Meeri-Peeri: The documentary film

The making of the film, “MEERI-PEERI", has been a personal journey for Jappan Singh......

Jappan Singh Sethi lives in New Delhi, and has previously made seven short films under the banner "Kirpa Productions". The making of the film, “MEERI - PEERI", has been a personal journey for Jappan Singh who lives in Delhi. The film was personal as he wanted to understand the contribution of Sikhism to the world. This was after the loss of his friend and the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008. He states, "I lost my friend in an accident, and then the September Delhi blast was not tolerable for me, i just couldn't tolerate it, as i could see my friend in everyone who was dying and myself in every relative of the dying person, and then the Mumbai attack came into existence".

Since the terrorist attacks of 911, the word 'terrorism' has dominated TV and affected Governmental policies throughout the world. Jappan continues, ”Then I decided to make film on anti-terrorism, I wanted to know from where did this terrorism thing started...I researched about every date, every attack and every motive behind the terrorists' activities happened in the past. He found that terrorism had a long history and the Sikhs had been affected as much as any other community." I realised that terrorism is not only the modern one, what was that which happened years ago...So i decided to do more research on this topic and i wanted the audience not to look back and feel sorry about what happened but to come up with a solution against terrorism. This he says he found in the making of his film, "i couldn’t find a better solution then a saint soldier i.e. Meeri-Peeri".

On Jappan Singh's blog he states the following "Temporal power is the political power and in case of Meeri it does not mean that you only have the power but also means that you deserve it, that you have earned it because you are that responsible to take good care of the people around you. Whereas Peeri means spiritual power i.e. you have the power to control your mind and you have earned it by worshipping, loving and remembering God. You have earned it by getting out of all negative emotions of life i.e. Jealousy, Anger, Lust, Greed, Arrogance etc... Guru Hargobind ji combined the two (meeri-peeri) and found the true human i.e. a saint soldier. In the film "Meeri-Peeri" we have tried to show that the solution to terrorism is "Meeri-Peeri"...One has to be a Saint and a Soldier if he wants to fight against terror...He needs a control over his mind('peeri') and a feeling of "protecting the innocent" ('meeri') then killing the enemy”.

The film is presently being completed and a release date is pending. The producer has released a teaser of what is to come. Visit for more information.

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