India's New Comic 'Super Hero': Priya, The Rape Survivor
"Many of the changes in the world have come from ideas. And it's an interesting idea - you don't get too many female superheroes," she says.
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India's Daughter: Nirbhaya Documentary
The British broadcaster aired the documentary hours later. It said in a statement that it had brought forward the telecast from Sunday given the "intense level of interest."
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London's Homeless Line Up For Free Meals From Mobile Sikh Kitchen
Sikh temples traditionally offer meals to those in need. In suburban London, the homeless — regardless of their religion — are turning to a van run by Sikh volunteers for food.
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SGPC to print Guru Granth Sahib in Canadian province
SGPC has finally accepted the demand of non-resident Indian (NRI) Sikhs by agreeing to print Guru Granth Sahib in British Columbia, Canada.
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Five Most Important Horses in the Sikh History!
Series on Five Most Important Horses in the Sikh History!
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Punjabi Sikh-Mexican American Community Fading Into History
Now in her mid-70s, Netervala is part of the nation’s thinning Punjabi-Mexican population, an identity forged out of historical necessity and made possible by uncanny cultural parallels.
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Major Kalsi, Mai Bhago & Feminism
Mai Bhago became the Guru’s personal body guard and an important military leader for the Sikh armies of the day. I shared her inspiring story with my children through a short animation called “Kaur.”
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The Last Drop
It seemed that humanistic values were imbibed in him very well. He was working in the same building. His presence made me feel safe and the reason behind this was his turbaned identity.
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Sikh Students in Beard Trouble
The lack of a written directive has meant that many school heads are still ignorant that Sikh students are forbidden from shaving hair from any part of their body, including their beard and moustache.
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Shoestring Legal Aid Group Helps Poor in Rural India
Sick of engaging from the sidelines, Ms. Gera abandoned two decades of climbing the American academic and professional ladder, and set off on a drastic career change.
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