Second Turbaned Sikh Welcomed to House of Lords
A successful business man has become the second ever turbaned Sikh to be elevated to the house of lords.
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Birmingham Sikh Leader Overwhelmed by OBE
Chairman of the Nishkam group Dr Mohinder Singh has been a driving force in the development of the Nishkam Centre and Schools in Handsworth has been handed an OBE in the New Year’s Honours.
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Adornment: Sohavi… So Beautiful
Nicci chanced upon her jewellery design sketches from 13-years earlier, as the wind blew some onto her desk, while she pondered 'what next?' Inspired by this calling, these designs and others, tucked away and which were gathering dust, are her answers and inspired her collection 'The One', gorgeous pieces, designed from the heart and finished by hand.
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Chapman University film student to represent Sikh Americans in 2015 Rose Parade
“Sethi was selected because he is a rising star in film direction, which will help fuel Sikh American awareness in the long run,” said Sona Simran Kaur, communications director at SALDEF.
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Sikh owners transform pub into Christmas haven to spread solidarity message between all faiths
THE Sikh owners of a Worcester pub are hoping to spread the message of solidarity throughout the festive period, and have turned it into a Christmas haven.
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American Idol's First Sikh Contestant is Back in the Spotlight
Like most performers, Gurpreet Singh Sarin will never forget the first time he performed live on stage. But unlike most, this singer's first public performance had an audience of millions, as he took the American Idol stage to sing Ray Charles' "Georgia on My Mind" for the show's judges and everyone watching at home.
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An evening with Harinder Singh Ji of SikhRI
I have known Harinder Ji of SikhRI for some time. He has always struck me as a very forthright Sikh without any hang-ups, 'vehems' etc. on Sikhi living. In my mind, he is a true model of the 'miri-piri' spirit.
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First Sikh Indian Physician to be a Colonel in the American Army
He was the first Sikh Indian Physician to become a Colonel in the United States Army. He retired from the Army after 25 years of meritorious service on January 30, 2009.
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Facebook features Sikh man in video, racists can't handle it
Last few days have been quite an experience in juggling opportunities and challenges. I have been featured in a facebook ad as part of their Facebook Tips series to engage user experience. The video which has garnered over 4.5 million views has also invited many to judge me on the basis of my countenance.
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Elisabeth Meru - The Journey Home
Elisabeth Meru is a very unique individual. She was born in Hamburg, Germany and now lives in Munich. The Guru's miracle manifested in her life after 24 years spent searching for God when she visited the Gurdwara in Munich, Germany for the first time and first heard Gurbani Kirtan.
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