Former White Supremisist: "I love Sikhs"
[VIDEO] "I was a founding member of the same group Wade Page belonged to... In many ways I used to be the man that he was, literally." Now he helps encourage diversity with the inspiration of the Sikh slogan: "Chardi Kala"!
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Turbo Turban: Ties Headgear While Riding a Motorbike
[VIDEO] Mr Thind is hoping to raise the profile of his culture by working under extreme circumstances. Incredibly, he can tie six metres of fabric around a mannequin's head in fewer than two minutes while riding a motorbike with no hands.
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Critically Injured Sikh Man Calls For Peace
Sikh activists pressured law enforcement on Tuesday to investigate what they are calling a hate crime against 29-year-old Sandeep Singh, a Sikh father of two who was critically injured after being hit by a car last week in Queens, New York.
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Girl Home Alone Armed With Kitchen Knife During Burglary
An intruder picked the wrong house to target in northwest Harris County. Waiting inside was a 12-year-old girl -- alone, armed and taking the right steps to catch him.
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Oak Creek: They Forgave & Rebuilt
It was a hate crime that agonized a peaceful community—but the message of love that has surfaced from their forgiveness runs deeper than the wound. This is the beautiful story of a community who chose to change the memory of their tragedy into a hope for the future.
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SALDEF’s SikhLEADers Host First Ever Langar on the Hill
Creating Sikh American history, SALDEF’s SikhLEADers held the first-ever Langar on Capitol Hill, introducing Congressional leaders, colleagues and neighbors to a Sikh American way of life. Reflecting the values of langar, all faiths and races were invited...
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Sikh Temple Run/Walk Event Raises Funds for Memorial Scholarship
“It’s from tragedy to triumph,” he said. “So for these past two years, we have turned that from tragedy to triumph.”
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EcoSikh 3rd Annual Gala Dinner ~ Invite
Come to support Sikh Environmental Action around the Globe and leaving a positive footprint! Guests include Suneet Singh Tuli and Devendra Pal Singh. Attend an enjoyable dinner, help the world.
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2-Year Anniversary of Sikh Temple Shooting
Families came out to learn about diversity and the tragedy that happened in their own community. Among those at Saturday's event was retired Oak Creek Lt. Brian Murphy. He was shot 15 times while trying to stop the attack at the temple.
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How Do I Build Positive Habits?
Pratiyahar is the practice of cutting a negative thought with a positive one. This is how to control the mind. It is the same thing with a habit.
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