Is this year your year?
Since 2006, SikhNet has sponsored an online film festival for the youth. So, anyone can make a film about Sikhism anywhere around the world and thousands of people will see it! This year, we are introducing 'SikhNet Shorts'. Films, 5 min. or less. Is This year, your year?
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Equal Rights for Sikh Women
Shanti Kaur Khalsa says that, during the Guru's times, women were equal on all levels of life, including leadership. But discriminatory practices against women came into the Sikh life later on when different groups were in charge of places like the Harimandir Sahib.
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1984 Operation Bluestar - The Untold Story
This short documentary tells the story of Operation Bluestar in an impartial and objective way in the context of the history surrounding it .
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Am I Spiritually Progressing?
Guruka Singh answers this question by saying "don't worry about it". Don't worry if you are spiritually progressing. There is no measurement for it. You just need to keep following your path to spirituality with sincerity and you will go where you need to go. This question also comes from the thought that some people are spiritual and some are not, which is incorrect. We are all spiritual beings.
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How Many Banis Should We Read?
Shanti Kaur explains what the Akal Takhat Rehet Maryada is concerning the daily Banis. Then she explains that there is no limit to how many Banis you can read, and it comes down to your devotion and what you feel inspired to do.
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The Dispeller of Sorrow, The Purveyor of Hope ~ NEW CD by Dya Singh
This is a remarkable piece of music, complemented by the tablist Dheeraj Shrestha and his brother Suraj, both from Nepal (giving some lovely 'pahaarri' feel), then polished by Dya's sound engineer and guitarist, Quentin Eyers, and completed with additional ethereal and dynamic sounds on conches, soor mandel and drums
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Jakara Album by various Artists
Then One evening whilst speaking with friends the topic of God came up and we spoke about our life being like a Pie Chart When we will go to the court of God they will show us our Life like a Pie Chart, What will be the story of my life be if I carry on the way I am going? – 50% of my life I will have spent sleeping, 25% Eating that leaves 25% this will be spent laughing dancing and just trying to find happiness in the form of fun fun fun, money, money, money.
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Never Satisfied with How Much Banis
Guruka Singh responds to a person who feels unfulfilled because he doesn't always read his Banis.
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The Negative Power of Rumors and Gossip
Recently a SikhNet visitor emailed us asking why the Sangat here in Espanola, New Mexico worships Hindu idols. In this video, Guruka Singh and Gurumustuk Singh question the question.
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The Story of the Turban - BBC Documentary airs
This documentary traces the history of the turban in the Sikh religion, from its roots in Moghul India, through the battlefields of Europe, to the fight for British Sikhs to wear it without fear.
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