Lucknow Gurdwara in Need of Help !!

Today this Gurudwara stands in sheer disarray with a court stay orderdue to lack of documentation and the local governma...

(Editor's Note: A request has been received which is humbly forwarded for the attention of the Sadhsangat ji. We know that there are Gurus' Sevaks out there ever willing to come forward for this kind of Kar Seva required for the Gurdwara repairs.)

I would like to bring to notice of our Sikh Community regarding a Gurudwara which needs immediate attention of ours.

I am attaching few photos of this Gurudwara which are self explanatory. This Gurudwara is based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (Nothern part of India). This Gurudwara carries a historical significance of visit of our Respected Eighth Guru "Guru Har Krishan Sahib Jee" in Lucknow where he blessed the queen of Nawabs with a child. The queen offered our Guruji a grant of 600 villages during that time in respect for his blessings. But today this Gurudwara stands in sheer disarray with a court stay order as there was no documentation of the grant of land. The localities want this Gurudwara to be removed.

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The Gurudwara does not have a concrete ceiling and the Respected Granth Sahib jee is exposed to dust and rains. You can see that the asbestos sheets do not even cover the ceiling completely. There are no visitors to this Gurudwara for days in this heat which is approx 40 Centrigrade. The walls, gates and ceiling are just remains of old houses from the vicinity. Some one just donated few carpets and sheets for people to sit. Some one donated a small steel almirah to store "Guthkas" as they all were found lying on the floor. The two Granthis are the only two souls who have stood days and night fighting for the right to survive with the local authorities.

It would be shame for our community to let it happen.

May I request you to help me find a way to get this message accross to the masses and few key people in administration and get this Gurudwara to survive.

In fact I have contacted a lot of community groups and have received over-whelming response. I have only written to SGPC from their website with the same text and photos. I await their response. My brother is spearheading this at Lucknow as he is based there.

I am trying to get contact details of the Granthis so that I can find out where have the court proceedings reached and what sort of intervention is required.

I believe in the fact that we Sikhs think a bit different when it is about our temples as we take a lot of pride in them. Let's get this one right too.

Please contact me so that I can pass more info. My mobile is + 91 98713 96034 and I am resident of New Delhi.

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