Think Sikh: Positive Post-It's
What a wonderful example of spreading Chardi Kala in the spirit of Sarbat Da Bhala! I think the reason the idea spread so well is because of the 'good will towards all' that was behind it.
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Interview: Sikh Media Executive Bicky Singh
At Dodge, students learn about Sikhi and create scholarship films which are sponsored by Sikh Patrons, philanthropists and other donors. The non-Sikh students who make these films will one day be executives in the media, where they will avoid the stereotyping and misunderstandings that plague us today.
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Kaur Careers : Pediatric Dentist
Pediatric dentist, Anupreet Kaur, shares her experiences in our sixth article of “Kaur Careers”! Often times a lot of us just aren’t aware of all the career options out there. So, in an effort to highlight non-traditional career paths and to inspire Kaurs to explore different educational and job options, Kaur Life launched a new series called “Kaur Careers.”
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Sikhism Lives on Through Me
The fundamental issue is that ignorance and misunderstanding lead to bigotry and hate when left unattended. To eliminate ignorance is a hefty task that is thought of as time consuming and difficult, if not impossible. Yet, we must try.
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I am a liar ~ Amardeep Photography
During a photo shoot, where my focus was to bring out the intensity of watchful eyes, I also had an opportunity to delve deeper into philosophy of Creation and Creators act of observing Himself through our eyes.
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Youth Choose Commitment Over Drugs
The Sikhs Helping Sikhs, along with the parents, have been worried (about the youth getting into drugs) too. The new generation of Sikhs is getting lost into the wilderness of the drug world;... They find the baptizing (amrit paan) as the best course.
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Beyond Just Enough: The Promise of USA's First Sikh Feminist Conference
Distinguished keynote panelists, Dr. Nikky-Gurinder Kaur Singh, Dr. Inderpal Grewal, and Palbinder K. Shergill will launch the discussions and introspections for the day while exploring the topic "What Do We Know?"
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SEWA ~ Part II of II
Physical 'Sewa' assists in tuning with mental Sewa and leads eventually to realization of Creator. 5th Guru Arjan Dev ji, who himself often used to 'Mutti- Chappi' -massaging the feet of people, who came for his 'Darshan'.
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Indians at Herod's Gate: A Jerusalem Tale ~ Book Review
Norman Cousins' statement , "The way a book is read, which is to say, the qualities a reader brings to a book, can have as much to do with its worth as anything the author puts in it," perfectly fits the case of this unique and absorbing story, brilliantly told by Sarna.
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On The Way To Their Spiritual Home ~
About 73 years ago Chanda Singh and Bur Singh were cremated at Oregon State Hospital. But their ashes had remained unclaimed till now. On October 13, 2014 both have been disposed of according to Sikh religious rites.
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