Fresno Sikh man who was beaten shares his story
The 81-year-old grandfather who was brutally attacked is now sharing his story. Police say Piara Singh was nearly beaten to death earlier this month.
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Celebrating Mothers
Mothers give the values. Mothers give birth to saints, sevadars and heros. Mothers are the salvation of mankind.
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A Class Act [VIDEO]
Prime Minister David Cameron hosted a Vaisakhi reception at his official residence at 10 Downing Street in London, England. It was a class act.
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London Nagar Kirtan 2013 by Sangat TV
Videos ~ Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan in the UK.
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Watch Baisakhi 2013 in Los Angeles LIVE!
The Sikh Community of Southern California is busily preparing for the annual celebration of Vaisakhi Kirtan Darbar and Nagar Kirtan.
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"Our Right" Movie (Sadda Haq, Punjabi Movie) to be released in Yuba City this Friday
Adorned with commendable performances from the cast, blended with an awe-inspiring story which is worth telling and seasoned with every other ingredient; Sadda Haq would be a heart-touching spectacle of distressing past of Punjab.
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Cyclist escapes helmet fine on religious grounds
A Brisbane cyclist who refuses to wear a helmet because of his faith has escaped a penalty
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A meandering journey through Basant in the Gurmat Sangeet Tradition
(Yes Yes ! I KNOW that Basant is an intimidatingly difficult Raga to sing and I know that robustness is the only virtue of my rendition, but hey! that's the nice thing about singing without an audience; NOBODY cares how besur you are:-))
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Sikh Woman ~ A Multi Dimensional Personality
Three important concepts in Sikhism lay great importance to women. Firstly a woman is equated with Nature or Kudrat. Nature or Praakriti is also a feminine gender “Balihaari kudrat vaseya” and secondly Dharti (Earth) is referred as a mother “Mata dharat mahatt”.
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Sikh Turban Showdown
In January, the Sikh Foundation of Virginia held a “Turban Showdown” for the pre-school children and older youth of its gurdwara in Northern Virginia.
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