I am Singh, I am Kaur
The aim of our work is to attack popular stereotypes attached to the Singh and Kaur identities and highlight qualities they each possess that are often overlooked.
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His movie ‘Five Folds’ is making waves
In fact, his films have been winning in the category for the last three years says Satdeep. "I make movies that transcend religion and that appeal to everyone. The messages in the films are universal and everyone can relate to it."
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How are San Antonio Sikhs processing the Wisconson Gurdwara Shootings?
PBS affiliate KLRN in San Antonio Texas (USA) interviews G.P. Singh and Simranjeet Singh about how Sikhs are processing the Wisconson Gurdwara shootings.
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2012 Film Festival Prize Winners Announced!
The Seventh Annual SikhNet Online Youth Film Festival inspired submissions of nearly 20 inspiring films from young filmmakers all around the world.
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Pargatyo Khalsa ~ a theatre production
Full video of the stage play Pargatyo Khalsa. This play was Staged for the first time in 1999 On the 300th year celebrations of Khalsa Sajna.
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The Afghan Ambassador in London visiting a Gurdwara
Dr Yaar addressed the congregation in Dari and assured to provide all necessary consular assistance to Afghan Minorities diaspora outside the country, as well as to the small minorities residing currently in Afghanistan.
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Sikh community unveils new video expressing pride after Oak Creek shootings
The Sikh community released a new video overnight, in which members expressed their pride in the face of the shooting massacre at their temple in Oak Creek.
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Skywriting to Promote Peace Following Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting
Sikh Entrepreneur Taj Chahal acknowledges Wisconsin shooting with Central Park skywriting; spreads awareness about Sikh community.
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Why Do Sikhs Wear Turbans?
Shanti Kaur Khalsa explains the history, tradition, and practical reasons for wearing a turban.
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American Sikh creates documentary, exhibit to explain turban wearing
Who are the Sikhs? What are their beliefs? What is the significance of the Sikh turban? In the language of clothing, what is the turban saying? Some answers come from Britain, where Sikhs are more established than in the United States.
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