Kaur & Singh Create 1984 Play
Mehr shares her journey as a director, producer, and actor while transforming her father’s poem into a now nationally recognized production.
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I am a liar ~ Amardeep Photography
During a photo shoot, where my focus was to bring out the intensity of watchful eyes, I also had an opportunity to delve deeper into philosophy of Creation and Creators act of observing Himself through our eyes.
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New Painting by Artist Kanwar Singh: WW1 Sikhs
Kanwar Singh's latest painting titled, "Stand on Guard for Thee" reflects on the role of Sikhs during World War I.... This work represents a foray into the contemporary period of Sikh Military history for the artist
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My Creative Journey Into Sikhi
The arts provide an opportunity to express the mind's inner longing and life in it's true form in a visual platform which can be shared. My art work as a student and currently reflect the stages of my own growth both spiritually and evolutionally of thought process throughout life.
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New Fine Painting of Guru Ram Das
In this shabad, Guru Ramdas ji expresses the feeling of pain from being separated from Waheguru. One day while I was singing along, I experienced the emotions as described and I began painting.
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Nanak Shah Fakir Movie Character Revealed
Says Hussain, “When Sartaj got in touch with me, I was not sure how authentic it would be in terms of research as the film was on a great entity like Nanaksahab. I was initially offered a bigger role, but due to unavailability of dates, I now play..."
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Kashmir – The Afghanistan Frontier
A little known fact is that if not for the ambition of Maharajah Ranjit Singh (Lion of Punjab, who ruled from 1799 AD – 1839 AD), to expand his empire into Kashmir, today this region would be part of Afghanistan.
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Sikh Heritage Museum Exhibition: ‘A Call to Flanders – Sikhs in the Great War’
The Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada (SHMC) - A Canadian organization celebrating the unique culture, history and legacy of Sikh Canadians and creating a tribute to the historical significances of the Sikh community.
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The Feminist Kaur with a Paintbrush
Navi has been creative since childhood and she has been listening to her creative soul since ever since she was about 10 years old. Though she has had very little professional training, her paintings immediately speak to the viewer. The bright colors and symbolism are captivating.
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Kashmir Floods: He will take care!
A mere sight of these land masses left me wondering how can life ever survive here. But even in these barren regions, the Creator provides all means for his beings to find nourishment.
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