Information Overload
We have to manage multiple streams of information and choose what needs our attention.
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Being free in the moment to pay attention so that you can receive information that is outside of your frame of reference.
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Get It Together!
Get it together and make a film for the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival!
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Information, Knowledge, Gyan
What is the difference between the stuff you learn from books or in school, the experiences you have with your friends or family, and spiritual knowledge or understanding? Here's a discussion with Gurumustuk Singh and Guruka Singh on the topic....
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Nihang Singh Wants to Talk to You...
Nihang Singh is back again to have a talk with you about the annual SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. Video submission deadline is Aug 31st!
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Why does bad stuff happen to me?
In this latest SikhNet video myself and Guruka Singh talk about this subject. What do you think? When challenges or hardships come in your life how to you process this and relate to what is happening?
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IK CHOTA BACHA & OTHER RHYMES ~ Book and Sing-Along CD Set ~ Review
The book and CD are the result of a collaboration between Ujjaldidar Singh Memorial Foundation and Kikli, two organizations committed to the education of Sikh children in Sikh values and Punjabi culture. The kavitas were inspired by the long-standing traditions of music and learning in Sikhi.
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Having Spiritual Experiences…
SikhNet user asks a question about him having a single "spiritual experience" but unable to repeat it and wondering if something is wrong. Guruka Singh talks about this and expectations that we place on the outcome of things based on what we do.
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Sikh Community Opens its Doors to FOX40
FOX40 cameras went inside the Sacramento Sikh temple Sunday to get a very personal look at a what some describe as a misunderstood faith. In the last few months, 3 Sikh were attacked locally -- two shot, one fatally and another beaten, and it's entirely possible those attacks can be blamed on mistaken identity.
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Script Competition Winner
11 and 13 year old siblings announced to be winners of the SikhNet Script competition.
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