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Complete all of the following tasks and become a first level Meditator.

Learn how to go deep inside of your self and meet your infinite self, or your soul. You can find a source of happiness that is always with you like a best friend.

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Chant "Mool Mantra"' for 3 minutes.

Your Experience

I was chanting Mul Mantra while stirring some turmeric I was heating. I love this mantra and Nirinjan Kaur's melody for it. When I came back to the cooled turmeric later, there was a beautiful form floating in the center of the liquid that reminded me of a human heart.

Chant 'Wha Hey Guru' out loud for 3 minutes

Your Experience

Chanting Waheguru and feeling the words brings a smile to my face. Sometimes chanting can become mechanical while thoughts flood in but this morning I remembered to feel the words and then remembered the bliss.

Kirtan Sohila

Your Experience

I love to sing this Bani to myself each night and imagine the bliss Guru Nanak felt, sitting outside under the stars.

Meditate on your heartbeat for 3 min.

Your Experience

This was very simple and peaceful. As I relaxed I no longer felt my pulse in my wrist but instead felt my whole being pulsing.

Silently follow your breath for 3 min.

Your Experience

Focusing on the breath helped me relax my whole body, sending prana to the areas that were constricted or uncomfortable. It's amazing how little time it takes to remember peacefulness inside.

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