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Learn how to go deep inside of your self and meet your infinite self, or your soul. You can find a source of happiness that is always with you like a best friend.

Chant the Mool Mantra for 3 min., Chant Waheguru for 3 min., Sit silently with eyes closed listening to your breath while following it with silent Saaat on inhale and Naaam on exhale. 3 min., Feel your pulse with your fingers on your wrist and silently chant 'Waheguru' with each beat. 3 min., Recite or listen to Kirtan Sohila
Recite the entire Japji in either Gurmukhi or English Sit in Gurdwara (or listen to recording) sit up straight and close eyes and for whole shabad. Chant 'Wha Hey Guru' for 11 minutes Chant the "Mool Mantra"' for 11 minutes.
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Karma: The Ogre’s Curse

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