Meditator Ji

Complete all of the following tasks and become a first level Meditator.

Learn how to go deep inside of your self and meet your infinite self, or your soul. You can find a source of happiness that is always with you like a best friend.

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Chant "Mool Mantra"' for 3 minutes.

Your Experience

i felt peaceful from inside i recited it be my self this is wounderful for children such as my self incouraging me to do some good deeds!

Chant 'Wha Hey Guru' out loud for 3 minutes

Your Experience

i could feel the naad within

Kirtan Sohila

Your Experience

i felt a sense of relaxation and protection i felt the aura

Meditate on your heartbeat for 3 min.

Your Experience

i felt at home almost i needed longer

Silently follow your breath for 3 min.

Your Experience

i learnt to be peacefull

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