96 Crori Jathedar Akali Nihang Baba Surjit Singh Ji (1945-2014) ~ An Obituary
Jathedar Baba Surjit Singh ji was the 14th Jathedar or commander of the Buddha Dal, the central organization of the Nihang Singhs. Baba Baba Surjit Singh ji did Akaal Chalana (left for the abode of Akal Purakh)... in Patiala jail. This brief obituary cannot do justice in describing his life, achievements, and more importantly their love and divine presence that was beyond words.
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"Nanak Removing the Bidar’s Thirst"
[POEM] After listening to us, GOD decided to take away our harsh condition, To give the place of Bidar, a GOD’s magical creation. By sliding the piece of a stone, the fountain of fresh water burst,...
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Learning to Pronounce Gurbani
To complete his project, not only Sardar Satpal Singh had to teach himself software technology and employ wisely the software technology he mastered but to also negotiate with software developers as well as their owners to use their tools and their platforms for a wide and free distribution of the product.
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Saragarhi Day At Sandhurst: A Review
The challenge for us now to continue to mark Saragarhi Day - and to continue to inspire people from all backgrounds to engage with the Armed Forces, involve themselves in public life and to be inspired!
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"Kesh": Gift from Guru Gobind Singh
But the kesh was not gifted by the guru for that time only, but it is given to the Sikhs for the eternity, it is the indicator of uncompromising courage at every situation. It is the indicator of rigidity that Sikhs are really inflexible towards wrong things and any sort of corruption.
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The Feminist Kaur with a Paintbrush
Navi has been creative since childhood and she has been listening to her creative soul since ever since she was about 10 years old. Though she has had very little professional training, her paintings immediately speak to the viewer. The bright colors and symbolism are captivating.
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A Dress/Address ~ Poem by Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa
So I ask you what does this “Singhni” look like. What does she wear? An important history of a Kaur’s identity Disappeared or doesn’t exist, conveniently. And so this Sikh is neither here nor there.
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Saragarhi Commemoration and Book Launch
IFA from the very beginning has been instrumental in honouring the brave who without caring for their lives sacrificed them at the altar of their country.
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Indy's Festival of Faiths: A Journey to Connect in Faith
It all begins with learning, meeting at common crossroads, and exploring ideas that have the power and mandate us to work together for greater good, creating an environment that answer our shared values and prayers.
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Kashmir Floods: He will take care!
A mere sight of these land masses left me wondering how can life ever survive here. But even in these barren regions, the Creator provides all means for his beings to find nourishment.
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