SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival 2010 Completed Successfully
The films ranged from the esoteric to the political and social. Some of them pointed out hypocrisies, and some gave moving examples of what it means to be a Sikh. Every person that submitted a film has taken their own free time to create a film that not only entertains but also educates and inspires as well.
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Trapped Humpback Whale Rescued by Divers
True story, though the inter-species pathos may have been exaggerated a bit in the telling. The rescue operation was both difficult and dangerous. Crew members found the whale entwined in some 20 ropes,..
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Meditation and Mastering Your Life
If ones tries to vanquish foes in the outer world, They increase in greater measure. If one conquers his Self-mind within, All his foes soon disappear. ~ Milarepa (A tibetan yogi)
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How to Meditate
Learn some techniques of HOW to meditate and pick from a selection of different of meditations that you can start your practice with.
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Meeting Pope Benedict XVI & HM Queen Elizabeth II in the UK
This was the first UK state visit of Pope Benedict XVI. The visit was in response to an invitation from Queen Elizabeth II. Bhai Sahib was also interviewed near the end of the video.
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What is Meditation?
So what exactly is meditation? How do you do it? Well, actually meditation is like a mental "oil filter." Just as the oil filter in a car catches the dirt as the oil is circulating, so meditation catches your mental dirt so the subconscious mind is cleaned. This is how you become clear, neutral and joyful.
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Forgotten history of Indians during WW I explored in new online film
"Sikhs@War" tells the story of the 100,000 Sikh soldiers from modern day India and Pakistan who signed up to fight for Britain thousands of miles from their homeland in the European trenches of the Western Front.
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Punjab Devastated In Floods
Severe floods have led to a critical condition of people in the Punjab region and as authorities continue to warn of more rain to come, the situation promises to be much worse.
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Film Festival Montage
This video montage is to commemorate 4 years of sharing personal journey's, humor, action, drama, questions, answers, inspiration and more. This is in honor of the Sikh youth directors who spent their time, resources and creativity to make these original films.
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We did it. So can you!
The SikhNet Youth Film Festival Directors Speak! "We did it. So can you!" Some of the young directors describe how the film festival brought them together, changed their lives, opened their eyes to acting and directing and helped them have an impact on others.
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