"Chardi-Kla A Proven Success Secret" (Book Review)

The meaning of success comes in many forms. It depends on what you are searching for in your life.

P.J. Bath is a financial advisor and personal development coach, and as such, he has taken to heart the fundamental principles and behaviors that bring prosperity to all those who live them in their daily lives. In this clear and very easy-to-read book, he has consciously taken the practice and example of the Sikh lifestyle and extrapolated from it a basic formula for success.

 "I don't know what these Punjabi guys are doing, but they become very successful, wherever they go." says one of the characters in the book. "They are very energetic, flamboyant and happy. They have a very positive outlook on life." says another.

With a quick run through Sikh history, and many tales of how we have constantly triumphed over adversity, Bath demonstrates the resilience, prosperity and happiness of Sikhs along with the roots of our lifestyle and traditions.

Based essentially on the fundamental principles of our lifestyle:

Nam Japna - Rise in the Amrit Vela and meditate on God's Name.

Dharam Di Kirt Karna - Earn one's living righteously by the sweat of the brow or the industry, effort and conscientiousness of the mind.

Vand Chhakna - Share what one has with others

the author has simplified and essentially "translated" this foundation into Western terms so that the book will have wide appeal even to those who have never chanted, meditated nor read Gurbani. It is essentially a book showing how one can grow and alter one's belief system to shape one's life to be elevated and successful in a deep and lasting sense.

The book ends with a "note for Managers" exhorting them to hire team members "whose DNA includes Chardi-kla..." so that they will act as catalysts to enhance an employers entire workforce.

Written with a lively storytelling narrative, and filled with entertaining anecdotes, "Chardi-kla A Proven Success Secret" is an easy read filled with nuggets of treasure and inspiration.  It's nice to see a book about Chardi-kla spirit and its roots written with such an easygoing and succinct style. No admonishments or criticism here. Just positive thinking and rising spirit.




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