Geeta Colony rainsabai

Saturday was filled with Sikhi for us . It was Protest in eve against jhootha baba raam rahim at jantar mantar chonk Delhi and rainsabai at 10 block Geeta colony. After protest we went to Gurdwara Bangala sahib for Shukrana Ardaas and from there we decided to attend this rainsabai as we were not sure bout the protest. We reach Geeta Colony around 10 it was like heaven when we hear waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru . Sangat was waiting for Gurbir singh but due to some reason he didn't come for rainsabai but Guru ke payare kirtani singh and singhnia blast this smagam with Gurbani kirtan . Next day i was feeling like aww, sumthing is missing... i want that rainsabai again.

- By Gurinder Singh 





















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