Kaur & Singh Create 1984 Play
Mehr shares her journey as a director, producer, and actor while transforming her father’s poem into a now nationally recognized production.
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Voiceless - Stop The Bullies
[VIDEO] Voiceless is a short documentary film based on a schoolboy who hanged himself and left behind a diary of abuse by playground bullies. Vijay Singh’s, 13, bullying went un-noticed for a long time before he decided it had come to a stage where he could not take it any more.
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Bad Posture at the Desk Can Lead to High Blood Pressure and More
So many people come to me with chronic problems and headaches. This article explains how common this problem, is and the many consequences that can come from it.
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NYC Marathon: Sikh Group Fights Racism With Running
“They’re very proud of being Sikhs, and they’re very proud to be part of the running movement,” Hanc said. “I said earlier how much they’ve embraced it. And they proclaim it, too.”
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Prep for 80,000 at Yuba City For Celebration
Preparations for the 35th annual Nagar Kirtan Sikh Festival have kicked into high gear as local agencies prepare for an influx of people that will about double the population of the city.
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If Sikh Kids Can Bring Knives to School, Why Can't Everyone Else?
Late last week, administrators at a Washington state school district decided to let a Sikh boy carry the kirpan on school property.
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Young Sikh Model 'Surreal' Success
“Winning the People’s Choice category at the Sikh Awards was just as big as an achievement as fronting Samsung’s campaign. “The awards are so prestigious...
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After Mom’s Death Kaur Keeps Up
When Vancouver filmmaker Baljit Sangra’s mother suddenly died after being struck by a car, Sangra was so devastated that she wanted to give up entirely on the project she had been working on.
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Sikh Council UK Develops Guidelines to Approach Inter-Faith Marriages in Gurdwaras
The Sikh Council (UK) have developed a consistent approach towards marriages in Gurdwaras where one partner is not of Sikh origin.
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DOWRY Thrives Amongst East Indian Community
Dowry is an age old custom in India. Money or property is something of bygone days. At one time cows and goats were also considered dowry. Today sponsorship to USA or ticket is much sought after as dowry.
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