A Sikh in Greece
This is an inspiring story. Every time we read it, we get new emotions. This true story motivates the reader to be a true Sikh.
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The First Freedom Fighter of India: Bhai Maharaj Singh
Bhai Maharaj Singh, the spiritual leader and fervent Sikh nationalist, is the first freedom fighter of India of note who took up weapons against the British rule in 1847
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Jaimeet Singh - Social worker at 16
At 16, Jaimeet Singh has achieved what others only dream of.
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Giani Balwinder Singh Rangila awarded in Leicester
Giani Balwinder Singh Rangila was given The Lifetime Achievement Award for Services to the Sikh Community Worldwide at Gurdwara Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib.
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Snatam Kaur's success is a boon for those with whom she shares her profits
Snatam Kaur's voice—tender, yet imbued with gentle strength—embodies faith, repose, and grace.
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Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji
Even a cursory look at his life clearly shows that he was one of the very few Gursikhs of the century who had full and unfaltering conviction of his faith in the teachings of the Satguru
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Gurdwara Lakhpat Sahib Ji
The intrepid traveler, who braved the cold of the North Pole, South Pole and Mount Everest, takes us on a journey in the footsteps of the travels of the first Master, Guru Nanak Sahib Ji in Gujarat.
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United Sikhs Congratulates Harpreet Singh on His New Position at the United States Department of Justice
Harpreet Singh, Esq., former Legal Director of UNITED SIKHS recently joined the U.S. Department of Justice, Community Relations Service as the Regional Director of Region III
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Bhai Jeevan Singh Jee...
Bhai Jeevan Singh jee is one the Panth's jewels who is the image of humility and saintliness.
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Tanveer+Gursharan... A Sikh Wedding In Two Parts
Though the groom had stomach flu and it rained for most of the day, nothing could dampen the beauty of this day.
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