Theodorus Singh Becoming A Sikh
The TV report was made in early 2014 by a Dutch provincial TV station, In the video you'll see that Theodorus is trying to live up to the standards for being initiated (taking Amrit).
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The Colours Of Devotion ~ Vaisakhi Dilemmas
The boy asked what it was all about and his mother said ‘They’re celebrating something’, before hurrying him on. Small indications of our shared but separate worlds.
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"Just Breathe" ~ Social-Emotional Learning in Elementary Schools
If my son was learning about this, it only made sense that I should learn too. Within the first week, I felt the positive effects of this practice take root not only on my own being but in my relationships with others.
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Sikh Awareness Video Launches in Central California
Created in collaboration with the Fresno County Office of Education, the video will be offered as a resource to the County’s 32 school districts – representing over 200,000 students.
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Sant Singh Gives USD 1 Million to Sikh Project in India
Indian-American hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal will contribute USD 1 million to an ambitious project coming up in India aimed at better acquainting the Sikh youth and the international community about the origin and values of the Sikh faith.
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Kerman High Students Learn About Sikhs
Standing before a Kerman High School class on Wednesday, Raj Sra talked about being the only Punjabi kid at his Tulare schools growing up. He was called many names.
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Food: Quality and Quantity (Langar)
One thing we want to think about is cutting back on the processed foods. There is a paradigm when we are preparing food for people; quality and quantity.
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Jagmeet Singh Stands Up To Racial Profiling
Jagmeet Singh says it's time for the province to step in. He's a Member of Provincial Parliament and the deputy leader of the Ontario NDP. He says he has been stopped by the Toronto Police 10 times.
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A Cook Abroad - Tony Singh's India
Scottish chef Tony Singh travels to India, the country of his ancestors, to trace his family roots and discover whether his mum's Punjabi cooking is the real deal.
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Harman Singh Receives Big Surprise
Simone from Tauranga emailed the programme, saying "it upsets us all to see such a lovely kind man living in such an empty home". Mr Singh's flatmate Ravi and Lily from Big Save Furniture came on board to help fill Mr Singh's house.
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