaving £50,000 for providing food to the poor. We decided to use the money to build a langar hall like Makindu but the official red tape was against us.
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Elderly UK Flood Victims Helped by UNITED SIKHS
Sitting alone in a home with no lights and in complete darkness. This is what one elderly lady was doing until she heard a knock on the door.
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Sikhs Say Giving Only One Aspect of Faith
The pizza project is just one effort local Sikhs have made to contribute to the community. Leaders at the Selma temple emphasize this is just one aspect of their faith they hope more will learn about.
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Floods United the North – Humanity in Disaster
“These floods have changed people,” says Ravi Singh, Khalsa Aid’s CEO, as his volunteer army diverted resources up to Deeside in Scotland, which flooded earlier this week.
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Inside the little-known Kitchen of Afghanistan's Sikhs
Not so long ago, Kabul's largest gurdwara prepared food for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of worshippers. These days, on average, there are only a few dozen mouths to feed. That's because Afghanistan's once thriving Sikh community is facing extinction.
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Sikh Charity Brings Spirit of Christmas to London's Homeless
The Sikh Welfare and Awareness Team is hoping to give hundreds of homeless people a Christmas to remember with a free street party.
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Imagine Her as Your Child
I kept looking at the children. Thank God it was dark. So no one could see me crying. How can we stand aside and do nothing while these people are suffering so much," he said.
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Searching For A Path ~ The Sikh Chaplain - Part 1
Let's just say I took the blue pill. I ventured down the rabbit-hole to understand the roots of suffering. I had no idea the philosophical, religious, and spiritual terrain I was traveling.
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Sikh Community Collects 3,000 Gifts for Children in Need
Thousands of Metro Vancouver children in need will be having a merry Christmas, thanks to the work of the region’s Sikh community.
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