History and Her-Story
The magic, the meaning and the measure of a life - indeed of history - are found not in the celebration of an individual or an event, but in the interpretation. History is a narrative. What does it tell us about the time that Guru Nanak trod this earth, particularly about the place of women?
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Mai Bhago: The Story You Know Vs. The Story You'll Hear
As we worked on the script for KAUR, being a stickler for details, I wanted to actually chart on a map the journey that they took. The more we charted the history, the less the story most people know made sense.
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Iamin's exclusive chat with Flying Sikh - Milkha Singh
Milkha came, saw and conquered all odds and made India proud on many occasions. He is an inspiration to all Indians, especially to those who want to become sports icon like he is.
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10 Behaviors That Will Hinder Your Success
Success is not a matter of characters or habits—it's about your behaviors
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British Army examines plans to create a Sikh regiment
The Chief of the General Staff is examining the feasibility of a Sikh unit, including the possibility of a reserve company, and it “may well have merit”, Mark Francois told the Commons.
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Proud to be a Kaur
I’m ordinary. But, I feel special. There is always glee in my heart, and that’s because I’m a Kaur. A princess.
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Shruti Sharma wins Gates Cambridge Scholarship
MIT senior Shruti Sharma is one of 40 U.S. recipients of the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship this year. This award will allow her to pursue a PhD in materials and manufacturing engineering at the University of Cambridge,...
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Sikhs Serve For One Billion Rising
The World Sikh Organization of Canada joined with Canadian Sikh communities to take part in the One Billion Rising movement by providing care packages, treats and baked goods to over 1,000 women and children in shelters...
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Tribute to Bhai Gurbaksh Singh
[VIDEO] I looked up Bhai Gurbaksh Singh, when I saw his photo. He had a very strong face with very soft eyes. I wanted to paint him and try to project his inner willpower onto the canvas. I wanted to show someone who was in pain but was beaming with positive energy amidst all of it.
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Sikh Entrepreneur Brings Personal Touch to Tech
Sitting on my desk is a lovely note, written on thick, customized stationery with my name scrawled across the top. It's in my handwriting, but I didn't write it. A robot did.
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