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Do all of the meditations below to become a second level meditator.

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Recite Japji Sahib

Your Experience

Japji Sahib is the blessing of my soul and my life. I recite as part of my morning banis, and in the case of this morning, partially at the end of the Akhand Paath Bhog, or the beginning of the Paath. Today....very blissful.

Meditate in Gurdwara

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My blessings to join the Sangat for Akhand Paath Bhog this morning. I love to immerse in the Guru's energy, multiplied by the Sadh Sangat, and the message/teaching of the shabad.

Chant 'Wha Hey Guru' for 11 minutes

Your Experience

Very peaceful. The gift of 'Wahe Guru' pulls you right into the energy & calm of the Naam....

Chant "Mool Mantra"' for 11

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Wahe Guru! I enjoy out loud chanting as well as silent meditation. 11 minutes extends the bliss of immersion and the depth. I feel blessed!

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