Punjabi Folk Dance Bhangra at White Sox Stadium

The White Sox celebrated Asian Heritage Night with special pregame performances - Punjabi Bhangra and dhol drumming

Chicago: The reverberating Bhangra music and Punjabi Dhol drum beats amplified through the powerful P.A. system took over the Chicago White Sox U.S. Guaranteed Rate Stadium for ten minutes, when colorfully turbaned and costumed popular Punjabi folk dance Bhangra dancers made their moves at the home plate on May 30, 2017. Chicago White Sox were playing against Boston Red Sox. The performances were presented by Punjabi Cultural Society of Chicago (PCS).

The White Sox celebrated Asian Heritage Night with special pregame performances, including Punjabi Bhangra dancers and dhol drumming at Gate 4 for couple of hours, all presented by the Punjabi Cultural Society of Chicago.

Punjabi Cultural Society of Chicago (PCS) coordinated the performance for the event for the fifth time in this decade at White Sox game.

PCS has previously presented Bhangra at Baseball games on May 6, 2015, July 28, 2010, July 21, 2009, and also on May 1, 2005 at the White Sox stadium. PCS has also presented Bhangra at Chicago Bull’s basketball game in March 2009.

PCS invited University of Chicago "University of Chicago Bhangra" an excellent team, and live Punjabi dhol drumming by Shirish Shah to perform at the event.

“We are celebrating Asian American Heritage Night. It creates awareness about our Punjabi community and helps in creating mutual understanding, respect and appreciation through performing arts. This is what PCS Chicago aims to accomplish by participating in the mainstream events,” said Rajinder Singh Mago of Punjabi Cultural Society of Chicago, the coordinator of the event at White Sox.

"PCS' coming events are "PCS Youth Scholarship and Graduation Night" on June 11, 2017 at Vice Roy of India Banquets, Lombard, IL. "PCS Sports Festival Basketball Tournament" on July 15, 2017 at Palatine Park District, Palatine IL," said Sukhmel Singh Atwal President of PCS.

The Punjabi Cultural Society of Chicago is a not-for-profit all volunteers community service organization devoted to promoting Punjabi culture, language, performing arts, healthy life style and sports, education, and good citizenship in the metropolitan Chicago area.

For further information please contact:

Punjabi Cultural Society of Chicago
P. O. Box 1244, Palatine, IL. 60074
e-mail: [email protected]
web www.PCSChicago.org
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Punjabi Cultural Society of Chicago presented The University of Chicago “UofC Bhangra” team to perform Punjabi folk dance Bhangra at the home plate, on May 30, 2017 at the Chicago White Sox Baseball Stadium. Below are some of the riveting pictures:

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