Guru Ji's Own Story

So in Bachitr Natak Guru Gobind Singh ji says, 'Now I will tell my own story....

Sadh Sangat ji, whether it's Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji or Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, Maharaj makes the statement that 'how can the child know the condition of its fathers birth?' Sadh Sangat ji, we as children of Wahiguru don't know the conditions of how everything came to be, how He came from nothing to everything. But we learn, through our SatGuru, who tells us 'You created the vast expanse of the Univer with One Word! (Jap ji)' and 'God is the Lord and Master of millions of universes; He is the Giver of all beings. (Ang 612)' And in a very similar fashion we, as the children of Guru Gobind Singh ji, how can we know the conditions of his coming to this earthly realm. Guru Gobind Singh himself tells us of those conditions of his coming in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji, in a Bani called 'Bachitr Natak' and that is the bani that we are going to analyse today Sadh Sangat ji. 

So in Bachitr Natak Guru Gobind Singh ji says, 'Now I will tell my own story. When I was in deep spiritual practice I was called by God to SachKhand and became One.' Now when Maharaj (Guru Gobind Singh) talks about spiritual practice (taap), most of the time we think of bodily penance, or pain to your body in order to control the five senses or the five vices. Whether that's by hanging upside down, whether that's by taking fasts, or things like that. But as we understand it is the spiritual practice of recitation (jap da tap). 

Now Guru ji tells us about that place where he was doing that meditation, in Hemkunt. He describes that it was at a place where there are seven mountain peaks. He also gives an indication of the location saying that it is the same place the Pandavas (in Indian mythology) also did spiritual practice...

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