Children's Gurdwara

This is growing faster than i imagined. The kids have so much fun....

Happy 2012 !

This is growing faster than i imagined. The kids have so much fun. We face paint, make biscuits, make parsaad, do langar seva, sing shabads, do yoga and meditate!

In December, the three sisters, Naichal, Kudrat and Anahat Kaur bought their dilruba and sang Jeh So Chanda Ugvay and we made up celestial communication to match the words. This was followed by our ingenious parents who made a Gurmat bingo. The children loved it!

In January, we did a whole theme on animals in SGGS, we sang all the shabads we could find related to animals, we learnt the words for them in Gurmukhi, we then did the postures! I Mai Bhangaeran Raam Kee, if i were a peacock you are the mountain, if i was a partridge, you are the moon etc, To follow the theme, a very kind parent baked some animal-shaped biscuits that the kids designed and decorated and finally a youth aged 12 did animal tattoos (non-permanent) on the kids' hands!

It was a joy! Finally, I see the Gurdwara full of youthful, playful energy; full of love, light and laughter!





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The next children’s Gurdwara is 4th Feb at 3pm in Shepherds Bush!* We are growing!

None of this would be possible without Rann Singh Granthi Ji, who ordered mini chor sahibs for the kids and made small hazurias for them to wear and we even have five mini-bowls for parsaad seva, it makes all the difference!

Please spread the word and if you are inspired to serve the children, please, please come and bring your ideas, we started with 5 families and last week we had over 40 children! Waheguru!!

Guru rakha
Navleen Kaur

* Shepherds Bush Central Gurdwara - 58-62 Queensdale Road, London, W11 4SG, United Kingdom


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