A Review of Probity's New Guru Nanak Comic Books

Probity Comics produces an inspiring as well as visually stunning series of comics books on the life of Guru Nanak.

A team of ten young entrepreneurs, headed up by Amanjot Singh is producing some astonishingly beautiful and inspiring new comics for children. The first two volumes of The Mystics along with a third, The Eternal Abode, make up the currently published collection of stories based on the life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The team's plan is to produce a new volume of comics each month, telling the stories in chronological order.

Here is a review of the three published comics by SikhNet's own Harijot Singh:



The Beginning... Guru Nanak Dev ji Vol 1

I have to say that visually this comic is fantastic. First thing is the introduction of characters, this part was really fun.

I really liked all the cosmic artistry before the story begins. Actually there is cosmic artistry throughout which I really enjoyed. 

The story started off with a picturesque view of old Punjab and introduced Guru Nanak's parents. I noticed the comic seemed to favor the good side of people which I appreciate. I noticed too that the comic doesn't place an emphasis on, or criticism of, religion.

The Muslim and Hindu characters are both portrayed very fairly with no real emphasis on their religion. The general tone of the story is very innocent, so in that way it well portrays the personality of Guru Nanak. I liked how it showed all the kids and how much they adored Guru Nanak Dev Ji and enjoyed being with him.















Another thing I liked was that a few pictures showed the aura of Baba Nanak all around his body. Normally an aura is just pictured around the head, I liked mixing the whole aura in there too showing his natural radiance. 









I really enjoyed the part where Nanak impresses his math teacher, I think it was portrayed in a very understandable way. I thought the same for the part where he impresses the Persian teacher.

The best visual description was with Pandit Hardyal the family priest, the description is critical but not judgmental. I can't say how much I liked that! It really gets the right point across. What I really liked about it is that it was so visual, the pictures did an excellent job of showing what the Pandit was talking about and then showing what Nanak was talking about.


The Mystics Guru Nanak Dev ji Vol 2

The art in this second comic in the series is really good, I liked how there was always a shine in Baba Nanak's eyes.


The story of the physician reading his pulse was well done. The story of Sacha Sauda was also told very well, with great visuals.














As a whole volume 2 is great, especially the art!.


I like how the artist plays with perspectives.





The Eternal Abode - Guru Nanak Dev ji Vol 3

I liked the manner in which this comic introduces new characters, some of whom I've never even heard of before.)









Guru Nanak's lines in this when he explains his thoughts while at the cremation grounds are easy to understand and well written. Kudos to Gurvinder Singh for the great writing!

I like how the panel backgrounds always mimic the mood of the characters.



And once again, I really like how creative the depictions of Baba Nanak's  aura were.


I also liked how the artists weren't afraid to use all kinds of colors of clothing that the characters wear throughout.


All three volumes are excellent and I recommend them highly

After finishing 3 volumes I definitely want to get the 4th. I want as many as they have and more.


I found that I had a couple criticisms but when I look with a larger perspective I have to say that this is just excellent, excellent material. To say that it's worth the $10 for one of these comics is almost inappropriate. I celebrate the great talent and effort that went in to making these comics. It's a blessing to the next generation and I'm grateful these now exist! I think this will get in the minds of young ones and have a positive impact, greatly needed for the next generation.

Do visit the Probity Comics website and order their unique and inspiring comics for yourself and your children as well as for great gifts!


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