Men cry over chants by devotional singer Snatam Kaur
When visiting a convenience store, Snatam Kaur was confronted by a clerk at the check-out counter, who said in an irritated voice: “Why do you wear that towel on your head?”
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Sikhs Through Others' Eyes
Historians, political figures, philosophers, and scholars speak about Sikhism and the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.
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The Partition of India in 1947
A first-person account by Kuldip Singh Neelam
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The Wonderful Art of Bhagat Singh Bedi
Bhagat Singh paints with both skill and passion. His subjects? Sikh history, heros and warriors and the very essence of the Sant-Siphai spirit!
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The Sant’s Son
Bhindranwale never threatened, just replied to it, says his son
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Gurmat scholar brings out feast for music lovers
Compilation of the complete 31 ragas of Guru Granth Sahib released
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Hemkunt Sahib: A Spiritual Journey
This trip up to the beautiful lake of Hemkunt Sahib was on of the best experiences I have ever had. When I look back at that journey now, even though it only took me a total of five and a half hours, it seems to me like a big part of my life.
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Sikh Sabha of New Jersey and Sikhcess Partner in ‘Gifts of Life’, And So Much More!
There is a change that is happening. It is inspiring and meaningful. It is a change that uplifts us and embraces our youth and encourages them to do even more -- it is Seva.
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Sikh storyteller Roop Singh grabs the imagination at faith day
The multi-faith event was a fantastic success. A real highlight was Sikh storyteller Roop Singh who managed to captivate the hearts and imaginations of all present with his enigmatic storytelling.
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Dr Jasbir Singh Kang receives Physician of the Year award
The Fremont Rideout Foundation (non profit) at its annual event honored Dr Jasbir Singh Kang by awarding him the Physician of the Year award 2009-2010.
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