CHILE and the 7th Lord of Miracles Tour in Honor of Guru Ram Das

When we arrived in Santiago, the capital of Chile, we were greeted by its most beautiful sangat.

This tour is dedicated to Guru Simran Kaur Khalsa [ 14 years old] of Miri Piri Academy and Los Angeles, California who gracefully left her body due to cancer on September 24, 2009
South America is a wonderful continent with wonderful people. The problem with it is that you love each place uniquely and it is very difficult to pick just one. Chile is the back bone of South America. It extends more than 3000 miles from north to south and includes absolutely every terrain and topography in the world. It is a land of Germans and Italians and Indigenous Peoples that work so hard that they are one of the only countries in the world that has a positive balance of payments. They are the richest country of South America with only 18 million people. The people themselves are fair with intensely dark hair. They are gracious, mannerful and kind. For 25 years, the sangat of Chile has grown in its devotion and love of Shabd Guru and Kundalini Yoga. There are so many teachers of Kundalini Yoga in Chile that you will find these teachings in every city, town and village of this wonderful country [more than 600]. And if you ever see them dance bhangra you will be impressed - they really know how to move!

When we arrived in Santiago, the capital of Chile, we were greeted by its beautiful sangat. From the airport, we went directly to our first event – a meeting with some of the male youth in the sangat who hosted a dinner.  S.S. Gurubachan Singh met with the young men and spoke to them about being consistent, constant and stable. For 2 hours he entertained questions on how to really be a Khalsa man. Their questions were all about maintaining you grace, discipline and wisdom. Questions ranged from interpersonal relationships to business and everything in between. It was a very great experience for them to just sit and talk as brothers, men and sons.

The following morning S.S. Gurubachan Singh met with the young women of Chile. It was a beautiful breakfast of about 25 women who came to learn what it means to be a Khalsa woman. Their questions ranged from relationships with themselves to relationships with men. It has always been part of the Lord of Miracles Tour to relate in a very strong way to our youth, our future. Our meetings usually include our own community and the youth of the public at large. Our conversations are frank and straight forward about every topic imaginable.  

From there we were invited to meet with the directors of MOVISTAR which is the largest cell phone provider throughout South America. Their interest is to promote Kundalini yoga to their employees and communities alike. They all recognize how important it is to provide their employees techniques to manage stress and expand their quality of life.  

In the afternoon, we were invited to speak at DUOC, Catholic University where we held a conference on “Executive Mind – Expanding Your Business during Times of Crises and Recession”. The entire group of businessmen and college students learned techniques on how to develop their intuition and have a meditative mind. Their understanding and practice was impressive from the beginning. They meditated to Gurbani Kirtan and did several Pranayam meditations. It was very successful and very well anticipated as this was the second in a series that we have taught at this prestigious university.

Later that day the 7th Lord of Miracles Tour was received in the private residence of the Indian Ambassador to Chile, the Honorable Pradeep Kapoor and his gracious wife. During the private luncheon, we discussed Sikhi, Indian and Chilean relations [the ambassador’s neighbor is the President of Chile], Yogi Bhajan and the Lord of Miracles Tour. By the time we were about to leave we had arranged many social, religious and seva events where we can all participate together during the year. The ambassador’s wife, who is a native of Amritsar, was very interested in visiting Miri Piri Academy on her next return visit.  We found them to be the most gracious and sincere hosts. India is very, very well represented in Chile.

The following day we had the privilege to meet Jorge Insunza, a member of Chile’s Congress. His insight, understanding and knowledge was nothing short of impressive. Like his fellow Chileans, Congressman Jorge Insunza was hospitable, informal and very down to earth.

In the evening, S.S. Gurubachan Singh Khalsa attended a large Healing Festival. The event was held in a private club and resort where the entire day was dedicated to Guru Ram Das. From the early morning through the late evening there were many events including yoga classes, healing fair, Gurdwara, Kirtan classes and a wonderful bazaar showcasing the products and services offered by our sangat.

That evening the principle event was the Lord of Miracles Lecture given by S.S. Gurubachan Singh Khalsa which included a fantastic demonstration of Gatka by Ram Das Singh Khalsa whose precise movements and speed impressed everyone. We finished the evening with a lot of bhangra. When the Chileans dance, they really dance. It is so incredible to see their intensity. Our last event of the day was a beautiful Gurdwara where the Sikh vows were given. All in all, the entire day was truly a blessing of Guru Ram Das and this wonderful Tour in his honor.

This morning we are on our way to our 4th country – ARGENTINA.

Reporting from 30,000 feet over the Andes enroute to Buenos Aires.
S.S. Gurubachan Singh Khalsa
Sat Guru Kaur
Ram Das Singh Khalsa


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