Golden Temple ~ Example of Safai Sewa

When People Sleep At Night, He Cleans the Roads With His Team of Volunteers

BabaKulwantSinghJi (72K)Meet Baba Kulwant Singh Ji - While people sleep at night, he cleans the roads with his team of volunteers.

Our newspapers daily carry a lot of news of murders, rapes, kidnaps, thefts, etc. It seems that nothing good is happening in India. But this is not true. There are still many good persons doing good work. One such person is Baba Kulwant Singh. He lives in Ajnala town which is at a distance of 25 km from Amritsar.

He daily starts his journey from his place, along with about 50-100 volunteers, to Amritsar. They daily reach near the Golden Temple around 11:00 PM by their motorbikes, tractor-trolleys or a hired bus. After a brief prayer, all of them start their service of cleaning all the roads leading to the Golden Temple.

They clean the roads and pick up all the garbage, not only from the roads but from the open drains along the roads. At 3:00 AM, very early in the morning, they start their journey back to their town Ajnala. This service (sewa) was started in 2011 on a weekly basis. Then its frequency was increased to two times a week. Recently they have started doing this sewa every night. In future they are planning to extend it to all religious places of all the religions. If you just google for “Kulwant Singh cleaning roads”, you can see the images of this cleaning sewa at night. Picture clicked by me at Amritsar.

Gopal Singh Ajnala

The Punj Sarovar jatha cleans the Golden Temple periphery every night from
10 pm to 3 am and on festivals they perform the sewa during the day as well.
“Sometimes, the tourists and inquisitive onlookers join us,” said Baba Kulwant Singh.


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