Bolivia and the 7th Lord of Miracles Tour in Honor of Guru Ram Das

The South American Tour continues to Bolivia with Ram Das Singh's photo journal...

We dedicate this entire tour to Guru Simran Kaur Khalsa [14 years old] of Miri Piri Academy
and Los Angeles, CA who graciously left her body due to cancer on September 24, 2009

La Paz is the highest capital in the world located at 15000 feet above sea level. It is a beautiful mix of 90% indigenous and 10% European. For 6 years we have been traveling to Bolivia and even though the sangat is small, their impact is great. During our 2 day stay in Bolivia we taught yoga, danced bhangara and enjoyed great Bolivian food. We were especially delighted that Hari Jot Singh from Paraguay traveled with us.

Perhaps the greatest gift this tour gave us in Bolivia was a meeting with the Governor of all the prisons where we presented offering Kundalini Yoga to the prisons for the prisoners and prison guards. The Governor immediately accepted our proposal and the classes started in November.  During the meeting, S.S. Gurubachan Singh noticed that the National Bolivian Police are in charge of the prisons and proceeded to mention to the Governor that for the past 5 years we have been teaching yoga and meditation to the National Police of Colombia. Immediately the Governor called the Commandant General who is in charge of all 13,000 police in Bolivia to meet with us about this program. Within one hour we met the Commandant General in his office. Now the National Bolivian Police will be learning the science of breath control through meditation as well as all the other aspects of Kundalini Yoga.  On top of this wonderful news, while we were in the meeting with the Commandant General, S.S. Gurubachan Singh received a call from the Minister of Defense of the Government of Bolivia to discuss teaching the Bolivian Army and defense forces how to meditate and do Kundalini Yoga. This unique and overwhelming opportunity is a gift from Guru Ram Das. Imagine the impact this will have on the world!

Following our meeting with the police we went to a television interview with the country's most widely known television hostess where we spoke about the tour, kundalini yoga, Sikhism, and how to raise children consciously. In such a family oriented society like South America, there is great interest in how to raise your children to be able to handle their future. Many people are amazed that we train our children to meditate and do yoga since early childhood. 

That evening S.S. Gurubachan Singh taught a two hour class which was entitled “Expanding Yourself During Times of Crisis”. This was maybe the 40th lecture of 65 lectures throughout the tour and was as impactful and uplifting as all the rest of his classes, guided by the hand of Guru Ram Das. The lectures really are simple teachings given to us by Yogi Bhajan on how to use the breath as a tool to gain control over your own mind. When the mind is under one’s own control then it eliminates any blocks, fears, and anxiety. You can take control of your own life and destiny. It is even written in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib “Man Jeetai Jagjeet” which means conquer the mind and you can conquer the world. What are better tools than to use the science of Yoga and Shabad Guru (Guru’s Word) to get us to this point of mastery? For all of us, this is all the miracle of Guru Ram Das that we are able to travel and share these teachings - may His grace always be served.

The 2 day visit to Bolivia was very impactful and successful and we reached thousands of people during the trip with the teachings of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Yogi Bhajan. The most interesting part of the tour is how we reach so many people. The Guru causes all of these wonderful events to take place. On numerous occasions, we were surrounded by people asking us to bless them while visiting a Catholic church. It became so overwhelming that the Priest asked us to please step outside. We have blessed and uplifted nearly 400 people at a time during occasions like this. This can only be the Guru’s blessing and is an example of how Guru will create a situation and make it all happen. Now, the Bolivian sangat has a tremendous amount of work to do engaging these new opportunities.

Please enjoy the additional pictures showing the sights, faces and wonderful events that took place in Bolivia, our 6th country on this historical 7th Lord of Miracles Tour in Honor of Guru Ram Das.       

The following morning we proceeded to our 7th country - BRASIL.

Reporting from 39,000 feet somewhere over the South American chaco of Paraguay enroute to Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janiero our 12th and 13th cities on this wonderful Lord of Miracles Tour.

S.S. Gurubachan Singh Khalsa
Ram Das Singh Khalsa
Hari Jot Singh Khalsa


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