New Children's Book - My First Panjabi Alphabet
This new book came about mainly because of the feedback I received from my earlier Have Fun With Panjabi books. Parents wanted the next stage up. A book that would engage children who have little or no knowledge of the Panjabi/Gurmukhi script. A book that could prepare them for when they go to Panjabi school or could even be used for beginners at Panjabi school.
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Amardeep Singh: Chronicler of a lost legacy ~ Interview
A Singaporean Sikh’s journey into the lost heritage of his community in Pakistan
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"Lost Heritage: The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan" ~ Book Review by Dr. Harbans Lal
'Once in a while I come across a book that I wish to bring to the attention of my friends and colleagues. I therefore invite you to read my thoughts about Lost Heritage: The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan by Amderdeep Singh.'
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Peeps at Many Lands India ~ 1910 - Illustrations
Here is struck at once the note of colour which enlivens every street scene in India. The people wear robes of every shade, and turbans or caps of every hue —black, white, red, green, yellow, purple, pink, every colour of the rainbow—and a hundred shades of every colour meet and mingle as the crowds flow to and fro.
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Llaplli Sajib (Japji) - New Spanish Translation + Transliteration
I have been working continuously in transliterations and translations of the Banis for 16 years. In 2003 I finished the first version of the Japji Sahib.
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Daler Mehndi's 1-Year-Old Daughter Sings in Album
A ‪‎magical ‪moment when a sweet little kid of 12 months sang Dhan Guru Nanak, reciting after her dad in a room full of awestruck musicians.
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SAMBH SARDARI | Punjabi Short Film
[VIDEO] Pardeep Singh presents a short film keep in mind the present condition of Punjab. The story line depicts the involvement of politics in drug addiction in Punjab.
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A Good New Translation Of Sukhmani Sahib by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur
I’ve read through her free rendition of the Sukhmani Sahib -- ‘free’ because it is not tied to literalisms, but instead resorts to the daily lingo in which we think and speak -- a few times.
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A Heritage All But Erased
Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed reviews a book by Amardeep Singh, which seeks out the many surviving remnants of the formerly extensive Sikh presence in Pakistani Punjab
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How SikhNet Was Born - My Personal Story
...they were the most powerful computers available at the time... But it wasn't the computing power that fascinated me. It was connecting to other people all around the world.
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