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The movie opens up in black and white with a young girl sitting in a design studio working at a desk. She is hunched over the drawing table busily working away. We can see she is working on sketching something, in the corner of her desk we see the title cover of Sovereign Knights, a comic book she is currently working on illustrations for. She is lost in her own world it seems and soon our focus starts to blur and the room begins to dissolve. As our focus clears up, we see that we are in a small apartment that is dimly lit with three figures hunched over on the floor. We see two women, a small thin African American woman and a young thin/slim built girl. Between them sits a tall, thin/slim built man wearing a turban. The man and woman are talking, while the young girl is quietly hunched over reading some notes. As we get closer into the circle we see a map and timeline laying on the floor between the three of them. We see that the man and woman seem to be having a discussion or argument about something. The girl is quiet but listening to the conversation as she looks over the notes in front of her. As we listen in on the conversation between the man and woman, we hear them talking about the missing link and who has the missing link. We hear the missing link is a set of tokens that the man and woman have collected and they are looking over the information they have gathered to see what pieces of the puzzle are they still missing. They begin to place all the tokens they have gathered on the map and timeline. As each token is placed it begins to light up the map revealing a portion of an ancient world map. Each of the countries the token triggers begins to light up starting with Africa and going east. The man and the woman are analyzing the map as it begins to illuminate. They discuss the pattern and path that is being brought up to see if they can find any clues to help them solve the mystery of the missing link. As they put the last token down, they realize that the map is still incomplete because a piece of the map is still unlit, thus they have a missing puzzle piece. They ponder over what the missing link could be. The man and woman turn to the girl and begin to question her to see if she knows anything to help them out. As they questioning the girl and trying to figure out what and where the missing link could be, they have her go through all her notes and information that she has in front of her. As the three of them backtrack and retrace their steps, revisiting each of the tokens they slowly come to realize that the missing link is their, student, the young girl because of her training she has received as a result of her cross training in the martial sciences. The young girl then becomes the missing link and as she touches the path created by the tokens, the path begins to light up and the puzzle is finally revealed. The room begins to grow dark and go out of focus, slowly becoming a blur once again. As our focus begins to clear and things start to unblur, becoming black and white once again, we find ourselves back in the drawing studio with the girl working away. As we get closer to the girl we see two drawings now sitting next to the cover of the Sovereign Knights. We realize that the two drawings are of a man and woman very much like the ones we had just seen. As we look even more closely over the girl’s shoulder now we see her working on another character sketch of a young girl just like the one we had just seen and it is in that moment we come to realize that the girl was daydreaming as she was sketching illustrations for the comic book.

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