Muzaffarabad (Pakistan) : In Search of Roots
Suddenly, I decided I didn’t want to spend a minute more in Muzaffarabad. Hurriedly I climbed the stairs, got into the car and we were off to Murree in Punjab. I did not have any more desire to explore the valley and neither to carry back any soil.
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Naam Ras Exhibition ~ by Amardeep Singh
A few years back as I struggled trying to inculcate my passion, looking at the work of my role model artists, I would despair at ever being able to reach their levels. But then I would reinforce myself to be diligent....
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WWI Sikh Heroes Statue Coming Soon
Pictures have been unveiled of a new permanent memorial in honour of the Indian soldiers who fought during WWI. it will commemorate around 130,000 Sikh soldiers who fought in the Great War.
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What Inspires Me ~ Bhagat Singh Bedi
Bani expresses concepts, emotions and experiences. You can paint concepts, emotions and experiences. You can share a range of ideas and feelings through writing but you can do that through pictures as well.
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Adornment: Sohavi… So Beautiful
Nicci chanced upon her jewellery design sketches from 13-years earlier, as the wind blew some onto her desk, while she pondered 'what next?' Inspired by this calling, these designs and others, tucked away and which were gathering dust, are her answers and inspired her collection 'The One', gorgeous pieces, designed from the heart and finished by hand.
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'Lighting the Way' - Art Exhibition ~ Call for Entries
The project, Lighting the Way is based on a Guru Nanak Dev Ji quote taken from Kirtan Sohila, focusing on the concepts of light and unity.
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American Idol's First Sikh Contestant is Back in the Spotlight
Like most performers, Gurpreet Singh Sarin will never forget the first time he performed live on stage. But unlike most, this singer's first public performance had an audience of millions, as he took the American Idol stage to sing Ray Charles' "Georgia on My Mind" for the show's judges and everyone watching at home.
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In appreciation... ~ Art of Punjab
To this day, I am grateful to that generous benefactor because he gave me the much needed boost of validation which spurred me to keep on this path. I am so thankful that in the past ten years my work has enabled me to meet and collaborate with some of the finest individuals and institution builders within the world wide Sikh community.
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Kultar’s Mime – Play Review
Drawing on the raw imagery of both poems, “Kultar’s Mime” not only tells a powerful story of human suffering and courage, but the incredible cast of “outsiders” to the community, bring it to life,...
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Siachen – “Place of Wild Roses” ~ Photography by Amardeep Singh
Why search elsewhere? Searching elsewhere, life ends. In search, I returned after ascending the mountain and found Him in my body castle
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