9/11 - A Day of Self-Contemplation
Firstly, I would like to say that all those who perished on the horrific day of 9-11-2001, will always remain in our thoughts and prayers because this tragedy is etched in our hearts as Americans.
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Role of Sikhs in World War I - A Brief Summary ~ Book Launch
We are proud that Sikh Nation has helped the international Community twice in the 20th Century. They have died in large numbers for all of us for our freedom and better future. We now live with dignity, honor and pride.
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Mighty Khalsa - Playlist of kids videos
Mighty Khalsa - Basics of Sikhi playlist for kids
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Does Astrology and Numerology Affect my Future?
[VIDEO] Many people may be curious to know what will happen to them in the future. "What will happen to me?" "Is my marriage going to be successful?" "Will I be successful in business?" "Will I find happiness in my life?"
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Celebrating 5th Anniversary of EcoSikh
Punjab is also facing an environmental disaster due to over usage of the land, water, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Since 2009, EcoSikh has facilitated many projects in Punjab and around the world...
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AMRIKA by NAVI BRAR | New Punjabi Song
This song was written by Navi Brar to honor the memories of those who lost their lives on this day 2 years ago during Oak Creek Mass shooting.
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Proud UK Sikh Soldier Featured on TV
[VIDEO] Lance Corporal Harmeet Singh, 23, currently based at Northallerton, can be seen on TV screens paying tribute to a fallen soldier bearing the same surname. Lance Corporal Singh, who married wife Ramandeep Kaul in March this year, shocked his family when he decided virtually overnight three years ago that he was joining the Army.
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Security Vs. Free Speech: India Blocks Film On Assassination
A new film projects a decidedly different perspective about one of the most convulsive episodes in India's modern age. Kaum De Heere, or Diamonds of the Community, looks at the 1984 assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi — through the lens of her assassins.
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How To Find True Love: Shabad Hazarai
[VIDEO] The soul longs for love. It's so innocent, and these poisons come and ambush it and everything such a challenge. That is why we meditate. That is why we chant. So we can give the Guru the chance to confront the ego, so we can answer the call of love.
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Interview with Jaipal Channa ~ Freelance Composer and Musician
This really changed the way I thought about the music; it became a message to those going through their troubles. Accentuating Guruka’s words as well as Resco’s lines in just the right way was challenging. I wrote in jazz chords, strings, myself on the trumpet and spent hours creating the beat - the end result is something I am very proud of.
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