New Gurudwara Opens In Mossel Bay, South Africa

This Baisakhi will mark the inauguration of the first Gurudwara on the long stretch of the South Coast of Africa

The historic event of the inauguration of the first ever Sikh Gurudwara on the 1000 km stretch of the Garden Route of South Africa will take place on 16th of April 2017. It has taken almost 8 years to accomplish this success. 

A plot of land was donated by Sikh family in September 2009 but little did we know that to build a place of worship of any faith other than Christianity would involve so much red tape. Perseverance, hard work of the handul of devotees and the blessing of the Lord, made this feat possible. Half way through the project money ran out but, as they say, the Lord has mysterious ways of doing things. One day he sent a Sikh couple who, not only made a sizeable donation, but promised to finance the building work till its completion and here is the result.

Besides being the first Gurudwara on the long streth of the South Coast of Africa, Mossel Bay was also known as Aliwal South which has connection with the Aluhwalia Sikh Regiment which was massacred by the British. More can be read here.

Everyone from all over the world is invited to attend. We already have large numbers of people traveling from the UK, India, Kenya, and Tanzania. 

The Gurdwara grew from this mound of rock and soil


The view of Mossel Bay from the Gurdwara

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