Poet & Artist Rupi Kaur Battled Taboos About Women's Bodies
[VIDEO] 23-year old Canadian poet and artist Rupi Kaur has garnered over 280,000 loyal followers on her Instagram for her work that deals with heartbreak, abuse, love and femininity.
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Dhan Guru Nanak ~ a poem by Ramneet Kaur
Our compassionate Guru who hugged sinners, thieves and bandits showed them the path of righteousness and transformed their lives.
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Tu Mera Karta ~ Kirtan with Sand Art by Rasmegh Kaur
[VIDEO]Tu Mera Karta, Hao Sayvak Tera You are My Creator, and I am Your servant. Watch beautiful Sand Art while listening to the kirtan song.
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These Sikhs Of Khalsa Aid Are Providing Relief Work To Those Affected By Chennai Floods
These are the same Sikhs who serve langar to refugees all over the world and are often mistaken for ISIS.
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Guru Nanak: Good Actions Matter Most
One of the most beautiful ways to honor our great Guru is to share the spirit that he brought. This spirit is one of tolerance, and of not getting caught up in religious ritualism.
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Universal Message Of GURU NANAK
Guru Nanak was a house-holder. He observed that spiritual attainments are possible while leading a house-holder's life. To support a household, one should work hard...
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Meet Dilpreet Kaur, The 14-Year-Old Who Just Set A Maths Record
Kaur's parents said that they received an email from the record book officials last month confirming that their daughter had set a new record. She has also received a certificate and trophy from them.
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This Sikh Community Has Restored Our Faith In Humanity
It is heartwarming to know, that while there is violence and suffering in gargantuan volumes, there are also people like these, who are taking the risk to reach out to, and help those in need.
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Los Angeles Clippers Host Second Annual Sikh Awareness Basketball Game
the Sikh Coalition and the Los Angeles Clippers hosted nearly 400 members of the California sangat for the pair’s second annual Sikh Awareness and Appreciation game.
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UK based Sikh Charity Wins 2015 Best in Care Award
A Sikh charity, Sikh Arts & Cultural Association (SACA) attended the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham’s Best in Care Awards ceremony (held on the 12 November 2015) and won the ‘Charity Supporter of the Year award’.
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