Where do the Sikhs stand?
[OP/ED] When we are not able to hold our own youth in our fold then what is the fun of running after the other people in the name of "Nanak Naam Leva Communities"?
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Everything Sikhi at Your Fingertips
[VIDEO] As we start our annual fundraiser, the CEO of SikhNet, Guruka Singh Khalsa, has a this simple, heart-felt message for all of our SikhNet family.
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LOST HERITAGE - The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan ~ Book Release
“LOST HERITAGE – The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan” authored by Amardeep Singh, releases in December 2015. Here is a video that shares the motivation and journey in making of this book.
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And The Winners Are...
The quality of submissions to the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival this year was phenomenal. It took multiple viewings of the films for our panel of judges to choose the winners...
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An Insightful Reading of the Dasam Granth
In The Granth of Guru Gobind Singh, the authors offer new insights into the Sikh scripture Dasam Patshah Ka Granth, or the Dasam Granth, which has traditionally been attributed to Guru Gobind Singh.
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Book Review: "Sikhism and Spirituality" by Rabinder Singh Bhamra
"In my view, the author has a motive and purpose for writing this book to checkmate those writers who are bent upon destroying the aesthetics of Gurbani.."
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My Guru's Blessings Indeed ~ Book Review
While the parents and elders endeavor to provide their children with the right tools to grow in life, getting the tiny tots acclimatized to religious tenets and teachings can be an uphill task.
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Thank You, Vahiguru ~ Book Review
Book Release by SikhRI. "...This book will make a great gift to second time parents and grandparents expecting a second grandbaby."
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Camp Miri Piri 2015, Espanola
This year will be another Camp Miri Piri. Camp Miri Piri is a special camp. Like most camps t has lots of Kirtan, Banis, and discussion.
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What Impact Did The KAUR Film Have?
Here at SikhNet we are very excited about our first feature animation. You probably saw all of our promotions leading up to the film. So, how much impact did 1 year of work end up having? We wanted to share that with you.
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