How I Work to Protect Women From Honor Killings
When Khalida Brohi lost a close friend to the practice, she resolved to campaign against it. Yet she met resistance from an unlikely source: the very community she hoped to protect.
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How Did The Son Of A Terrorist Choose Peace?
The older he got, the more he grasped the horror of his father's acts. The more he understood, the more he resolved to dedicate his life to promoting peace.
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Sikhs Vs. Sheiks ~ Totally Biased
Kamau Bell is the host of 'Totally Biased' and in this segment he gives a very entertaining look at the confusion between Sikhs and Sheiks...
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Couple Shares Traditional Sikh Wedding to Educate, Promote Connection
THIS IS KIND OF A LENS INTO OUR COMMUNITY, says Simran Kaur who doesn’t want their wedding to be seen as something “exotic” in the Valley.
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Swami Puran to Puran Singh
[VIDEO] Puran Singh went from being a Sikh, to being a Buddhist to being a Sanyasi (Swami Puran). Follow the rest of his inspiring story where he rediscovers Sikhi.
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Detroit Law Student Hits Big Time With Sock Innovation
[VIDEO] Singh decided to name the product “5 Water Socks” for Michigan’s five Great Lakes and his family’s native land of five rivers — Punjab, India.
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The Beauty & Experiences at The Golden Temple
I speak about my experience to others and usually people are eager to listen and they tell me that a visit to The Golden Temple is on their agenda. It should be on everybody's agenda...
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Traditionally Prakash of Dasam Granth Was Done at Sri Harmandar Sahib
[VIDEO] Giani Gurbachan Singh -Akal Takht Jathedar- has revealed parkash of Dasam Granth was done at Sri Harmandar Sahib.
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Sikh Activist Says Sex-ed Would Have Helped Him
[VIDEO] CityNews reporter Avery Haines speaks with Kanwar Anit Singh Saini about the photo snapped of him that made him understand tolerance and acceptance are two different things.
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Selfless Migrant Sikh Taxi Driver Serves Food to Needy
[VIDEO] A Sikh migrant taxi who cooks up 30 kilograms of authentic Indian cuisine to feed the homeless after his night shift is being hailed 'Australian of The Day'.
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