Oregon Law Officially Repealed Today

by Ravitej Khalsa

April 1, 2010, the Governor of Oregon signed the repeal of the 87-year old ban on religious clothing for teachers in public schools.

A grateful Muslim woman tearfully told of her joy that she can now teach. Sikhs, Muslims, Jews and Christians filled the room to witness this historic occasion. Marginalized opponents had hoped to springboard a defeat into a nationwide ban on religious clothing.

But the House of Representatives, Senate and Governor all answered a resounding call that inclusion is possible and necessary in overwhelming votes to support the repeal. A great day for all citizens of Oregon and the United States as we embrace diversity in the schools, workplace and home.

People of race, color, faith and orientation can rest that another barrier to inclusion has been defeated. Thanks to countless hard working Christians, Jews, Muslims and Sikhs whose organizations worked to see the repeal come about. It was a true victory of consciousness.

As a fun aside:

Siri Anand Singh Khalsa tries out the chair as the future first Sikh Governor.





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