Global Vision for The Sikh Nation: From SikhNet's Chairman
[VIDEO] We have to heal from 1984. We are a resilient, amazing people, should we start deciding that, "I'm not going to be the victim. I'm going to become the victor."
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Healing Ancestral Karma
[VIDEO] We have habits that are ancestral survival mechanisms that live in our subconscious minds, that are generations old. The problem is they don't allow you to be yourself. Nothing less than that is going to work.
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140.6 – My first Iron Distance!! Vineman, Windsor, CA.
Doing the toughest one day endurance event in the world, was just a thought in my head over 2 years back. And here I am writing my very first Iron distance triathlon race report.
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Kenyan Sikh Achievers Award
It was a night of rewards, inspiration and admiration. The first ever Kenyan Sikh Achievers Awards conceptualised and organised by Ramgarhia Youth Association took place on Saturday at the Sikh Temple Pangani.
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U.S. Navy Petty Officer Geena Kaur From Illinois
Born in India Guldeep Kaur Sidhu is a practicing Sikh and has been in Navy service for 4 years. She is working on 2 associate degrees and then a bachelors. She is excited to continue serving in the Navy. As a sexual assault victim advocate she provides support to victims and is also passionate about suicide awareness and intervention.
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Dr. Singh Hate Victim Urges Forgiveness
Doctor Jaspreet Singh Batra came forward on Monday as the victim of an alleged Sikh hate crime that took place in New York City. Despite the trauma of the incident, Batra offered a message of forgiveness, rooted in the very faith for which he says he was targeted.
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Over 50 Gurdwaras to Meet DC to Shape Sikh Image in America
As per information over 50 Gurdwaras are gathering for a meeting in Washington to chart a grassroots strategy that will raise the profile of Sikhs in America. Newly formed National Sikh Campaign (NSC) is holding this meeting of Gurdwara leaders from across United States to engage in the largest effort to change the perception of the community.
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Sikh Community Prepares for New Temple in Plainview
Many congregants have a bittersweet feeling as the current temple gives way to a new one. "There's definitely a lot of attachment" to the current temple, Taneja said. "It's not just bricks and mortar for us."
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SIKH SOLDIER - AT WAR! Volume 5 ~ Book Review
The book admirably chronicles the rise of the Sikhs and the constant universal theme of their valour and sacrifice in defence of their faith, around the world, in the armed forces of many countries they made their own and in the defence of many more.
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How Do I Build Positive Habits?
Pratiyahar is the practice of cutting a negative thought with a positive one. This is how to control the mind. It is the same thing with a habit.
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