Experiencing Shabad Guru in Yuba City, Ca

Two weeks ago, Prabhu Nam Kaur and I offered a one day workshop to the Punjabi Community in Yuba City, California about ...

GroupMeditate (65K)Two weeks ago, Prabhu Nam Kaur and I offered a one day workshop to the Punjabi Community in Yuba City, California about the Shabad Guru, which is so close to the heart of many of the Punjabi Women. About forty women attended.

The course was held in the relaxing, private setting of a friend’s country home, and the food was potluck Punjabi style and was plentiful.

After some healthy, energetic Yoga, “Siri Pritam style”, Prabhu Nam Kaur powerfully enchanted the ladies with her very slow, meditative and infinitely graceful version of the shabad, Poota Mata Ki Asees,[s1] a Mother’s prayer. Distractions fell aside as, breath by breath, we connected with the Guru within, feeling the Divine light of our souls and that intelligence and essence that can make our children saints, heroes and givers, and take away the pain mothers carry about their children and all things that need healing.

SS Siri Pritam Kaur & SS Prabhu Nam Kaur with her son Rishi Parbat Singh leading the group in kirtan

PritamKaurOthrs (66K)As the hours tumbled into one another, entranced by the sound of her music, hearts opened, plans were made and unfulfilled wishes and soul work was completed. There was a high moment when we made a promise to visit the holy place of Goindwal next spring, thereby fulfilling a long due request to the Yuba City women from the Siri Singh Sahib ten years earlier. Wahe Guru!

Untitled (58K)Spirits were elevated and love flowed as we made plans to come together again in early May to keep this subtle yet strong connection going. Overall, we all felt nurtured by this very cozy day, feeling the memories and remembrances of kirtan and shabads of the years past, the joys of the day and hopes of a bright and beautiful tomorrow.

What a wonderful blessing to be a part of such a process, when the Guru comes through and surrounds us with the miracle of Shabad Guru!

Mataji-1 (143K)SS Siri Pritam Kaur Khalsa
Siri Pritam Kaur is a mother and grandmother who has lived in Yuba City for 27 years. She teaches Kundalini Yoga, woman’s courses, and is well known in the Punjabi community. She’s past president of the Punjabi American Heritage Society which serves as a bridge between the Punjabi sangat & the community at large.. She owns and operates a Physical Therapy clinic. Each year she hosts many of our sangat who travel to join the Guru Gaddee Day Jaloose in Yuba City. Contact her at [email protected].


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