Homosexuality & Being a Sikh
Here at SikhNet we often get questions from users on all kinds of topics that normally people might be hesitant to talk about in person. Here is a video of me reading one such question to Guruka Singh. The topic of the video is about homosexuality and what that might mean to people who are Sikhs.
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What is Humbleness (Nimrata)?
A SikhNet user asks the question about humility vs. being aggressive/strong.
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How to Overcome Low Self Esteem?
How do you get over low-self esteem? Continuing answering questions from SikhNet users, Guruka Singh answers this question about self confidence and the causes of low self esteem.
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Why be Vegetarian?
Here is one topic that is always a hot button subject for many Sikhs. Typically most Sikhs refrain from eating meat, however there are many mixed opinions and practices. In this video Guruka Singh answers a SikhNet user's question about this topic and hopefully gives you some new things to think about.
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What is the Benefit of Hair?
What is the benefit of hair? Guruka Singh shares his thoughts about Hair and being aware of why you want to keep or not keep your hair (particularly in relation to being a Sikh). Either looking at it from scientific point of view...and experiential perspective or just because the Guru asked us to keep our hair uncut...
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Manifesting Prosperity and Abundance
Guruka Singh shares his unique perspective on what prosperity really is and how it is not really about having lots of money and then discusses the concept of Dasvand.
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The Source
"The Source": a project which has to do with farming, sustainability, seeds & food for all. The videos are all set in India and so you see many clips relating to the Sikhs in Punjab. Take the time to watch the below three short videos.
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A Spiritual Journey to Amritsar
Harmandir Sahib, one of the Wonders of the World shining in the morning light, the gilded splendor of its paneling, big dome and small minarets, this temple is a fairy world palace to the devotees of the Sikh faith. Certainly, the first look brings onto the innocent eye the image of a transcendent fact.
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15-yr Old Sikh-Briton on England Hockey Team
Coach Bobby Singh said "What she has done is inspirational and I cannot yet convey in words how proud our family is of Ashpal. To get to this point we started the journey 10 years ago and through sheer hard work, dedication, focus and commitment we are here today. Was it worth it? You bet!"
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SikhRI & Ensaaf Team Up for Children
SikhRI and Ensaaf are pleased to announce the launch of a jointly produced lesson plan aimed at educating 6th to 8th grade Sikhs on an important chapter in Sikh history: The Ghallughara—the massacre—of 1984.
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