Multitude of Forms, Yet No Form
'Multitude of forms, yet no form' ~ This simple philosophy holds the key to all inclusiveness. It has the power to make one focus on living a value based lifestyle...
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Changing Perceptions ~ Sikh Superfan on TEDx
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Toronto has been named the most multicultural city in the world, yet many of the immigrants to the city still encounter racism long after they’ve arrived.
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Sikh & You Shall Be Fined?
Glenwood’s Sikh community want to keep their turbans on while cycling in suburban streets “Our community is very law abiding we don’t want to break the law ... what we want is to make it legal.”
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Harvard Scientists Surprising Results of Meditation
It turns out meditating is good for more than just quiet time: It can actually help us fight the cripplingly high stress levels we experience during our busy lives, in the office or elsewhere.
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Settlement Reached After Sikh Student Harassment
“Every child should be able to attend school without fear of being taunted and physically assaulted based on his religion or national origin.”
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PU Prof Honoured at Sikh Educational Conference
Jaspal Kaur Kaang, professor of Punjabi, University School of Open Learning at Panjab University and chairperson of Guru Nanak Sikh Studies, has been honoured at the 65th International Sikh Educational Conference.
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US. Governor Has Emotional Experience at Darbar Sahib
"What I want everyone to know is that we are here to give our respects. I am not here as a Governor, I am here as someone who feels honored and emotional to be here on this very special day." She said fighting off tears.
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Sikh World War I Veterans Honored in UK Memorial Service
[VIDEO] The Sikh community was recently honored by the UK government in a memorial service which recognized the contributions by Sikh soldiers in World War I.
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10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Sikhism
Despite being one of the world’s largest world religions, Sikhism remains one of the most unknown traditions in America. The lack of understanding has led to serious consequences, including discriminatory policies...
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Canadian Soldier's Honor to Sikhs is Returned
The special Remembrance Day ceremony at a northeast temple was the first time that Canadian military joined the Sikh community in Alberta to recall the service of those who died in defence of the country.
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