Bhagat Maalaa ~ Part IV: The Story of Ajaamal
On hearing Ajaamal call out the name of the Lord, the angels of death left. Ajaamal was saved and he was emancipated.
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Kaur Project ~ Navdeep Kaur - Seeker, Cultivator & Curator of Light
To me, being a Kaur is being purposeful. As time goes forward, a Kaur takes others with her. There is strength, grace and wisdom associated with being a Kaur, but there is also humility.
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Bhagat Maalaa ~ Part III: Sri Dhru Bhagat Ji & Sri Praladh Bhagat Ji
Praladh was brought in front of his father. ""Praladh! Pundit Ji has complained that you have refused to chant my name!" Praladh smiled: "O father! You are my father, how can I say your name?..."
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Guru Nanak & Srimanta Sankar Dev ~ A Comparative Study of Their Life and Philosophy
Sankar Dev's followers came to pay obeisance to Guru Nanak on the auspicious occasion. During discussions with them they revealed that they hold Guru Nanak in the same esteem as Srimanta Sankar Dev.
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Past Gone, Worry About Future, Don't Collect Dust
Psychiatrist will tell you no better than this, if you visit him for depression or high stress. He may take several sittings and charge you a lot, which adds to your worry for the payments, you added to your credit card.
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I’m a Sikh with Depression
But, at the same time I realize that we cannot break the silence and stigma around mental health without bringing attention to it, talking about it, and personalizing it. So, this is my attempt to help others.
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Singh Turns £5k £225m
Mr Singh takes a simple approach to business, once saying: "My philosophy is that the customer is always right, even when he is wrong."
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Anand Karaj: Prep Advice
From the moment you get engaged (or even before that), it seems everyone has some wedding advice to share. A lot of these tips are helpful!
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The Squat is the Perfect Analogy for Life
It's about standing back up after something heavy takes you down. Problems are like adding more and more weight into squat rod to make it like impossible to lift.
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How My Life Steered Me to the Path of Medicine
A new patient recently asked me that and I was dumbfounded. Like a movie on a projector, my pre-teen years flashed before my eyes. I held back my tears and responded, "let us talk about it another time."
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