Naam Nidhaan: Sikh Board Game
[VIDEO] "A board game designed to learn Gurmat and have fun at the same time! What I've noticed is that when students have free time they love playing games and it looks like there is a lot of learning going on as well. So I thought, 'What if there was a game where kids could play, have fun and learn the teachings of our Guru..."
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Ode to Akal Takhat
[VIDEO] Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa witnessed the build up of events in 1984 when he stayed in Amritsar during those chaotic months to study Sikhi. After June 1984 he wrote this song (lyrics and music by himself) as an ode to the Akal Takhat.
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Living History Testimonials
[VIDEOS] Many congratulations and thanks to Living History for taking on this needed project. This Project seeks to build awareness of state-sponsored human rights violations, suppression of information & social trauma. All are invited to submit a film to the project. The more media, the more awareness.
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Guided Meditation for Haunting Thoughts
[VIDEO] Follow along with this guided meditation. This meditation is for cutting through 'haunting thoughts'. Haunting thoughts are thoughts that keep revisiting you and causing you ongoing pain and grief.
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Gur Sikh Meet Chalho Gur Chali
Will true love sustain the blow of time and not break? SikhNet Youth Film Festival 2009
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Healing Grief
[VIDEO] Grief happens to all of us. Guruka Singh explains that it comes from pain. Pain comes from a thought, and the thought comes from a memory. So get rid of the grief, you have to root it out from the original pain. You need to be able to release the thoughts that keep coming back that create the pain.
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Never Again: Walking on the Cold Marble
[VIDEO] As I began to sing I watched as his head bent down and soon his eyes were tearing. His pain was greater than I could imagine, being the Harimandir the place where his love and devotion to Guru Ram Das...
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The WIDOW Colony (2005) : Filmmaker Harpreet Kaur
[VIDEO] The 73-minute documentary, directed by Harpreet Kaur, is a stirring account of the survivors of the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom. “I will never forget the priceless gift these women have given me. They took me in their arms..."
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Review of The Disease Delusion by Jeffrey Bland, PhD
Disease as we think about it is a false idol. It does not exist in the way we think about it. The names we give diseases are useful for finding the right medication. Knowing the name of a disease tells us nothing about its true cause; nor does it lead us to the right treatment. This is the disease delusion.”
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History Made: Sikhs Worldwide Show Support
With a huge hope that Khalsa spirit will ever rise to cultivate good for the world and work hard to save the Mata Dharat, we thank and congratulate all the supporters of this great green event, Sikh Environment Day, throughout the world.
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