The Story of Hari Karam Singh's Turban
Here is Hari Karam Singh's story of how and why he began wearing the Guru's Bana. He was not born into a Sikh family, but was born and raised in the USA to a non-Punjabi family.
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Chanting the Vaheguru Gurmantar
Being spiritual and connecting to the One Divine Creator is our main purpose in life. How can we do that? Do Sikhs meditate? What exactly is Naam Japna? What is Simran? Why do Sikhs chant Vaheguru? What is the Gurmantar? Where does the word Vaheguru come from?
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Bravery and Fearless Living
What is fearlessness? Where does it come from? What is it about Sikhi that we have such glorious shaheeds? What examples and what teachings have inspired us? What is it about Balwant Singh Rajoana that inspired so many Sikhs to unite?
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Slander or Identifying a Wrong?
What is the difference between 'slander' and just acknowledging that something is wrong?
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How do I concentrate during Gurdwara?
"Sometimes I feel like i'm just sitting in Gurdwara and not concentrating on anything. Is there a point to that?" Guruka Singh explains how you can engage yourself to the experience of going to Gurdwara. Forget about what other people are doing, and go deeply into yourself.
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We love Gurmat Crash Courses says Ottawa Sikh Sangat
Gurmat Crash Course- Dus Guru Sahibaan Part 1 mesmerized the Ottawa Sikh Sangat last weekend, when GGSSC- Canada team traveled to Ottawa and presented their winning potpourri of Sikh History blended with the video, interaction, games and topped with a prize of winning game systems like Xbox.
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Technology: Disrespect of Gurbani?
When we handle the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, and NitNem Gutkas we handle them with respect. So what about when we have Gurbani on an electronic device? How do we keep respect of the Gurbani when we bring our phone everywhere?
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Miri Piri Academy and Camp MP (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਵਿੱਚ)
Sadasat Simran Singh talks about teaching in MPA and the various camps based on the discipline at MPA. They don't just teach meditation, but all school subjects as well as exercise, yoga, gatka etc. He explains that to be a complete Sikh, we have to balance Bana, Bani, Seva, Simran, Shastar, and Shaastar.
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Important Message from the SikhNet Staff
The SikhNet staff share their thoughts about SikhNet & why you should support this valuable service which helps so many people all over the world.
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From Judgement to Compassion (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਵਿੱਚ)
Some people criticize others for not reading their Banis properly etc. Sadasat explains how we should only judge ourselves and not others. No one is perfect.
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