How I Became A Sikh ~ Dharma Kaur
This time willing to tie a turban to avoid the hassle with the chuni blowing from my head continuously as experienced the year before. That's what I thought! But God had something else in mind... During the first day...
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Khalsa Aid: Where Few Dare to Go
Six weeks ago, Ravinder Singh visited the refugee camps in northern Iraq and saw for himself the desperate plight of the refugees. Many approached him in desperation once they came to know that he was a British Sikh, and pleaded for help.
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Formula of my life – Simplicity
Why waste away your life trying to please others instead of pleasing yourself? So take a moment and reflect on the formulas in your life. Does these formulas make you happy? Do they bring comfort and satisfaction in your life?
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Connecticut Sikhs Participation In "Celebrate Diversity” event
Norwich Rotary Club Organized a Event in Norwich Mariana to Celebrate Diversity of Norwich. This event was one of its kind where there was a wonderful fusion of Food and Culture.
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Sikh Authors Speak : A Report
The Sikh Foundation presented Sikh Authors Speak, a panel discussion and celebration, in Hayward, California. Four writers—Parveen Kaur Dhillon, Meeta Kaur, Jessi Kaur, and Pushpinder Kaur—spoke about their published works, their sources of inspiration, and their future plans.
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Prayer for Humility
The prayer for humility will only spring out of the heart that has realized one's own shortcomings and limitations.
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Sikh Re-elected to New Zealand Parliament
Bakshi is both New Zealand’s first Indian and first Sikh member of Parliament. He was first elected in the 2008 elections. Bakshi graduated from the University of Delhi in 1985 and moved to New Zealand in 2001 with his family.
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Sikh Heritage Museum Exhibition: ‘A Call to Flanders – Sikhs in the Great War’
The Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada (SHMC) - A Canadian organization celebrating the unique culture, history and legacy of Sikh Canadians and creating a tribute to the historical significances of the Sikh community.
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Event to Inspire Investing In Young Minds
The evening celebrated life, hope, and promise: to make a difference to the lives of children thousands of miles away. One can imagine many more people such as Christel DeHaan committed to life-transforming opportunities for others and pursuing endeavors to uplift humanity.
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Physicist Sir Tejinder Singh Wins Award
Leading academic Sir Tejinder Singh Virdee, known for originating the concept and construction of the Compact Muon Solenold (CMS) that led to the discovery of the Higgs Boson, has won the ‘Professional of the Year’ award.
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