Kashmir Floods: He will take care!
A mere sight of these land masses left me wondering how can life ever survive here. But even in these barren regions, the Creator provides all means for his beings to find nourishment.
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New Multi-Media Museum at Bangla Sahib
A new educational museum (featuring videos for up to 150 viewers, art and audio Sikh history) has been named after the Sikh warrior Baba Baghel Singh, who conquered Delhi in 1783 and established seven historic gurudwaras.
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Mirror Mind ~ Photography by Amardeep Singh
Photographing reflections of Suru Valley in the pools of water in the early morning hours, I could understand why the Indian spiritual masters have commonly leveraged the analogy of mirror and image to explain it’s association with Ego and Mind.
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Interview with Jaipal Channa ~ Freelance Composer and Musician
This really changed the way I thought about the music; it became a message to those going through their troubles. Accentuating Guruka’s words as well as Resco’s lines in just the right way was challenging. I wrote in jazz chords, strings, myself on the trumpet and spent hours creating the beat - the end result is something I am very proud of.
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The Most Beautiful Building in the World
Australian media writes a glittering expose on Hari Mandir Sahib highlighting the beauty, serenity and martial spirit that has allowed this place to bless humanity, "In this Billionaires Australia guide, we’ll take a look at the history, importance and extreme awesomeness of this fantastic building."
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Pravritti and Nivritti ~ Amardeep Photography
Life is a constant transition between two extreme states of Pravritti and Nivritti, constantly challenging us to discover our balancing sweet spot. These two states of life are integral to Indian philosophical systems.
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Photographs of Nihang - Sikh Warriors by Mark Hartman
The Nihangs of today are respected by the whole of Sikh community in spite of their role remaining ceremonial. Photographer Mark Hartman has documented various Nihangs and their attire in the photo series titled 'Bole So Nihal'.
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Nature's Perfection ~ Photography by Amardeep Singh
'He may study entire breath of his life. Nanak says, only one thing is of account. All else is but to prate and prattle in pride.'
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Komagata Movie to be Bolly-Hollywood Collaboration
$22 million Indo-Canada production to be directed by an A-lister from Hollywood. It will have one top Indian actor playing a Sikh. One top Japanese actor and one Hollywood actor, besides many other prominent actors from India, Canada and US.
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Reviving a Tradition
Sikh Keertan was historically done within a prescribed framework. Unique stringed instruments were adopted to create emotions that complemented the spiritual message being delivered through singing of hymns.
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