Kirpan Support From New Zealand PM
New Zealand Prime Minister today said he is sympathetic towards Sikhs who were barred from entering the ground to watch India play Zimbabwe because they were wearing a kirpan.
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Measuring Compassion in the Body
Roughly 20 years ago, Steve Porges of the University of Chicago pioneered PolyVagal theory, which suggested that the Vagus nerve fundamentally drives human social affiliation—the motivations and behaviors involved in approaching others in trusting, affectionate, and cooperative ways.
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Break Out of the "Man-Box"
Tony Porter tells powerful stories from his own life, he shows how his mentality, drummed into so many men and boys, can lead men to disrespect, mistreat and abuse women and each other. His solution is to not "act like a man".
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New Trailer for 'Nanak Shah Fakir'
[VIDEO] Today a new trailer was released for 'Nanak Shah Fakir featuring the Mul Mantra describing the concept and description of Divinity. It features the Guru traveling and teaching as seen through the eyes of Bhai Mardana ji.
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The Man in Blue - If You Want to Play the Game of Love
Who wants to give their head? The circumstances were different, but the meaning of giving your head or carrying your head on the palm of your hand is the same. It means total dedication, total commitment to God.
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KAUR Animation in Indian Media
The meaning of the word Kaur is princess. And the namesake film is the world’s first animation focusing on 18th century legendary Sikh warrior, Mai Bhago.
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U.S. City Proclaims 1984 Genocide & Praises Sikhs
[VIDEO] Mayor Silva, "I want to thank you so much from the bottom on my heart... we thank you so much for being a VERY important part of our Stockton community."
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Islamaphobic Video Goes Viral
The Sikh Press Association have said: "We are fed up of being associated with terrorism. Sikhs are known for charity, loyalty and bravery. The media are responsible for the bullying this child is facing" - Jagraj Singh, Sikh educator.
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Basics of Sikhi: 'Nick Singh's' Story of coming into Sikhi
Here Nick Singh, a student at Cardiff University shares his story of coming into Sikhi. He has been watching our videos for around 2 years and has now even learn Gurmukhi and reads his paath in Gurmukhi.
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Angad's Brighton Marathon 2015
I'm running as you can see dressed as an Indian soldier from World War One. Why? Because I'm raising funds and awareness for a great charity which is telling the story of Sikhs in the Great War.
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