Meet My Friends ~ Suniai And Mannai

Nanak means "no no," and for years I misunderstood....


There was once a Sikh Saint, named Guru Nanak,

The first Guru of the Aquarian Age.

He walked and sang a universal song,

Timeless teachings, true for all - a real-life Sage.


Nanak means "no no," and for years I misunderstood.

That to every request I had to only say "yes",

To serve, teach, counsel, heal and uplift

Until I was in one big physical mess.


You see, if I only say "yes" to all of them,

I am forgetting to say "yes" to myself.

I too have to be put into the equation.

My Inner Voice was lost on the shelf.


But Guru Nanak didn't teach to self-abuse.

He taught quite the opposite, I'll mention.

He talked about seeing and loving God in all.

Which includes me - that got my attention.


Now, I'd like to expound upon two of his friends,

Especially potent in changing my life

Taking years, maybe lifetimes to finally hear

These two dear words could have saved me much strife.


First comes, "Sunnai," deeply LISTEN

To your inner voice - a Divine Knowing, so calm.

Your intuition is a loving, wise guide,

Giving neutral messages, like a soothing balm.


Guiding to do this or to beware of that.

Call this person; be sure to not invest just yet.

If you listen, you may win the grand prize,

But doubt, turning a deaf ear, later you may regret.


Also, your body gives messages every day.

Hey, I'm talking to you - Hear what I say.

"I'm tired, my knee hurts, don't eat that junk food."

Or, you're going to be in one ugly, foul mood.


STOP! Don't push through with cake, coffee and coke.

Your adrenals will end up spent and broke.

Or, numb it with Alleve, Bayer and Advil.

What I say is important, not trivial.


You see, your pain has a voice - a trusted buddy.

I know that sounds weird and kind of nutty,

But it's like a be sure to take heed

Cause if you don't it's a bed you'll soon need.


But, listening is only one part of the team.

Another player completes this Divine game.

We can't just listen, or nothing would get done.

We'd stand still, losing our chance at God's fame.


With Sunnai, comes Mannai - OBEY

The order comes clear, now it's time to ACT

If we do, it will surely lighten our day,

And our total self will rejoice with this new pact.

Let’s say you’re at a crossroad, left and right.

Your ego says left, the Inner Voice says nope.

Don’t just stand there, like an open-mouthed dope

Walk to the right, free of that self-imposed rope.


Discipline and surrender are also required

Throw some faith into the mix

Try this recipe, there are no hidden tricks

And all of our karmas they will soon fix.


So, we are developing a new habit

First, listening with the ears of a rabbit,

Then, acting with a smile and precision,

That duo will lead us to our mission.


I hope you've enjoyed meeting my two friends,

Sunnai and Mannai - they've helped me a lot,

And they can help you too, by listening and obeying

At liberation, we'll surely have a clear shot.

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