The Superhero Who Loves Elvis and Hates Bad Guys
Supreet Manchanda and Eileen Alden dreamt up this slick superhero as a way to combat the negative stereotypes about Sikhs that have been seeping into Western media. And with the help of artist Amit Tayal, Super Sikh is quickly becoming a reality.
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The War Horse Named ‘The Sikh’
The incredible story of a real-life 'War Horse' that dodged shellfire to deliver supplies to troops before walking back to the UK from Russia has been uncovered for the first time.
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New Video with Sikh Captain America
[VIDEO] What if Captain America wore a turban and roamed the streets fighting intolerance? "My goal is not just to educate people about Sikhs but more importantly accepting our diversity, judging each other by our actions..."
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Why Are There so Many Asian Awards?
Is it time to reward the struggle of the communities? Time for Asians to claim the spotlight? Or do Asians just like to give and receive awards?
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Do You Get Sleepy in Gurdwara?
[VIDEO] SikhNet is taking a leap forward this year, and one part of that is introducing more Health & Wellness content. Please enjoy our first video for this new section of SikhNet.
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Facing Intolerance, Many Sikhs and Hindus Leave Afghanistan
But despite Mr. Ghani’s pledge to make Afghanistan more inclusive, Mr. Singh says he worries that his tiny religious minority could disappear as more Sikhs and Hindus leave their homeland because of persistent discrimination.
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Khalsa Aid Looks to India
In a world racked by hate a Somerset village and the UK Sikh community have become a beacon of hope. "These are our countrymen, who are in dire need," was Mr Singh's simple explanation for their actions and the villagers took the helpers to their hearts.
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Sikh American Rose Parade Float Response 2015
[VIDEO] Float generates buzz and significant Sikh awareness; featured Sikh men and women who have dedicated their lives to service and community
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Seva of a Raaj Yogi
If all you saw of him was how he came to help on this day you would never guess how many people adore and respect him. You would be surprised that he is seen as a king in the eyes of many thousands.
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CBS Television Airs Feature Piece on Sikhi
Yesterday, in the USA, CBS premiered an introduction to Sikhism with Simran Jeet Singh, and it is now available online. This is a historic moment for the Sikh community.
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