Film ~ JARNAYL: Hari Singh Nalwa
[VIDEO] "We’ll do our best to the project Jarnayl’s personality and the historical background of those days more effectively through animation. Our entire team is working very hard to make this happen.”
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Sikh Saves Man on Train Track
Gurteg Singh was on his way to work one morning when he says he saw the man with a walking stick fall, "He's blind so there's no way he can see his footing or he can step up and try to pull himself up."
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Why Are Only 3 Observant Sikh Men Serving In The U.S. Military?
If a Muslim woman may wear a headscarf at work, as the U.S. Supreme Court has now affirmed, perhaps a Sikh man should be able to wear a turban while serving in the U.S. military.
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Dr. Khalsa’s On the “Omics” Revolution
[VIDEO]...functional medicine places an emphasis on how our organs function, and how to improve our organ function to lead to better health. This is of necessity includes the use of diet, lifestyle, and nutrition to improve organ function.
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Jagmeet Singh Fights Discrimination With Style
But for all of the accolades and success – academically, financially – he is a target for police. Numerous times, beginning when he was a teenager in Windsor, Ont., Mr. Singh has been stopped for no reason.
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Our Heart at the HariMandir Sahib
[VIDEO] Then the 6th Nanak came and built the Akal Takht so the infinite rulership can be established in the site of HariMandir, the temple of God, so things can be ruled in peace.
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Who Do Women 'lean in' to When Seeking Success?
Nannies, housekeepers and other low income women often bear the burden. How can we fight systemic barriers to ensure that all women can grow together?
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Akal Takhat and Deathlessness: The Events Surrounding Operation Blue Star
[AUDIO] Shanti Kaur Khalsa gives an inspirational and educational talk about the events before, during and after Operation Blue Star.
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Never Again: Walking on the Cold Marble
[VIDEO] As I began to sing I watched as his head bent down and soon his eyes were tearing. His pain was greater than I could imagine, being the Harimandir the place where his love and devotion to Guru Ram Das...
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The Singh Twins - Doctors of Fine Art, University of Chester
[VIDEO] Amrit and Rabindra Singh receive an honorary doctorate in March 2015 at Chester Cathedral, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the arts.
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