Baxter the Robot- Will He Take Your Job?
[VIDEO] Even though we are all unique and special in our own ways, the robots are coming! The question is, will they steal our jobs?
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The Spirit of Gurbani
In this video, Siri Singh Sahib ji discussed the sacredness that comes when we meditate in the ambrosial hours, and the love that takes us away from duality. And this is the gift that Gurbani gives the human.
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Guru is the Dr. & Bani is the Rx (Basics of Sikhi)
bani is not a ritual we are doing it to get enlightened. if you read it and try to understand you experience it. if we don't experience bani then the fault is with us.
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The Living Guru
Guruka Singh Ji speaks about how Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the Living Guru.
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How To Become Unshakable
And our roots sometimes dry up, sometimes they are not together... We wanted something... Entire humanity prayed.... and God descended... and came Nanak. Out of his love he gave us the mool mantra.
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The Miracle of Guru Ram Das
On behalf of Sikh Dharma International, Shiv Charan Singh shares a beautiful story about the miracle of Guru Ram Das.
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[MUSIC] Guru Guru Waheguru - Nirinjan Kaur
Guru Ram Das is the fourth of the Ten Gurus of Sikh Dharma. Meditating on the name of the Guru, the 4th Master, we are given a connection with the Supreme Being and with it positive spiritual energy.
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Influencing People Towards Sikhism?
When we do our practice, we really do it. We feel so good, we feel so elevated. For months and months we feel so exalted. It's not that one day somebody appeared and said, "You are Sikhs". No. We became through experience.
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The Origin of Waheguru
[VIDEO] There is one man (Nanak) who gave Naam to the whole world. Everything else is a mantra. Naam is only one. What it does is takes away the limit of a man and his own insecurity to God.
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USA Congressmen Features Sikh Kids in Political Ad (Video)
[VIDEO] According to Honda, it was during these years spent within the camp that he learned being of Asian descent carried with it negative connotations in the United States, and that minority citizens, even legal, law-abiding ones, face a constant struggle for equality.
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