Meet Dr. Kamal Singh, 23 Year Old Star Student, Budding Doctor
While he may be humble, his achievements are not, by stretch of imgination. Dr. Kamal Topped the clinical examination and was the overall best performer in the first phase of his degree.
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Inni Kaur - Work In Progress
At the age of 44, “Kaur” was bestowed on me. It was a life-changing experience that I relive nearly every day. I am in gratitude for being graced with Kaur. It is not tied to my familial or husband’s name.
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'If Donald Trump thought I was a Muslim, I'd be proud'
'If Donald Trump thought I was a Muslim, I'd be proud' - turban-wearing Sikh who interrupted rally says he wanted to challenge candidate's 'old man mutterings'
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Kaur Careers: Film Maker
Historically, Sikhs have been at the center of creating amazing real life stories and we have been wonderful story tellers as well. We need to revive this art and liberally use modern tools in doing so.
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Jagmeet Singh: Staying True to Your Faith Whilst Succeeding in Law and Politics
Ashurst presents Jagmeet Singh: Staying true to your faith whilst succeeding in law and politics Thu, 4 Feb 2016 at 18:00 - London, United Kingdom
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Preserving the Sikh Heritage in Print
BEFORE THEY FALL APART - A hundred years from now, none of these places will exist. They are about to fall apart; they won't last more than 10 to 15 years. ~ MR AMARDEEP SINGH
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Sikh of the Year Awarded to Harjit Singh Sajjan
He has been described as, inter alia, “nothing short of brilliant”, “fearless, smart and personable”, “with outstanding and rare potential”, “war-hero“, “a soldier’s soldier”!
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Story of Bhai Devinder Singh
Here is an amazing story of a white Australian, Donald Harry Goldsmith, who took Amrit and became Sikh, and now called Devinder Singh.
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How SikhNet Was Born - My Personal Story
...they were the most powerful computers available at the time... But it wasn't the computing power that fascinated me. It was connecting to other people all around the world.
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Poet & Artist Rupi Kaur Battled Taboos About Women's Bodies
[VIDEO] 23-year old Canadian poet and artist Rupi Kaur has garnered over 280,000 loyal followers on her Instagram for her work that deals with heartbreak, abuse, love and femininity.
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