Honoring Professor Sant Singh Sekhon
Professor Sant Singh Sekhon (1908-1997) was a multi-faceted genius of par excellence.
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Khalsa Aid Sponsoring Sikh Children In Punjab
I recall going to Gobindwal district of Panjab with a few local Sevadars from a local Sikh NGO (Gurmat Gian College, Ludhiana) just over 3 years ago, they showed me around the villages in the area.
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Gursikh Photography and Filmmaking
Last year Bhai Atma Singh jee and Bhai Resham Singh jee, two UK-born Gursikh brothers from Slough (England) set up a photography and film-making business called Atma Images
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Portrait of a Gursikh Parcharak
Slim and tall, Giani Ji had a charismatic personality and a spiritual presence. It was due to his strong spiritual leaning from childhood that he became a Gurbani teacher and a kirtania parcharak
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UK Tour of "The Widow Colony" begins 10th Oct.
Kaur's film takes the viewers onto a journey into the living conditions of the surviving Sikh widows and children in New Delhi...
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A Shop Called '1469'
Meet Harinder Singh, the man who invented the "Pure Punjabi" T-shirt.
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Young Sikh Chef wins ' Best South Asian Chef' Award
A young Sikh resident of Milton Keynes, UK, head Chef of a prestigious Restaurant, Jaipur, has won “ the Best South Asian Chef” in the south east of England award.
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Precious Tanjore Painting to be installed at Takhat Sri Hazur Sahib
Pure Gold Leaf, Semi-Precious Stones, diamond embelishments and vegetable colours were used in making this unique work of art.
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Gurbani Kirtan by "Soul Brides of Our Beloved Guru"
In their deeply meditative Kirtan they represent the universal human soul, longing for union with the Beloved Lord, the One Creator.
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His beard alone is taller than you are!
At 7 feet, 8-plus inches, Sarwan Singh's beard is quite a sight to behold.
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