Bhagat Singh Thind Comic & Bio
"You must never be limited by external authority, whether it be vested in a church, man, or book. It is your right to question, challenge, and investigate."
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Forgiveness is not a reward; it is not something that we give to someone based on her/his good behavior. Rather, it is something that you give whether he/she has deserves it or not.
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Compassion and Perseverance: Sikh Values That Bhagat Puran Singh Upheld
Universal Sikh values of steadfastness for compassionate undertakings of altruistic causes and for serving humanity without prejudice are alive and well.
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A Pope for People of All Faiths
A single image from Pope Francis’ visit to America is seared in my mind. At an interfaith service at the 9/11 Memorial, the pope paused on stage when he met Gunisha Kaur...
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Guru ka Langar
Established at a time in India when separation by caste was of the highest importance, the act of sitting together (Pangat) in the Guru ka Langar was a revolutionary idea.
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Bhagat Maalaa ~ Part IX - Ajraja & Akrur
Akrur taught the people of Mathra to remember the Lord in pain and peace and to stop slandering one another. Mathra became a very peaceful and holy place, where the Lord's name was chanted by all.
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Stillness ~ Photography by Amardeep Singh
I have found that stilling the mind and driven by a passionate desire, an indescribable energy always manifests to naturally gravitate towards culmination of the search.
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Bhai Kanhaiya Ji Maharaj ~ His Barsi - Sept. 20. - Part 2
During his visit to Anandpur, the city was under attack by an alliance of Rajputs and Moghuls. Kalgidhar Pathshah Ji asked Bhai Ji to do water seva...
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LOST HERITAGE ~ Book Review by Amardeep Singh
Would the heritage of the land where Sikhism was born and the Sikhs had created an empire have been limited to just these few functional gurdwaras?
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Bhai Kanhaiya Ji Maharaj ~ His Barsi - Sept. 20. - Part 1
The spiritual world, especially the Sikh world, is familiar with Bhai Sahib Bhai Kanhaiya Ji, who is widely known for his water seva during battle.
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