Pravritti and Nivritti ~ Amardeep Photography
Life is a constant transition between two extreme states of Pravritti and Nivritti, constantly challenging us to discover our balancing sweet spot. These two states of life are integral to Indian philosophical systems.
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Photographs of Nihang - Sikh Warriors by Mark Hartman
The Nihangs of today are respected by the whole of Sikh community in spite of their role remaining ceremonial. Photographer Mark Hartman has documented various Nihangs and their attire in the photo series titled 'Bole So Nihal'.
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Nature's Perfection ~ Photography by Amardeep Singh
'He may study entire breath of his life. Nanak says, only one thing is of account. All else is but to prate and prattle in pride.'
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Komagata Movie to be Bolly-Hollywood Collaboration
$22 million Indo-Canada production to be directed by an A-lister from Hollywood. It will have one top Indian actor playing a Sikh. One top Japanese actor and one Hollywood actor, besides many other prominent actors from India, Canada and US.
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Reviving a Tradition
Sikh Keertan was historically done within a prescribed framework. Unique stringed instruments were adopted to create emotions that complemented the spiritual message being delivered through singing of hymns.
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Maharaja Duleep Singh to be Played by Satinder Sartaaj in Film
Based on the real life story of the last King of Punjab, the project will be directed by Kavi Raz and features the acting debut of acclaimed singer-poet Satinder Sartaaj.
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My Dear Americans ~ Video - A Short Film
[VIDEO] A short narrative funded by Film Independent and PBS, My Dear Americans is about a Sikh woman’s defiant spirit. A recent immigrant to the U.S, Tejpreet is reluctant to embrace her new American identity. In contrast, her husband celebrates everything that mildly reeks of America.
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Punjabi University Online courses in Gurmat Sangeet and Gurmukhi
Sikh string instruments and Punjabi language have found yet another taker in the United States.
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Lahore Heritage Mesmerises Sikh Yatrees
THE mesmerising and unique blend of culture and heritage of Lahore is so beautiful that one cannot forget the memories since long and wants to come again and again to witness this prospering city. These views were expressed by a delegation of a 27-member Sikh Yatrees who visited various historical buildings within the Walled City of Lahore on Monday.
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Jatinder Singh Durhailay Artist ~ Exclusive Interview
"Creativity comes from the Creator. I have always seen creative people as something that is related to spirituality. I always used to draw images of Warrior Sikhs and Hindu gods as a child, because I really liked the way they looked."
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