Sikh Man Removes Turban Goes Viral
[VIDEO] The Indian News channel Headlines Today reported yesterday about the young Sikh man who removed his turban to help a bleeding child.
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What is Sikhism? In German
[VIDEO] In this film Sikh Youth in Germany replies to some principal questions of Sikhism to the German speaking audience.
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Belgian Scholar Greatly Honored to Visit Sikh Spiritual Home
Together with the European Sikh Community and the City of Ieper, Mr. Dominiek Dendooven has opened the welcome door for the Sikhs since 1998 and since then the Sikhs are participating on Armistice day on the 11th of November every year in Ieper. There are 2 Sikh monuments in Belgium.
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Sikh Thought Leader Teams With EcoSikh
A World-Renowned Innovator and Scholar MOHANBIR SAWHNEY, will be the keynote speaker at EcoSikh's Gala on June 21st!
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Sevadar Helps Feed Our Neediest Children
Teachers and school staff knew some children did not have regular meals at home so Guru Simaran stepped up and volunteered to bring food for these children to take home as needed.
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Sikh YouTube Star Manika Kaur
She may not be a household name just yet, but on YouTube Sikh kirtan musician Manika Kaur is a star. One of her recent videos has racked up more than four-and-a-half million views. Not bad for a singer of devotional songs...
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4 More Earthquakes; Damage Spreads To India
These are all after-shocks of the big tremor that hit Kathmandu on April 25th. These are continuing aftershocks since the earth is still settling down and the energy from the fault is still being released, one after the other..
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How to Raise a Sikh
The first thing is to let our kids go. Yogiji said that these are not our kids. These are Guru's kids. We just gave birth to them.
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As Kirpan Khando Karag - Live Kirtan by CKJ
The Chardikala Jatha are Hazoori Raagis at Sri Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar. This Jetha has played Kirtan and spoken in many Gurdwaras around the world. They have also been the main feature of Camp Miri Piri which originated in Singapore.
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Historic Procession With Rare Gurus Relics
Included are: three different swords, a set of hair with comb, a turban, a 'chola' (cloak), a whip, a bunch of five arrows, a 'siri sahib' (small three-inch dagger), a spear with a wooden handle, a small plain steel spear, a big sword and a sword with engravings.
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