Film Festival Montage
This video montage is to commemorate 4 years of sharing personal journey's, humor, action, drama, questions, answers, inspiration and more. This is in honor of the Sikh youth directors who spent their time, resources and creativity to make these original films.
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We did it. So can you!
The SikhNet Youth Film Festival Directors Speak! "We did it. So can you!" Some of the young directors describe how the film festival brought them together, changed their lives, opened their eyes to acting and directing and helped them have an impact on others.
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An Ode to Mr. Singh International
"Akaal Purkh ki Fauj" aims at the empowerment of the individuals of all ages in achieving their full physical, intellectual, economic, social, and spiritual potential to become exemplary individuals, model citizens and responsible members of the community.
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The Mysterious Box
Join six friends as they sit around a mysterious glowing box wondering what will happen if they tap into it. Join them on their paranormal journey.
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Dance and the Whole World Dances with you
Cathy says: Matt, this video made me smile..then smile bigger, then grin! Truly made my day! To see people all over the world abandon all their inhibitions to join you in the joy of dancing and laughing. How amazing is that??
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Don't Quit
Success is failure turned inside out, The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
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Sikh Youth Film Festival: How Your Business Can Help
This venue has created a way for Sikh youth to express their questions, answers, inspirations, desperation and everything in between. This online film festival has become increasingly popular, and some of the young directors have gone on to succeed in other film festivals as well.
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Film Festival Fever
Maninder Singh shows some of his break dancing. Do you have any talents you would like to share? Be creative and make a video for the SikhNet Youth Film Festival.
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Start Making Your Film Now
This is a humorous SikhNet production encouraging youth to start now and make a video for the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. Prabhu Singh makes a terrible video the weekend before submission date and tries to show it to his friends. Don’t make the same mistake. Start now, and take your time making your video! The submission deadline is August 31st.
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Nihang Singh is Bored
Promotional video to encourage youth to make a film for the SikhNet youth online film festival.
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