Become Sikh Youth Leaders!
Why is the panth in disunity? How can the youth create a successful path for the future? Siri Singh Sahib shares his experience of how he was a part of an important Sikh youth movement when he was younger. He offers inspiration and ideas for the younger generation today.
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Yogi Bhajan Answers Confusion on Women
[VIDEO] Q: "If Guru Gobind Singh wanted women in the Panj Piare, why didn't it happen then?" A: If a women would have stood up at that time, Guru ji would have accepted.Women are equal. Khalsa is beyond gender. Khalsa has no gender.
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Sikh Heritage Museum Exhibition: ‘A Call to Flanders – Sikhs in the Great War’
The Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada (SHMC) - A Canadian organization celebrating the unique culture, history and legacy of Sikh Canadians and creating a tribute to the historical significances of the Sikh community.
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Sikh Soldiers From World War 1 to Present
Sikhs,have contributed to many wars. Including WW1 & WW11 These lions prove to the world that 1 Singh is equal to 1250000
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Amritvela - by Yogi Bhajan
[VIDEO] Amritvela is not for anybody. It is a very personal thing. The rule of thumb is when the sun is 60 degrees to the earth, it is a twilight zone. It is from 4 am to 7 am and 4 pm to 7 pm.
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Sikh Committee Distributes Free Medicines
Besides all gurudwaras, jathebandis and city-based Sikh communities, around 150 societies across the country participated in the annual fest.
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As Stories Turn 30, 1984 Living History Project Gains Momentum
Hearing directly from Sikhs across the globe how they experienced the events of 1984 highlights what has been lost over the years due to the “official” 1984 narrative.
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Saragarhi Day At Sandhurst: A Review
The challenge for us now to continue to mark Saragarhi Day - and to continue to inspire people from all backgrounds to engage with the Armed Forces, involve themselves in public life and to be inspired!
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Sikhs and Other Faiths Showcase their Interfaith Spirit
In my 47 years, I have seen Indianapolis grow into a vibrant international City (Metropolitan area of nearly two million; from one Sikh in September 1967 to nearly 2500 families today in central Indiana).
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Indy's Festival of Faiths: A Journey to Connect in Faith
It all begins with learning, meeting at common crossroads, and exploring ideas that have the power and mandate us to work together for greater good, creating an environment that answer our shared values and prayers.
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