Manika Kaur - Kirtan for Causes
I believe that I was given a voice for a reason – to not only spread the words of Sikhism, but to also use it to help others.
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Mystery of Beauty ~ Photography by Amardeep Singh
Beauty is that which does not reveal itself in totality. It holds an element of mystery,...
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Defining and Redefining Sikh Art
What is Sikh art? Is it artwork by Sikhs? And who are the Sikhs? Do they have to be born into SIkhi and have grown up in the Punjabi culture to be Sikhs, or can they be Sikhs by word, daily practice, and adherence to the teachings of Sikhi?
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16 Indian Cities Every Architecture Student Must Visit Before Graduating
A travel bucket list for enthusiasts in design, culture and history. Here's why these places are necessary visits for anyone enthusiastic about design, culture and history:
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New York's first fashion week for men: Why should you care?
In fashion, as in life, the unknown can be scary. But newness is also exciting: fashion is after all a cyclic business that renews itself twice a year.
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The Perfect Moment
Prepared through self-effort, as observers we need to be able to spot and leverage positive situations being created around us. This is the principle for attaining positive growth in any aspect of life.
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LA Artcore Presents Kamaljeet Ahluwalia
[VIDEO] For this exhibit, Kamaljeet explores her journey through womanhood by visually exploring the Ragas she became intimate with at various milestones in her life: youth, courtship, pregnancy, motherhood...
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Sikh soldiers in Tibet – Year 1904 ~ Photography by Amardeep Singh - An Update
I had only heard about General Zorawar Singh’s expedition to Tibet in 1841 but what was the Chinese man’s reference to the entry in 1904?
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The More I Learn, The Less I Know ~ Amardeep Photography
It sometimes leads us to believe that we know everything. Therefore as part of our development, it is important to remain humble and associate with people who are more knowledgeable.
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Sikh Musical Heritage - The Untold Story
The Sikh Music documentary will share the extensive academic and community that tells what is Kirtan, why is it important, and why did Guru Nanak Dev ji use Kirtan as a means of communication.
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