My Whole Being Changed

After two years of planning, waiting, filming, waiting, editing and waiting we are so grateful to announce the completio...

After two years of planning, waiting, filming, waiting, editing, waiting, post-production and more waiting, the students and staff of Miri Piri Academy are extremely grateful to announce the completion of this unique and powerful documentary about Miri Piri Academy entitled “My Whole Being Changed.” 

In it, the students of MPA candidly share their personal experiences and the impact MPA has in their lives and Miri Piri Academy alumni talk about what their days at MPA have meant to them.

Sada Sat Simran Singh Khalsa, Hari Mitar Singh Khalsa and Ad Sach Kaur Gendelman contributed considerable seva helping to film this project. Miri Piri Academy parents, Ditta and Alessandra Khalsa of Prana Projects and See Through Films helped envision the film and edited it to perfection.

Many wonderful musicians contributed the beautiful music used in the film. They include Snatam Kaur who is a tireless supporter of the school and the mother of a future MPA student; the members of the Chardi Kala Jatha who graduated from MPA and now serve at MPA by leading and teaching the students; and Bole which was co-founded by an MPA alumnus, Leonardo Har Prakash Singh Joly.

I invite you to sit back and travel with us for the next 20 minutes to MPA, Amritsar and the Golden Temple to have a unique experience you will not forget!

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