Canadian Neuroscientist loves Sikh psychology
The Basics of Sikhi team was in Canada for a Parchar tour at Gurdwaras and Universities.
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Netherland Commemorates the Victims of War
Every year on 4 May, the Netherlands commemorates the victims of war. On 5 May we celebrate the fact that we were liberated.
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How To Listen (Guided Meditation That Could Change Your Life)
What I figured over time is that if you are truly listening you are not thinking. If you start to think, you’re not listening. You can’t do both at the same time. So the power of listening to your own voice while you are chanting, the power of listening to your beloved friend, rather than thinking about the next thing you are going to try to say is an incredibly healing way to move through the world.
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What is the Difference Between Sat Guru and Siri Guru?
Guru is the one who gives you the key. Guru could be a corrupt person. This person doesn't have to be perfect. He/she is just the person who gives you the key
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Vogue Makes Viral Dumalla Video
[VIDEO] The less than three minute videos poppy feel, unique fashion and Sikh pride are probably factors that contribute to this video already going viral on the internet.
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The Norwegian Turban Day 2015
[VIDEO] On 11 April, we are inviting entire Norway to feel, smell and try a turban, which they get to take home with them. With several thousand people attending from all over Norway, all dressed in turban...
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Hola Mahalla ~ Vivid Documentary
"I felt like I had stepped back in history to see it. I have never experienced anything like that before. I was not aware of the festival until a few years ago when I got involved in the project.
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Politician Rallies for Keeping Punjabi in Schools
[VIDEO] Many youngsters study Punjabi now and it's an essential way of passing on from one generation to another the Punjabi culture.
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4 Tips To A Healthier You
In terms of creating internal vitality, our diet creates every physical foundational block. If you eat poor quality food, your body has to work harder, and your body will lack nutrition which causes more food cravings, which causes over eating.
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Smithsonian Sikh exhibit Opens in Texas
[VIDEO] For the next seven months, a unique exhibit featuring the history and legacy of the Sikh religion is being featured, fulfilling a lifelong dream of a local San Antonio businessman who has longed for understanding of his beloved faith.
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