Sikh Entertainer on Reverse Racism
This is good for a few laughs. At one point he says to his white friend, "I love your people's food. I mean I couldn't eat it every day but I'd never miss my Friday night fish-n-chips."
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The Artist We All Know
Rupy Kaur is a self-taught artist, and her artwork has graced the cover of “Her name is Kaur,” been an emblem of Sikh Love Stories, and branded SAFAR conference materials. She has also done design work for several Sikh youth conferences for the last five years.
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Kaur Life Creates Online Space for Empowerment of Sikh Women
This outlet hopes to provide a space where Kaurs can express their ideas, share stories, and learn more about their Sikh culture to empower themselves.
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When Romans Met The Sikhs
I read an article today from the ‘Telegraph’ of UK that the Britishers were planning to create a ‘Sikh Regiment’ in the British Army. Perhaps the Britishers know something we Indians seem to be forgetting.
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Not Without My Turban
A new tumblr called Turban-Esque celebrates the dapper men and women who cover their heads with the Sikh pagdi or dastar.
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A New Mantra for Sikh Youth Today: Media & Finance
These developments will take time, maybe even a generation. But they are essential if we are not to continue to wallow in our present situation of being the butt of jokes, distorted images and misconceived perceptions.
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Harman Singh Receives Big Surprise
Simone from Tauranga emailed the programme, saying "it upsets us all to see such a lovely kind man living in such an empty home". Mr Singh's flatmate Ravi and Lily from Big Save Furniture came on board to help fill Mr Singh's house.
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BBC Radio Covers Bapu Surat Singh’s Hunger Strike
[AUDIO] BBC Asia covered the issue of 85 year old Bapu Surat Singh’s hunger strike for the release of Sikh political prisoners. Bapu Surat Singh is now on his 124th day of his hunger strike to death.
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Sikh Doctors Deliver 10,000 Free Health Checks
More than 50 meetings have been held by the British Sikh Doctors Organisation at community centres, offering screening and health advice.
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Bhai Kanhaiya Inspired Nepal Earthquake Sewa
I must have been about 4 years old when she told me the story which would later shape me in to being the person I have become. That story was about Bhai Kanhaiya ji. It made an everlasting impact on my mind to choose the Path of Sewa.
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