HARKING BACK: Amazing genius of Gujjar Singh and his Lahore ‘qila’
Our story today is about one of a triumvirate, a gallant warrior by the name of Sardar Gujjar Singh Bhangi. The other two were Sardar Sobha Singh Kanhiya and Sardar Lahina Singh Bhangi, a close relative of Gujjar Singh.
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There is No Greater Nourishment Than Forgiveness
Stress is responsible for 75 percent to 90 percent of Americans' doctor visits, according to the American Institute for Stress.
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Self Treatment for Shoulder Pain
This is the fourth in a series of articles covering common problems and showing you how you can fix these yourself.
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Nine killed in day-long Indian gun battle near Pakistani border
Indian police overcame a group of gunmen dressed in military fatigues on Monday after a 12-hour battle that ended in a small-town police station near the border with Pakistan, and at least nine people were killed.
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Manika Kaur - Kirtan for Causes
I believe that I was given a voice for a reason – to not only spread the words of Sikhism, but to also use it to help others.
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Yuba County Sheriff’s office hires Singh who fought to have turban, beard allowed
Last Tuesday, Amandeep Singh, 25, of Yuba City, achieved another step in his journey and became a sworn reserve deputy with the Yuba County Sheriff's Department.
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True to their Salt - A Real Hero Story ~ Karm Singh
Many acts of bravery were conducted by the officers' men in the Battle of Gallipoli which is worth sharing. But this one is incomparable.
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Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha Award to Janelle Deniset of University of Winnipeg
Dr. James Christie and Dr. Mohinder Singh Dhillon congratulated Miss Deniset on her achievements and presented the certificate of distinction by the University of Winnipeg and the Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha Award along with a book "Sikh Religion and Culture written by Dewan Singh.
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Choice or Habit? Are Our Decisions Really Ours?
Our understanding of habits and patterns within our personal lives and on a societal level has expanded. We know a great deal more about the science underlying habits; why they emerge and how they change.
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Fate of research station still in limbo
The research station, located on Little Norway Road, is running on limited staff and carryover funds from previous projects. Despite that the director of research and business, Tarlok Singh Sahota, said they’re doing their best to prove why the facility is necessary.
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