Peripheral Advantages ?
There is the Core which is the centre in which all life flows. It is eternal, ever flowing, unwavering and beyond time and space — the unstruck music of creation itself —the luminous secret within all things.
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Malaysian Sikhs Crank up Sikhi Spirit at Thai Camp
Bangkok, Thailand, is a prime example of excellent Southeast Asia sangat collaboration. Sikhs in the region are working together to shore up the Sikhi spirit.
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A Serviceman to the Core
“The two uniforms serve the same purpose,” he says. “It’s about service.”
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Free Meal for Thousands in New Delhi Example of Sikh Service
Service is one of the most integral traditions of gurdwaras. From cleaning to preparing tons of food every day there is plenty of work to be done. And there are plenty of sevadaars, or volunteers, to do it.
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Peaceful Human Rights Activist ~ Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa - Part 2
Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa, an 82 year old Sikh human rights peaceful activist who was resident in the US (but not a citizen) has been on hunger strike at his home village in Hassanpur, Dist Ludhiana, Punjab India since 16 January 2015...
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Victima ~ A Poem by Jaspreet Singh
Did you know that the word victim came from the Latin word, victima - meaning sacrificial animal.
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Colors of Rajasthan ~ Photography by Amardeep Singh
The colors of the world are pale and temporary, like dye extracts created from Safflower says the untouchable Ravidas...
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Kingsley: People are Confused About Sikhs for Ridiculous Reasons
"I think Darwan Singh is what I would call a very rounded personality. Don’t forget – he’s a university professor. And to have a career as a university professor, facing students every day, you have to have a sense of humor...
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Remove Military Uniform Barrier for Sikhs
As newsworthy as these developments are, their coverage overshadows a significant policy shortfall for fully realizing the advantages diversity brings to our military forces...
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NRI Sikh Leadership Training Youth
Growing incidents of violence against Sikhs in foreign countries, USA in particular has compelled Sikh organisations not only to start an image makeover exercise but also to hone the leadership qualities among the Sikh youths.
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