'They Should Not be Forgotten'
Angad Singh, of Glebe Road, Finchley, and his friend Satnam Singh, 38, who lives in Slough, took on the Brighton Marathon to raise money for the UK Punjab Heritage Association.
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Kaur Fends Off 3 Harassers
The Kaur’s anger rose to a high level and she responded by fearlessly taking on 3 men. The Kaur with tremendous courage started to beat up all 3 men at the same time causing 2 of them to run away.
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Susan G. Komen 2015 - Race For The Cure
FAMILY, FASHIONS, AND FUN were on exuberant display on a sunny Saturday Indiana morning: to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Military Park looked like a Punjabi Mela
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Hindu & Sikh Community Involvement Fuels Maryland Interfaith
On Thursday the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), the Kaur Foundation, and Sikh Kid 2 Kid kicked off the third Hindu/Sikh training and immersion program...
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Encouraging Ontario Students to “Change the World”
Ontario high school students are being challenged to “change the world” while earning the volunteer hours they need to graduate.
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Inhi Ki Kirpa...
Long I await this day Like all who came before me. Long others await this day Like all will come after me. Brothers and sisters forged of Steel. Made by Amrit pure
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Hola Mahalla ~ Vivid Documentary
"I felt like I had stepped back in history to see it. I have never experienced anything like that before. I was not aware of the festival until a few years ago when I got involved in the project.
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Have a Majestic & Inspiring Vaisakhi!
I believe the Panj is important. Yet believing is one thing, and experiencing is another. I feel I now understand better how important the Panja Piare
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21 Photos Of Dapper Sardars
Their style is sikh. Popular website, Buzzfeed, and their piece on fashionable turbaned Sikh men.
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A Feel Good Journal
It is simple, made with love and the belief that by writing in it and practising the methods suggested DAILY, anybody can significantly increase their level of happiness in their lives.
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