Critically Injured Sikh Man Calls For Peace
Sikh activists pressured law enforcement on Tuesday to investigate what they are calling a hate crime against 29-year-old Sandeep Singh, a Sikh father of two who was critically injured after being hit by a car last week in Queens, New York.
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Girl Home Alone Armed With Kitchen Knife During Burglary
An intruder picked the wrong house to target in northwest Harris County. Waiting inside was a 12-year-old girl -- alone, armed and taking the right steps to catch him.
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Capitol Hill Langar Highlights Sikh American Community
A few lawmakers and scores of staffers were able to take a break from the final votes to attend the first langar on Capitol Hill. “The reason, also, that we’re holding this [langar] is not because there’s a misconception about Sikhism in the United States but because there’s a non-conception," said Gurchit Singh Chatta, a SikhLEAD intern.
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Standing With Our Sikh Friends on This Day of Mourning
Through tragedy, the Sikh community has triumphed. There's still a long way to go, but I'm proud to say that the Hindu American community and organizations like the Hindu American Foundation stand ready to work alongside our Sikh brothers and sisters.
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Oak Creek Reminds Us an American Hero Can Have a Turban & Beard
You don't need a costume, or muscles built of steel, to be a superhero. We can all be heroes flying in stealth mode, capturing the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans, leaving no room for Osama's ghost and the racism and xenophobia that continues to haunt us.
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Sikh Studies Conference Provides Insights on New Research.
The first Annual Sikh Studies Conference, Imperial College, London brought together scholars, artists and documentary makers to showcase their work related to the Sikh faith. It was organised by Dr Kamalroop Singh and Ragi Harminder Singh Ragi.
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Oak Creek: They Forgave & Rebuilt
It was a hate crime that agonized a peaceful community—but the message of love that has surfaced from their forgiveness runs deeper than the wound. This is the beautiful story of a community who chose to change the memory of their tragedy into a hope for the future.
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SALDEF’s SikhLEADers Host First Ever Langar on the Hill
Creating Sikh American history, SALDEF’s SikhLEADers held the first-ever Langar on Capitol Hill, introducing Congressional leaders, colleagues and neighbors to a Sikh American way of life. Reflecting the values of langar, all faiths and races were invited...
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Sikh Temple Run/Walk Event Raises Funds for Memorial Scholarship
“It’s from tragedy to triumph,” he said. “So for these past two years, we have turned that from tragedy to triumph.”
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Events Mark Anniversary of Sikh Temple Shooting
On Wednesday, the Congressional Badge of Bravery will be awarded to retired Oak Creek police Lt. Brian Murphy — the first officer on the scene of the shooting, who was wounded about a dozen times by the shooter — and officer Sam Lenda.
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